Episode 102: The Power of Walking – How to Raise Your Vibration Through Movement

Movement is a powerful practice to raise your vibration. I know that I always feel an improvement in my energy and the way I’m feeling, whether that’s through my body, my mind, or even both. And part of that has come to be by the way I have changed my relationship to my movements. It’s not always the act itself, but the why of what we’re doing.

Tune in to not only be inspired to move your body, but also to learn how to explore that why and define the intentions that serve your goals and desires. And remember, tag us if you go on that walk. Let’s create a #BalancedBlackGirlWalks movement. 👟

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My relationship to movement has changed a lot over time. And the approach to movement has changed a lot over time. Now, I’ve actually learned that moving – and moving a lot of ways that we were taught for a lot of the reasons we were taught – is not necessarily high vibrational activity. That it’s not always the action of what you’re doing, but the why also matters when it comes to impacting your energy, impacting the way you feel, and impacting your vibration.



Clarity of thought is one of the most valuable things we can have. And there’s definitely an element of Zen achieved when we move our bodies. It helps quiet the to-do lists and helps us connect to our intentions and desires. Which is how walking can be used as a form of meditation. So if you want a clearer mind, clean it out by moving the body.

But if you get ideas while walking, just type them into your phone and store them away. You can also journal through voice notes. I know I get hits of such enlightening thoughts when I get my body moving – walking or otherwise. And being able to come back to those thoughts feels like such a wonderful perk of prioritizing my self-care. Try it!


If you came here thinking I would shame anyone for living a sedentary lifestyle, try again. Because you know that’s not what we do here. Especially when it’s typically the capitalistic structure that makes it difficult to live any other way than sedentary.

Instead, I want to invite you to simply start by finding little pockets in the day for short, 5-minute walks. Especially if you’re wanting to be more active but struggle to find the time. Start small, examine the conditions of your current work-life balance, and connect to that why. That’s the most empowering thing you could do if you’re looking for a change.


Check out the resources above if you want to get more information on this. But here are the four key benefits of walking – proven by science.

  1. From a physical standpoint, walking offers the same heart-healthy benefits as running – lowering your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Walking is also linked to improved kidney health and better health outcomes for those living with kidney disease.
  2. Walking can slow cognitive decline in healthy adults, as well as those experiencing cognitive impairment from conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
  3. The impact of the foot touching the ground sends waves through the arteries, increasing blood supply to the brain. This also may bring more blood to the hair follicles as well, improving hair health.
  4. There is a strong link between walking and creative thinking. Walking promotes the free flow of ideas, and can increase creativity during and shortly after.


So many of us get lost in the social scrolls, comparing ourselves to others. Which can become an invitation, or perhaps even a habit, of taking action from a space of shame rather than from a place of intention. If you really want to raise your vibration and reach your goals, the best way to get motivated and see the results that you truly want is by connecting to and leading with your why.

If you’re struggling with taking action, walking can actually be the thing that gets you over the hump of whatever challenges you may be facing. Using physical momentum can help us overcome our fears and literally step away from comparison. It can even help ground us and diminish our impulses towards perfectionism. So if you’re feeling stuck, walk it off.


  • Walking alone can help expand your lifetime, keep your heart healthy, and strengthen your mind’s capability to focus.
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle may not be your fault. Consider whether your working lifestyle supports movement. If that’s not the case, try to find little pockets in the day for short, 5-minute walks. Just that can be a big boost!
  • Walking can be a form of meditating. Next time you go on a stroll, see if you can find your Zen.
  • Movement promotes the free flow of ideas, and can increase creativity during and shortly after.
  • If you lack the motivation to get up and move around, try pairing walks with activities you already do. Or check out Girl Trek and join a chapter near you.

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