Episode 10: Creating Your Own Lane with Falesha Johnson

Creating Your Own Lane with Falesha Johnson

Creating Your Own Lane with Falesha Johnson

Today, we’re talking to Falesha Johnson. Falesha is a former professional track athlete turned empowerment speaker, speed and agility coach, and philanthropic adviser. Falesha and I met at last year’s Ignited Womxn Summit and instantly connected.

Balance to me looks like giving back as much as I receive from others. - @faleshaankton @feliteperf Click To Tweet

Inspired by her personal love of track and field, Falesha saw a need for young athletes in her area to focus on speed and agility training. She then built her athletic training company Felite Performance, to help fill this void. She strongly believes that track and field have embedded characteristics in her such as resilience, adaptability, and time management skills that she continues to use in all aspects of life.

Falesha is also a talented public speaker who leads inspiring talks on perseverance and creating a strong, authentic personal brand.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Her background as a professional track and field athlete.
  • How she balances working full-time as a philanthropic adviser with running her own business.
  • The importance of representation when it comes to coaches (for youth and adults).
  • The power of sharing your story.
  • Setting and achieving audacious goals.
  • Self-care for side hustlers.


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Leading with Endurance Gonzaga Webinar Led by Falesha

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