60 Affirmations Every Black Woman Needs to Hear

Woman recites affirmations

This year, I began incorporating affirmations into my morning routine, and to say they are a game-changer is a complete understatement. Practicing affirmations has helped improve my mindset immensely.

Woman recites affirmations

Affirmations are statements that assert something exists or is true. When you use positive affirmations, you are essentially asserting positive beliefs that are meaningful to you. Yes, on the surface affirmations can feel really corny, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you struggle with feelings of self-worth and self-love, give affirmations a try. Even if you just commit to writing down one to three affirmations each day for a month, chances are you’ll see a major improvement in your overall mindset and how you feel about yourself. Because let’s be honest – the real glow-up isn’t external. The real glow-up happens when you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are.

Affirmations don’t have to be cheesy statements that you repeat to yourself in the mirror (although there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you’re into). Personally, I prefer more of a Being Mary Jane-style approach – I love writing my affirmations down each day and keeping them visible so I can truly internalize them.

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To start your journey using affirmations, try journaling ones that resonate with you in the morning before reaching for your phone to check social media or emails. Here are some of our favorite affirmations to help get you started.

60 Affirmations for Black Women

Affirmations for Healthy Relationships

  1. I am allowed to be myself and show people who I am.
  2. I allow people to show up for me.
  3. I am loving, loved, and lovable.
  4. I attract genuine friendships with people who want the best for me.
  5. My connections with others are steeped in good intentions.
  6. I create space for people to show up for me.
  7. I find strength in vulnerability.

Affirmations for Self-Love

  1. The love I have for myself increases my capacity to love others.
  2. I am always headed in the right direction.
  3. By shining my light, I help others shine theirs.
  4. I don’t have to earn my worth.
  5. I belong in any space I walk into.
  6. I focus on what gives me energy. My energy serves as my compass.
  7. Being me is how I win.
  8. I am my best source of inspiration.
  9. I am loved and supported.
  10. My self-worth is high.
  11. I am the best version of myself just as I am.
  12. I find new ways to come home to myself each day.
  13. I am unconditionally worthy.
  14. I am gentle with myself through all transitions.
  15. Regardless of the outcome, I am supported.
  16. My feelings are valid and I honor them all.
  17. I allow myself to feel so I can heal.
  18. My magic speaks for itself.

Affirmations to Guide Your Glow-Up

  1. I am stepping into my power.
  2. I inhale my dreams and exhale my fears.
  3. I release what doesn’t reciprocate my energy.
  4. I trust the timing of my life.
  5. I find peace through discipline.
  6. I am becoming a better version of myself each day.
  7. My energy is palpable when I walk into a room.
  8. How others perceive me doesn’t define me.
  9. I have everything to gain by releasing the grip of shame.
  10. By acknowledging my inner child, I am one step closer to healing.
  11. I accept radical responsibility for creating my dream life.
  12. My heart and mind are open and ready for new experiences.
  13. I am energetically aligned to all I desire.
  14. I find small ways to receive each day.
  15. I achieve my goals by focusing on one at a time.
  16. I don’t need all the answers to remain grounded in this moment.
  17. I am clear and direct with my manifestations.
  18. I tap into my magic by trusting my intuition.
  19. My actions match my goals
  20. My greatest glow-up is internal.
  21. I manifest things as they should be, not as I want them.
  22. I attract what I want by being what I want.

Affirmations for Wellness

  1. I honor my commitment to take care of myself.
  2. Pausing is an act of self-compassion.
  3. Play is necessary and restorative.
  4. I move my body in ways that bring me joy.
  5. Rest is a top priority for me.
  6. By doing less, I am able to receive more.
  7. I fill my free time with freedom.
  8. When I get overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.
  9. My play is as important as my work.
  10. I can unplug and remain informed.
  11. I prioritize my peace.
  12. My greatest luxuries are stillness, peace, and simplicity.
  13. The chaos around me is no match for the calmness within me.

If you try repeating/journaling some of these affirmations (or coming up with your own!) let us know how they make you feel in the comments below.



6 Responses

  1. How can I inspire myself?
    How do I manifest my goals?
    When will my dreams and aspirations be received?

  2. My Affirmation: I’m disciplined in my thoughts I am disciplined in my actions I am disciplined in my deeds. I am the person that you want to lead, motivate and develop your team, I am a New York Times Best selling author, I am a highly paid Greatly sought after motivational speaker, I am Audretta’s 411 information that leads to transformation in business, health and Life!

  3. I love these! It truly resonates with me! Thanks for giving me a starting point as I was struggling as I’m working on writing 10 daily affirmations.

  4. I rewrote them and for about 5 days now and it helped me to decrease personal obligations . Thanks keep up the good work we can do this forever and always yours truly
    -Jameishia 💜

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