How to Manifest: Healing Through the Journey of Manifestation with Shirin Eskandani

In this episode of Balanced Black Girl, coach Shirin Eskandani teaches us how to manifest in four easy steps.
Learn how to manifest with coach Shirin Eskandani in this episode of Balanced Black Girl.

Did you know we have the power to manifest the life of our dreams? In our newest series, we are connecting with guests who have created literal magic in their lives and want to teach you how to do the same. I don’t often have repeated guests on the podcast, but I can’t think of anyone better suited to walk us through a Manifestation Masterclass than the founder of Wholehearted Coaching, Shirin Eskandani.

I actually participated in one of her programs back in 2019, and her method of teaching manifestation quite literally transformed my life. Trust me when I say you’re gonna want to take notes because the insight and gems she drops are incredible.

Manifestation is a sign of healing. We don’t manifest so we can heal. We heal so we can manifest.

Shirin Eskandani
In episode 124 of Balanced Black Girl Podcast, coach Shirin Eskandani of Wholehearted Coaching teaches us how to manifest through her four-step process.


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We Also Talk About:

  • Releasing the timeline for our desires.
  • Shifting our attention to the things we really want to focus on.
  • How do we know when we are on the right track when it comes to manifestation.
  • Why it’s important for Black and brown women to be represented in the field of manifestation.




You may hear the word a lot, or see it referenced in the media, but are you still confused about what manifestation actually is?

Manifestation is the conscious creation of the circumstances and outcomes that make for a fulfilling life.

You might not realize it, but you have probably already manifested in your life. We all have the ability to do it, and Shirin’s goal as a coach is to help you tap into the magic you already have. With manifestation, there is the spiritual side but there is also a scientific aspect. Both of these work synergistically so when we put these techniques into action we get results.


Have you ever thought that manifestation wasn’t for you? Although the word is trending in the world of wellness, the ability to manifest has often felt like it wasn’t for us, and by us, I mean Black and brown folks. The truth is our people have been manifesting since day one, but at some point around the turn of the century, it became co-opted by white men. Throughout time this rich tradition and practice has been watered down.

When the message of manifestation and stories of abundance are being shared by able-bodied white people it creates a disconnect. There is so much power in learning from someone who has some of your shared lived experiences. It is our birthright to create, dream, and cultivate what we want via manifestation.

We also can’t talk about manifestation without talking about trauma. There needs to be consideration and love in regards to the trauma our people have experienced. Manifestation should be used as a vehicle to heal and learn more about ourselves, not just another method to uphold capitalism.


There is an internal battle some of us face in regards to abundance and guilt. When you have a background that includes generational trauma, poverty, and systemic racism it’s challenging to be successful. Especially if other people in your family or community aren’t having that same success.

There is no easy resolution for this, but naming it and allowing grace for your process is a good start. When manifesting it’s important to not get too attached to the outcome. Doing so will result in missing out on the magic of the process. Shirin also reminds us to focus on what we want and be specific, but not in a way that could block our blessings. Write down what you want but make sure to follow that intention with aligned action. Live your life in a way that nurtures your wants and do the work outside of just creating a vision board. We also touch on the importance of dreaming, manifestation wants you to dream, and surrender. It’s challenging and it’s worth it.


There are times in life that can have us feeling stuck. We can find ourselves looking outward for an answer to our prayers. The reality is we have the power to get exactly what we want, and the power is within. Manifestation is a tool that can help us identify our desires and work toward them with intentionality.

This episode had a ton of information, so much you might wanna give it a listen again. If you still feel lost on where to start we highly recommend checking out the programs at Wholehearted Coaching. You can find out more information in the Resources section of the show notes.

Next week on the podcast we will have a conversation with SaTar’Ra on spiritual hygiene + daily rituals and protecting your blessings. You will definitely want to check it out!

In episode 124 of Balanced Black Girl, coach Shirin Eskandani teaches us how to manifest in four easy steps.

Mindful Takeaways

  • We all have the ability to manifest.
  • Representation in manifestation matters.
  • Healing and Manifestation go hand-in-hand.
  • Why we are the magic we are seeking.

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