How to Be Patient While Your Manifestations Come Through + Understanding Your Manifestation Style

Have you ever felt impatient while waiting for a manifestation to come through? Same, friend. And I’m talking all about it in this episode.

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Though I didn’t consciously know what manifestation until my 20’s, I realized I’d been manifesting my entire life. In fact, we all have. We all have the power to manifest, and we are all constantly manifesting whether we’re aware of it or not.

And when we become aware, we’re able to intentionally tap into our manifestation power. I discuss my personal experiences learning about and understanding manifestation, some manifestations I’ve had come through, and how I’m learning to be patient and prepare for my manifestations to come through in the physical realm.

As humans, we have limited understanding of what’s possible. What’s possible for us is so much greater than what we can imagine. So when we get hung up on exactly how something is going to happen, we are limiting the magic because our imaginations have tiny limits, compared to what’s possible.”

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We’re Always Manifesting

Before learning about manifestation, I assumed everything that happened in my life was circumstance. I thought I had periods of time or instances when I was “lucky,” but I didn’t understand how I played an active role in what happened in my life.

When I started learning more about manifestation, I learned that my daily actions were fueling my manifestations and that I’d been manifesting my entire life. Those periods of unexplained luck were times when my manifestations were coming through. This realization led me to start feeling more optimistic about life and taking more risks. I started thinking more about the outcome of my actions and decisions, which led me to the path I’m on today.

Preparing for Your Manifestation to Come Through

Quote that reads "Having a manifestation come through feels like a puzzle coming together. You can enjoy what you've called in, instead of having to force it to make it work."

Waiting for your manifestations to come to fruition can be so challenging. When you’re calling something in, and that desire is strong, but it has not reached your physical reality yet, it can be such a frustrating feeling.

What I’ve learned from having manifestations take a long time to come through is that that time is truly about preparation. When you actively prepare to receive what you’re calling in, it feels like a natural transition. This is the difference between manifesting and forcing or willing versus allowing.

So when my manifestations are taking time to come through, I see that as time to prepare for what I’m calling in. To be in a space where I can truly enjoy, receive, and step into what I’m calling in from an enlightened space. Where the pieces fit together like a puzzle piece, and I can enjoy what I’ve called in, instead of having to work myself to the bone to maintain it or make it work.

What has helped me is learning to take a step back, and to see the process itself as the destination. While waiting, try not to put the final outcome you want on a pedestal.

Understanding Your Manifestation Type

Do you know your manifestation style? Depending on your human design, you’re either a specific or non-specific manifestor, and understanding the difference can make manifesting more powerful.

For those of us who are specific manifestors, we have a hard time receiving what we are unclear on. So getting really clear on what you want and why you want it can be a helpful practice if you are a specific manifestor. When calling in a new job, a specific manifestor could find more success knowing or writing down the specific position they want, the exact salary they want to call in, having a clear picture of the statement of work they want to do, and clear on the benefits they expect from a place of work such as X amount of vacation each year.

Non-specific manifestors on the other hand can benefit from a different approach. For non-specific manifestors, getting clear on what you’re calling in is still important, but you may not need to be as down to the detail as a specific manifestor. You may do better being very clear on the essence of what you want to call in while being a bit more flexible on the package it comes in.

Applying the new job example to a non-specific manifestor, they may want to have a general idea of the industry they want to work in, a minimum salary they are willing to accept with room to negotiate, and knowing they want great benefits that help them feel taken care of.

These two people can manifest the same job. But their methods or what they ask for can vary depending on their design.

I also talk about…

  • My experiences with manifestation from childhood to now.
  • How to adequately prepare for your manifestations while you’re waiting for them to come through.
  • The importance of divine timing and being clear on what is and isn’t for you.
  • Practices that have helped me manifest.
  • Why understanding your human design can help you become a more powerful manifestor.

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