Ending Generational Trauma with Epigenetics + Preparing to Conceive with Dr. Cleopatra

Preparing to Conceive with Dr. Cleopatra

Is epigenetics the key to ending generational trauma? Should we consider epigenetics when preparing to conceive? In this episode, guest Dr. Cleopatra shares why we have more power than we realize to change how our genes work and how we can pass down our best possible genes to future generations.

We can’t change our DNA, but we can change how our genes are expressed through epigenetics. Epigenetics is the understanding of how our behaviors and environment impact our genes.

As an epigenetics expert, Dr. Cleopatra has created the Primester Protocol through thousands of hours of research and testing. The Primester Protocol is an epigenetics-based program people can use to prepare to conceive, improve longevity, pass down their best genes to their children (known as superbabies), and improve maternal health outcomes.

Dr. Cleopatra is a scientist and tenured USC professor who pioneered the field of fertility biohacking. To date, Dr. Cleopatra has scientifically studied tens of thousands of families and has helped birthing persons in 23 countries on 6 continents have their superbabies. This episode is a heartfelt conversation and is equal parts inspiring and informative.

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We also talk about…

  • Improving maternal health outcomes for marginalized people.
  • Understanding the mental, emotional, and social factors that can impact our fertility.
  • Getting ready for pregnancy physically and psychologically.
  • Preparing to conceive with the Primester Protocol and how it helps us have our superbabies.
  • How we can prevent generational trauma from being passed down with epigenetics.


Episode Transcript

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You so much for listening today.

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I'm your host last and this podcast is all about exploring Wellness from a student's point of view because we are all students in one way or another and.

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I found that curiosity is really really important to have throughout our well-being Journeys,

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it's a second week of our new life series talking about fertility motherhood and birthing new ideas and with this series balanced black girl is a proud sponsor of black maternal Health Week

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which is this week if you're listening to this episode when it's being released from April 11th through the 17th.

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Black maternal Health week was created by the Black Mama's matter Alliance which is a necessary Collective that centers and promotes black maternal Health policies and solutions.

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Last week on the podcast we talked about understanding fertility from a medical perspective and what it looks like to explore options such as egg freezing IVF and seeking to understand how conditions such as fibroids

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NPC OS impact fertility this week we're investigating fertility from a lifestyle perspective with our guest dr. Cleopatra.

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Cleopatra is a scientist and tenured u.s.c. professor who pioneered the field of fertility biohacking and creating super babies,

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today dr. Cleopatra has scientifically studied tens of thousands of families in his help birthing persons in 23 countries on six continents have their super babies

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she's also the founder of the fertility and pregnancy Institute using the science driven wholehearted prime minister protocol developed and refined by doctor Cleopatra,

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over 100,000 hours in 25 years in combination with the cutting-edge process of fertility epigenetic Tailoring,

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fertility and pregnancy Institute supports birthing persons in their 20s 30s and 40s to reverse reproductive aging get pregnant quickly and easily

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reduce miscarriage risk and have their super babies

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so we're going to talk more about the Prime Minister protocol and what super babies are who super babies are in this episode.

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This conversation with dr. Cleopatra is going to be pretty different from last week's episode

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and that's not to be contrarian or to say that there is one approach to navigating fertility that's better than the other or any right approach but I really want all of us to have as much knowledge and as many options as possible

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which is why it's important to learn about these different perspectives especially for a topic as complex as fertility,

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I also want to let you know that this episode does mention sensitive topics including maternal mortality and I encourage you to practice self care when choosing to listen.

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All right so let's get into today's episode with Doctor Cleopatra

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all right we are live we are recording doctor Cleopatra this episode has been such a long time coming and I'm so happy that you're here.

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I am so excited to be here and I have to say it is,

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bright and early in Los Angeles and you are gorgeous and bright and shiny already this early in the morning oh thank it's because I love to wake up early this is like my favorite time of day so thank you.

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I love it there early bird gets the worm it's true,

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it is true it's I've actually been waking up ridiculously early since I was a teenager I would be you know 13 14 and I would wake up,

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before my family I just love the morning it's so quiet it's so peaceful I've always been able to think more clearly it's just.

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The best time I love the morning and I'm amazed that that was your teenage pattern as well because that's so different from most teenagers that's really impressive to me well that explains.

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Why you are who you are and where you are at this point in your life thank you.

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I'm so excited to have you I have been just such a fan of you personally for so long and so it just honored and privileged to have gotten to know you as a person over the past year in addition,

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to following your work and with the current series on the podcast talking about fertility and motherhood and stepping into that role and what that looks like

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I was like I have to have Cleopatra on the podcast this is the perfect time,

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so perfect it's I'm so excited to be here and obviously I'm such a big fan of you as well and it's been so sweet to

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get to know each other and and have time to walk together and dream big together so I'm so happy to share this time with you as well,

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thank you yes for listeners who may not know so Cleopatra used to live in Los Angeles we actually used to be basically like neighbor's yeah and we're able to like meet up and walk and now she's in Portugal with her family

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on this amazing adventure just trying a new setting and having new experiences and that's also been so cool to see you do with your family.

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Yeah it's been so incredible so one of the things that we're doing here on this adventure is our oldest super baby whose eight

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is playing football soccer and he signed with Benfica football Academy and it's just been so

00:05:37.200 --> 00:05:39.580
incredible too,

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watch our super baby find the thing that he loves so early in his life and do the thing that he loves there's it's a feeling I Can't Describe and it,

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shows you how laying this incredible Foundation before you go into pregnancy just.

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Not only do you have this amazing pregnancy and first but it's this gift that keeps on giving and I see that playing out so beautifully and my own super babies and I just feel so much

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joy and appreciation I can't I can't even describe the extent to which I feel it.

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That's beautiful being able to see your your super baby's out in the world and finding their own way and I feel like kids are such amazing teachers.

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Even the kids in my life and like I learned so much from them and from their wisdom that they already have when you just let them have that and be who they are it's so beautiful to see.

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You're so right and I'm amazed that you I mean you're such an insightful person so it shouldn't surprise me but it is amazing to hear someone who hasn't yet.

00:06:57.537 --> 00:07:01.222
Stepped into the process of having their own children.

00:07:01.885 --> 00:07:10.431
To be able to see that and reflect that already and it's true they are the most incredible teachers we have and,

00:07:10.554 --> 00:07:14.320
they are a mirror for who we are and,

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one of the things that I remember vividly is so so are super babies we have three of them and anybody who's wondering what's this term super babies I'll I'll explain what what it means in the second but we have three of them so far

00:07:29.099 --> 00:07:30.947
there are 86 and 3.

00:07:31.205 --> 00:07:39.103
And their birthdays are actually going to be in coming up in March at the time that we're recording its we're just a few weeks.

00:07:39.244 --> 00:07:48.339
Away from their birthdays and they I planned for all of them to be born in the month of March so they have their birthdays all within two weeks of each other.

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And I can remember vividly when our oldest was born and he started talking they all of them started talking really early saying there,

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squared around six months and by the time they were a year old they spoke in complete sentences and

00:08:04.171 --> 00:08:11.619
said everything there's basically and I can remember that our oldest said sorry a lot.

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And when he first started talking and I realized that.

00:08:16.370 --> 00:08:28.120
I must say sorry a lot and I was like no way I do not want this to happen I do not want my child to go around apologizing for himself and.

00:08:28.415 --> 00:08:39.913
He has nothing to apologize for and I have nothing to apologize for either and that mirror reflected back to me so strongly something in myself that I wasn't aware of.

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That I didn't want to embody I didn't want to be I didn't want to do and I certainly didn't want him to be or do and so,

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right then and there I stopped and I stopped saying sorry and if I need to say pardon me excuse me,

00:08:57.609 --> 00:09:04.859
I do or if I need to apologize I apologize but I don't say sorry I'm sorry I don't say that.

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That is such a powerful example of,

00:09:08.997 --> 00:09:15.742
kids being a mirror to our own behavior and also especially for women I think

00:09:15.713 --> 00:09:25.114
definitely have a tendency to apologize or say sorry for everything just existing taking up space speaking up for ourselves and so I love

00:09:25.102 --> 00:09:29.642
that example and that you became so much more conscious of that.

00:09:30.179 --> 00:09:37.069
Amen you're so right and it's true I think that as women we do tend to apologize and,

00:09:37.156 --> 00:09:49.006
and say sorry for so many things including existing and taking up space and I lost my mother at Birth and my beautiful young mother passed away giving birth

00:09:48.877 --> 00:09:57.396
to me and to my twin sister and to me and so I one of the things that has been a lifelong.

00:09:57.942 --> 00:10:03.166
Revelation unfolding Revelation is that,

00:10:03.253 --> 00:10:08.280
I I have had this like urgency inside of me too,

00:10:08.313 --> 00:10:17.030
justify my life and justify the space that I take up in the world and the way that I did that was I took this immigrant,

00:10:17.063 --> 00:10:25.906
mentality what's the in in Hamilton immigrants we get the job done or whatever it is you know and my dad was like

00:10:25.822 --> 00:10:32.604
you know my dad used to tell me my dad passed away in the last few years but instead he used to tell me when I was growing up.

00:10:33.366 --> 00:10:36.097
I don't care if you have to kill yourself.

00:10:36.598 --> 00:10:45.441
He didn't mean literally like kill yourself commit suicide but he mad he was like I don't care how hard you have to work you do whatever it takes.

00:10:45.717 --> 00:10:49.096
To make your life better and to make,

00:10:49.111 --> 00:11:00.664
a contribution in the world and he told me that constantly when I was growing up I don't care if you have to kill yourself I don't care if you have to kill yourself and I really took that

00:11:00.571 --> 00:11:12.574
that immigrant mentality and that message from my dad and I just took it to a whole other level like I will be the hardest worker on the planet and

00:11:12.571 --> 00:11:20.838
that was I think in many ways my attempt to justify my life and justify,

00:11:20.925 --> 00:11:28.940
that my mother lost her life so that I could have my life and at such a young age and.

00:11:29.135 --> 00:11:37.042
And it's been it took me a long time to realize that I was even walking around with that need.

00:11:37.561 --> 00:11:46.828
To justify my life and the space that I take up in the world and it took me even longer to realize that.

00:11:47.563 --> 00:11:49.798
My work ethic while.

00:11:50.344 --> 00:11:57.594
I'm proud of it in some ways and it's amazing and has led to incredible contributions in the world.

00:11:58.699 --> 00:12:08.424
Is essentially a trauma response is a response to having to or feeling like I had to justify my life,

00:12:08.547 --> 00:12:12.682
and that's really powerful and that's been another.

00:12:14.768 --> 00:12:18.930
Thing that I have very intentionally.

00:12:19.791 --> 00:12:30.669
Worked to not pass down to my super babies and I especially feel that way about my middle who's a girl so we have boy girl boy and,

00:12:30.792 --> 00:12:44.451
I feel that way for all of them but especially for her because I see that that tendency is very gendered in many ways and so it's been really really important to me.

00:12:44.862 --> 00:12:47.125
That she know.

00:12:47.257 --> 00:12:58.567
And they all know that their life is just can just be that they can just be happy and that that can be the extent of what their life is about just being happy.

00:12:59.680 --> 00:13:07.767
Oh my gosh I want to thank you for sharing that and for sharing those experiences with your family.

00:13:08.151 --> 00:13:10.873
With what happened to your mom and.

00:13:11.005 --> 00:13:21.459
That that kind of conditioning from your dad and it sounds like such good intentions like wanting the best for you and wanting to push you so that you.

00:13:21.790 --> 00:13:29.606
Don't necessarily have the same fate but I also agree with you that those things are trauma responses and I think in our society.

00:13:30.171 --> 00:13:40.823
Those types of trauma responses are very celebrated because it's seen as productive when you're a hard worker and when you do all the things and get the accolades.

00:13:40.955 --> 00:13:53.336
It's very much celebrated because those are things that we see is good but sometimes the behaviors that drive that can be so destructive and just seeing how you have

00:13:53.297 --> 00:13:59.953
overcome that and recognize that and are not repeating that with your children is really inspiring to see.

00:14:00.706 --> 00:14:05.705
Thank you so much last and that's why I'm sharing it because I think that.

00:14:06.135 --> 00:14:12.637
We have this idea that we should celebrate when someone is working themselves.

00:14:13.048 --> 00:14:16.364
Crazy and is always busy.

00:14:17.072 --> 00:14:25.727
And you know as you know I specialize in fertility and pregnancy and making super babies and one of the things.

00:14:25.868 --> 00:14:28.589
Then I've been thinking a lot about lately.

00:14:28.739 --> 00:14:38.159
And teaching a lot about is how precious time is and it's one of the few non-renewable resources that we have

00:14:38.030 --> 00:14:49.790
and it's precious beyond belief it's more precious than we can comprehend and the average woman in the United States of America lives to be 80 years old

00:14:49.688 --> 00:14:55.875
it was 81 pre covid and since covid it went down by one year 280

00:14:55.818 --> 00:15:00.619
and that amounts to just over 4000 week.

00:15:01.031 --> 00:15:10.639
And when you think of it that way I mean how many weeks of Our Lives go by and like we can't even remember what we did.

00:15:10.924 --> 00:15:12.871
We couldn't wait to get

00:15:12.724 --> 00:15:26.033
through it we were like when I meet this deadline when I achieve this thing then I'll start to live then I'll start to have fun then I'll start to love myself then I'll have space for a partner then I'll make time for having my family

00:15:25.895 --> 00:15:35.890
and too many days and too many weeks and too many months can go by like that and it's incredibly urgent.

00:15:36.256 --> 00:15:48.403
When it comes to fertility because we only have about 320 months women on average only have about 320 months of their entire life time when they can

00:15:48.292 --> 00:15:55.578
have biological children but also there's only one day a month when.

00:15:55.728 --> 00:15:58.360
An egg is present to be fertilized.

00:15:58.834 --> 00:16:06.984
And most people don't know that the egg only lives for 12 to 24 hours once it's released in ovulation.

00:16:07.242 --> 00:16:19.191
So every cycle and I'm using month as shorthand for cycle they're not exactly equivalent but every cycle there's only one 12 to 24 hour period when the egg is present.

00:16:19.593 --> 00:16:28.301
And the egg has to be present in order to be fertilized by a sperm right so that means only 320

00:16:28.136 --> 00:16:42.912
four days at most in an entire lifetime that's less than 1% of the days that the average woman will live so time is so incredibly precious and important,

00:16:42.999 --> 00:16:52.112
when it comes to fertility and we don't talk about that enough and yet it's so much bigger than fertility because.

00:16:52.911 --> 00:16:58.558
Life and life is precious and it goes by really fast and.

00:16:59.023 --> 00:17:04.301
As I'm doing so much teaching and reflecting on that I'm also really,

00:17:04.380 --> 00:17:13.700
like there's this Reckoning that's happening inside of me that I haven't really shared which is looking back and and on this.

00:17:14.444 --> 00:17:20.433
Trauma response on this messaging that was so well-intentioned by my father

00:17:20.305 --> 00:17:33.739
and that was reinforced by Society especially being a woman of color I'm a woman of color scientists were like less than point zero zero one percent of the world's population what it took for me to go from,

00:17:33.763 --> 00:17:39.887
being the first formally educated woman in my entire lineage to be coming.

00:17:40.020 --> 00:17:49.538
The first woman to be hired on women of color to be hired on the tenure track at the school where I started in the University of Southern California what that took

00:17:49.472 --> 00:17:50.105

00:17:50.426 --> 00:18:00.179
That is not for the faint of heart like that is no joke that took the most incredible grit the greediest grit you have ever seen.

00:18:00.320 --> 00:18:08.587
Not not just intelligence but being able to be knocked down a million times and still get back up and.

00:18:08.953 --> 00:18:17.508
I was rewarded for that resilience but one thing that I can say standing where I am standing today is that

00:18:17.442 --> 00:18:25.700
not everything is worthy of our resilience because not everything is worthy of our time and.

00:18:26.003 --> 00:18:40.572
So while I have a lot of appreciation for the beautiful life that I live and the work I'm absolutely obsessed with and in love with the work that I get to do in the world the pathway that I took,

00:18:40.677 --> 00:18:41.535

00:18:42.486 --> 00:18:52.698
I wouldn't I don't think that I would ever repeat if I could do it over again because the number of days and weeks and months and years.

00:18:52.938 --> 00:18:56.263
That I spent being resilient.

00:18:56.692 --> 00:19:06.507
In the face of circumstances and people and things that went weren't worthy of my resilience were too many and and time is too precious.

00:19:08.071 --> 00:19:16.392
What you said about things not being worthy of our resilience and not being worthy of our time really.

00:19:17.262 --> 00:19:23.459
Like stopped me in my tracks I don't think I've ever thought about it that way but I think that.

00:19:23.672 --> 00:19:37.232
It's so true and it's so important for us to remember and to keep things in perspective I've had a lot of very similar feelings where I'm like I've worked really hard and I've created these things.

00:19:37.499 --> 00:19:47.152
For what you know and there's there's part of it where yes I get to help people and that is amazing and then the other parts fit where I'm like wow.

00:19:47.591 --> 00:19:52.374
How much if I also sacrificed my own mental health and overall well-being,

00:19:52.407 --> 00:20:05.049
to do it and is there a better kind of happy medium here where that doesn't work doesn't have to feel like such self sacrifice to get to where we want to go and putting that in perspective and so,

00:20:05.082 --> 00:20:10.378
that message was really timely and I just want to really thank you for sharing that experience.

00:20:11.051 --> 00:20:25.331
You're so welcome I had never thought of it either less until I went through the tenure process and I got tenure at the University of Southern California which is the 9th ranked private institution in the world.

00:20:25.553 --> 00:20:37.493
And very few people can get to the point of getting tenure and the number of women and the number of women of color and the number of women with children and I had

00:20:37.337 --> 00:20:46.955
three super babies within the span of Five Years on the tenure clock which is also unheard of adding all of those those.

00:20:47.735 --> 00:20:56.758
Elements Together made my odds so minuscule of something like this being able to happen and yet I made it happen.

00:20:57.160 --> 00:21:04.239
Through sheer will I'm sure I'm sure that I had lots of forces in the universe also supporting me.

00:21:04.623 --> 00:21:10.000
And I don't believe today that.

00:21:10.853 --> 00:21:19.336
What it Took was that I don't believe that that that achievement was worthy of the resilience that it took and,

00:21:19.378 --> 00:21:33.037
I didn't know that just because I could withstand something that just because I am that resilient doesn't mean that I should be some things just deserve to be walked away from

00:21:32.998 --> 00:21:44.164
some circumstances some people and I know that now but I didn't know that then and that's why I'm sharing it and I think that a lot of us.

00:21:44.494 --> 00:21:49.466
Feel a lot of gratitude and appreciation for.

00:21:49.652 --> 00:22:02.376
The things that we've accomplished that allow us to impact the lives of other people and beneficial and Powerful ways that that drove me and always and even as a little girl,

00:22:02.427 --> 00:22:04.698
the thing that saved me.

00:22:05.640 --> 00:22:14.691
In and from my childhood which was very dark and scary was the fact that I was much more interested in.

00:22:15.381 --> 00:22:24.908
Other people's pain than in my own pain and I was much more interested in how to be a solution for other people's pain than to think,

00:22:24.932 --> 00:22:31.534
much about my own or feel much about my own even I mean I didn't deny what I was feeling,

00:22:31.639 --> 00:22:40.113
but I didn't spend any time dwelling on it and that saved me for sure and so there is.

00:22:41.073 --> 00:22:44.605
The one of the greatest needs of the Soul.

00:22:44.782 --> 00:22:54.346
Is to be able to contribute and yet I agree with what you're saying and I think we really need to shift the cultural conversation and.

00:22:54.559 --> 00:22:59.972
This I was going to say in the western world but I think this is pretty much all over the world now I've studied.

00:23:00.212 --> 00:23:11.756
People all over the world over 50,000 women and families all over the world scientifically as well as just observing people in my my extensive travels and.

00:23:12.347 --> 00:23:19.480
I think this is something that's shared across cultures and Country lines language lines

00:23:19.423 --> 00:23:29.031
socioeconomic lines and I think we need to shift that conversation especially for women especially for high achieving women and I would say

00:23:29.001 --> 00:23:41.878
also for women of color there's this idea that you know where women of color are so strong women of color can withstand everything and if you can't that's a weakness in some way and,

00:23:41.992 --> 00:23:51.528
what if what if just like I'm teaching my daughter Sultana Bliss what if our the purpose of our life is.

00:23:51.723 --> 00:24:01.511
Simply to be happy and what if one of the most important contributions that we could make to the world is to be happy.

00:24:02.328 --> 00:24:08.317
And that that would affect other people been officially as well it when we live,

00:24:08.440 --> 00:24:22.739
that example when we lead through that example instead of leading and contributing through sacrifice maybe that is the most important thing that we can do in the world I always tell my super babies the most important work.

00:24:22.871 --> 00:24:32.281
That you have to do in your life is to be happy
yes and I think looking at.

00:24:32.548 --> 00:24:40.698
The state of the world like wow how different would it be if we were taught to prioritize our happiness.

00:24:41.011 --> 00:24:49.359
How different would we all feel if we were all taught to prioritize that and to just be and not focus so much on doing.

00:24:49.833 --> 00:24:57.830
Uh-huh it's so true and it's really interesting because the question is.

00:24:58.133 --> 00:25:08.002
Can you make a contribution to the world and focus on your happiness at the same time that's the paradigm shift that has to happen and yet.

00:25:08.315 --> 00:25:14.448
The people who make the greatest contribution are the ones who are living so in their flow.

00:25:14.670 --> 00:25:22.676
That there is no friction around what they're doing like everything just unfolds for them like magic.

00:25:23.213 --> 00:25:29.320
And so maybe that key to contribution is.

00:25:29.497 --> 00:25:36.044
Living in a state of happiness and living in our flow instead of thinking that.

00:25:36.357 --> 00:25:43.264
Focusing on being happy will take away from our ability to make a contribution

00:25:43.108 --> 00:25:57.119
and I think that that's really the mindset and the message that needs to change and it can start with us one of the things that we do in the Prime Minister which is the time leading up to conception.

00:25:57.368 --> 00:26:11.918
And it's also the act of priming our DNA for the very best epigenetics pression that optimizes our fertility helps to ensure that we have a healthy pregnancy and then also.

00:26:12.060 --> 00:26:25.440
Helps to ensure that fertility mental health physical Health and Longevity of our super babies in our super grand babies because we know this gets passed down at loose at least two generations from the scientific data and we think more.

00:26:25.608 --> 00:26:34.415
One of one of the things we do in the prime minister is we really get clear about what are the messages that got passed down to us.

00:26:35.069 --> 00:26:42.805
And surrounding fertility pregnancy motherhood does motherhood have to be all sacrifice.

00:26:43.144 --> 00:26:48.233
But but also bigger messages and intentionally deciding.

00:26:48.870 --> 00:26:55.408
I'm going to pass down these cuz I think they've been beneficial and I'm not going to pass down these because.

00:26:55.802 --> 00:27:03.564
I've spent my life healing from them and recovering from them and trying to change them and release their grip,

00:27:03.652 --> 00:27:14.943
they're terrible grip on my possibilities and my circumstances right and we want to do that we want to be really intentional I mean.

00:27:15.237 --> 00:27:21.650
One of the most important things for me in Prime s touring was.

00:27:22.124 --> 00:27:29.752
To realize that I came from a lineage of sacrifice and struggle and hardship

00:27:29.731 --> 00:27:38.943
my dad had he used to always say I've never shared this before he my dad had this very thick accent my family's from.

00:27:39.274 --> 00:27:45.119
And my dad always used to say this damn shitty life then like it is very thick accent,

00:27:45.197 --> 00:27:55.769
and that's that he said that constantly and his life was shitty it was so hard you know but I'm sure that he reinforced,

00:27:55.892 --> 00:28:09.902
how hard I hope it's okay to say bad word but can you reinforced how how hard his life was by looking at life and that way and expecting it to be that way and.

00:28:10.394 --> 00:28:13.197
There was no way I was going to pass down,

00:28:13.212 --> 00:28:21.911
that message that and I wasn't going to pass down that pattern of sacrifice and hardship and struggle and

00:28:21.899 --> 00:28:32.570
I so intentionally decided like this stops here with me like I'm not taking it with me I'm not passing it down and when I look at.

00:28:32.918 --> 00:28:40.519
Our super babies and I'm like wow this is like magic they are so.

00:28:40.669 --> 00:28:50.421
At ease and so comfortable in the world like this life is beautiful you know as it should be and so.

00:28:50.716 --> 00:28:59.487
I think that that's one of the most important things that we can do in our prime minister is get clear about what's been passed down to us weather,

00:28:59.493 --> 00:29:07.256
consciously or unconsciously and make conscious decisions about whether it's continuing with us or.

00:29:07.451 --> 00:29:12.369
This it's come to us and through US absolutely.

00:29:13.509 --> 00:29:20.048
I definitely want to talk more about the Prime Minister and that time period and what that entails but I.

00:29:20.594 --> 00:29:30.526
Like want to continue digging into what you just shared because I think it is huge particularly for black women Brown women the lineages that we come from there,

00:29:30.587 --> 00:29:34.991
are a lot of circumstances there's a lot of trauma that for a lot of us.

00:29:35.457 --> 00:29:48.252
We still carry and we still have like it's in us it's in our DNA and through the work that you do and through the work that you teach your literally teaching us how to not pass that

00:29:48.195 --> 00:30:00.297
down how to have it stop with us and I just really want to circle the significance of that and it feels so empowering to know that we have the ability to do that and that's not talked about

00:30:00.240 --> 00:30:07.463
like until I started following your work I didn't know that we had the ability to do that and I just want to really

00:30:07.415 --> 00:30:16.195
emphasize that power and how amazing that is not power is everything it's everything because.

00:30:16.453 --> 00:30:30.752
Why should we still be carrying what was experienced hundreds of years ago thousands of years ago I mean it's not that we want to deny or forget anything that happened to our people.

00:30:31.028 --> 00:30:40.726
But we also want every parent wants their children and future generations to be better off than they were.

00:30:41.155 --> 00:30:49.350
That's why my parents came to America and endured all that they did I mean my mother my mother,

00:30:49.410 --> 00:30:58.794
died as a result of healthcare discrimination her death was completely preventable and there she was a 27 year old woman.

00:30:58.926 --> 00:31:07.850
New to America didn't speak English no health insurance and her life was not valued and that's why she didn't live,

00:31:07.928 --> 00:31:09.632

00:31:09.783 --> 00:31:18.230
She came here for a better life for her children and she lost her life by coming here and my dad.

00:31:18.389 --> 00:31:27.430
Never recovered from that and never lived up to his full potential he was a genius who spoke twelve languages and.

00:31:28.264 --> 00:31:41.969
Just you know lived in poverty until the end and raised five children and in poverty under really difficult circumstances 7,000 miles away from any family support I mean it was just the hardest,

00:31:42.092 --> 00:31:53.437
circumstances you could imagine well there are harder circumstances I shouldn't say that but I guess in the developed World some of the hardest circumstances you could imagine and.

00:31:54.038 --> 00:32:00.063
We they they did they took those risks.

00:32:00.429 --> 00:32:09.461
And I'm sure that they would do it all over again because they wanted a better life for their children and from between.

00:32:09.666 --> 00:32:17.870
Their experience and now what my super baby is get to experience ass like a completely different universe.

00:32:18.074 --> 00:32:25.981
And we all want that we all want no matter who we are and no matter where we begin we could have a lot and we still.

00:32:26.176 --> 00:32:31.661
Our children and future generations to have more and then be able to.

00:32:32.018 --> 00:32:40.105
Experience more happiness because that's what it all comes down to right and part of doing that is deciding.

00:32:40.363 --> 00:32:47.460
What about our experiences and the experiences that have been passed down to us intergenerationally

00:32:47.259 --> 00:33:00.036
do we want to pass on in these experiences and our emotional responses to those experiences and our ruminations about the experiences are reliving of the experiences.

00:33:00.195 --> 00:33:06.131
Become embedded in on in our DNA on top of our DNA that's our epigenome.

00:33:06.488 --> 00:33:21.083
It leaves marks on top of our DNA and affects how our genes Express themselves and most of what we experience in terms of our physical health and our mental health and our fertility and our longevity.

00:33:21.333 --> 00:33:32.426
Is not genetic it's epigenetics.

00:33:32.964 --> 00:33:39.178
Work on beforehand in the prime master so that we don't pass down and we do have that power.

00:33:39.868 --> 00:33:49.108
Absolutely and while maybe someone would be going through the prime Esther while someone is thinking about these things obviously.

00:33:49.483 --> 00:34:03.727
We can't change our DNA we can't change the DNA that we have we can't necessarily change the DNA that our Offspring will receive we can change how things are expressed what changes would we experience,

00:34:03.778 --> 00:34:11.514
while going through this I mean even thinking about you as an example how much has changed you know from

00:34:11.313 --> 00:34:19.994
when you were born to how your life is the circumstances under which you were born under and your mother unfortunately passing away during childbirth

00:34:19.982 --> 00:34:29.942
to you having these Beauty beautiful experiences around birth and fertility and motherhood and seeing that change in just one generation what are things that

00:34:29.840 --> 00:34:37.360
we can do if we want to start making those changes and not carrying those things how can we get started,

00:34:37.438 --> 00:34:43.823
I think the most important thing that we could know is that our genes are not our destiny.

00:34:44.055 --> 00:34:53.744
We are our destiny and you're right we have the jeans we're always going to have we can't change the genes that we were given.

00:34:54.038 --> 00:34:59.649
But we can change the way that our genes Express themselves so you can think of your.

00:34:59.944 --> 00:35:08.444
Your epigenome as a light switch and the light switch has a dimmer on it so you have the ability to,

00:35:08.559 --> 00:35:13.666
the switch on and off and you also have the ability to dial it up and dial it down.

00:35:13.897 --> 00:35:22.065
The same thing is true for our teens so we can through our epigenetics inputs which I'll talk about

00:35:22.026 --> 00:35:35.703
in just a second so we know what some of those epigenetics levers are through our epigenetics inputs we can flip the switch on and off we can dial up our genetic strengths and Privileges and we can

00:35:35.575 --> 00:35:42.014
dial down our genetic weaknesses and vulnerabilities so when we do that.

00:35:42.398 --> 00:35:49.567
We have we are the ones who are determining what our future looks like and what our destiny is our,

00:35:49.672 --> 00:35:58.128
mental health Destiny or physical health Destiny let me just give you one really concrete example of this that will blow people's minds.

00:35:58.899 --> 00:36:04.952
A lot of us walk around thinking that we have a personality or a temperament that's.

00:36:05.372 --> 00:36:16.628
More stable or more jittery and prone to anxiety and the reality is that most people have a personality.

00:36:16.760 --> 00:36:21.255
Which is being dictated by their microbiome,

00:36:21.324 --> 00:36:34.407
so if you're somebody who thinks that you're just prone to anxiety that you tend to be jittery that you're always having to manage Stress and Anxiety inside of yourself it could be that.

00:36:34.647 --> 00:36:42.833
Tweaks to your digestive practices and your nutritional practices could change the composition.

00:36:42.966 --> 00:36:54.698
Of your microbiome enough that you suddenly are not that jittery person you suddenly are not prone to anxiety in that same way but you thought that that's who you are.

00:36:54.993 --> 00:37:07.184
And it is not who you are it's that your microbiome is having such a profound impact on your epigenome and your genetic expression so that's one of many examples.

00:37:07.497 --> 00:37:15.412
You know I'm a nerd you know I love these types of examples I could hear you talk about that all day.

00:37:15.653 --> 00:37:24.694
So important and nobody says I mean you go to a doctor and you're like I have this out-of-control anxiety I can't function and.

00:37:25.222 --> 00:37:31.518
All of a sudden you're being prescribed something in maybe you do need to be prescribed something but maybe.

00:37:31.938 --> 00:37:45.651
There are root causes that can be addressed that would change everything for you and so like I said the important thing to know is that your genes are not your destiny you are your destiny.

00:37:46.260 --> 00:37:47.659
And today.

00:37:47.881 --> 00:37:57.228
Is when you are creating what that Destiny of tomorrow and next year and of your super baby's future and your super babies,

00:37:57.243 --> 00:38:03.206
grandbabies future looks like so I think that it's really easy to think about.

00:38:03.707 --> 00:38:08.841
That being something that you would dress in the future when you're red getting,

00:38:08.901 --> 00:38:22.966
ready to have children when you're closer to wanting to become a mom and the reality is that today's when you're laying that foundation so it's never too early to start Primus during in fact.

00:38:23.125 --> 00:38:31.905
If you're female if you're a biologically female you've been carrying your future super babies in your ovaries.

00:38:32.190 --> 00:38:41.303
Since you were a 20-week old fetus in your mother's womb meaning that your future super babies were in your mother's womb with you,

00:38:41.363 --> 00:38:44.193
and your.

00:38:44.883 --> 00:38:52.610
They're not really eggs yet their follicles that will mature into eggs but let's just say your eggs your future super babies.

00:38:52.823 --> 00:39:04.259
Are inside of you and it's as if they're he's dropping on every experience you have because every experience you have has a biochemical underpinning.

00:39:04.553 --> 00:39:16.826
Whether you are constantly anxious you're constantly feeling Joy you feel love you feel stress you feel you live in a state of.

00:39:17.048 --> 00:39:30.464
Constant emergency you you live in a state of bliss what I call my belly dancing life that's like that's my version of bliss like belly dancing life is what I'm going for every day

00:39:30.390 --> 00:39:36.361
State your future super babies are experiencing all of that with you.

00:39:36.781 --> 00:39:48.964
And their epigenome is already being conditioned and programmed in the Prime Minister and also in utero once you are pregnant and so you're are ready.

00:39:49.421 --> 00:39:53.709
Mothering your future super babies long before,

00:39:53.841 --> 00:40:06.177
they're born long before you're pregnant with them long before you conceive and so we want to start really paying attention to that if that's something that we know we want for ourselves we want to have children.

00:40:06.507 --> 00:40:07.797
And we want to have,

00:40:07.911 --> 00:40:19.752
amazing healthy children that's what having our Superbabies is it means we get to have the healthiest happiest brightest most well-adjusted babies we can possibly have given our genome,

00:40:19.812 --> 00:40:24.631
and now we're epigenome and that of the other person providing DNA for them,

00:40:24.727 --> 00:40:33.372
so we if we want to have them then we want to start paying attention to that long before we ever conceived them.

00:40:33.631 --> 00:40:47.938
Oh my gosh I now just have millions of more Millions more questions because these are these are like the things that I loved learning about and I also really love the examples that you gave just now around.

00:40:48.079 --> 00:40:55.788
Even if we have a certain temperament or even if we feel like we're in a certain state that that doesn't have to be our identity and hearing that

00:40:55.668 --> 00:41:02.837
is so comforting even the example that you gave with the microbiome and the connection to anxiety but we don't have to

00:41:02.690 --> 00:41:12.091
where the identity of what's happened to us actually reminds me a lot of my grandmother's she had.

00:41:12.403 --> 00:41:14.945
Every like health issue

00:41:14.780 --> 00:41:30.492
Under the Sun high blood pressure and lupus and arthritis and all of these things and she took it all very seriously and took good care of herself and had a good medical team but I always remember her saying that she never claimed any of it she was

00:41:30.327 --> 00:41:39.773
she would you know talk about you know her leave this diagnosis and she'd say you know okay well that's what they tell me but she would never introduced herself or say you know.

00:41:40.085 --> 00:41:43.698
I have this sore I have that she never wanted to like

00:41:43.524 --> 00:41:58.327
claim it although she took care of it she never took it on as her identity and that's something that's always really stuck with me and I think really kept her as long as it did and I love kind of the version of that you shared with that as well that

00:41:58.135 --> 00:42:01.667
we do experience these things but they don't have to be our identity.

00:42:02.393 --> 00:42:08.499
I love that so much and your grandmother lived a long time write she lived into her 80s

00:42:08.416 --> 00:42:20.283
Mmm Yeah tell her mid-80s yeah and so that's even longer than the average woman and your grandmother I'm assuming was a woman of color

00:42:20.263 --> 00:42:26.747
she was born at a time when the average lifespan wasn't that long so she actually had.

00:42:27.167 --> 00:42:38.054
Relatively speaking a very long lifespan and I'm sure that that mindset and that attitude and that approach had something to do with it and it makes me think of.

00:42:38.321 --> 00:42:46.579
One of one of our Mama's who's in her 40s and she's going to be giving birth to her super baby girl soon,

00:42:46.666 --> 00:42:56.472
she got pregnant on the second try naturally and she talks about how she does not.

00:42:56.929 --> 00:43:06.951
Ever talk about her age she'll say that she's in her 40s but she won't say specifically how old she is and the reason why she does that is because.

00:43:07.272 --> 00:43:16.484
She believes that what we talked about we become identified with and what we become identified with.

00:43:16.887 --> 00:43:24.227
Determines what's possible for us and so she didn't want to be.

00:43:24.656 --> 00:43:29.394
Limited in her fertility or anything else by her age.

00:43:29.553 --> 00:43:36.703
And she went for it she didn't go and medicalize her fertility just because she was in her 40s.

00:43:36.854 --> 00:43:43.113
She didn't go have the her anti-mullerian hormone level tested which is,

00:43:43.218 --> 00:43:52.359
the one test they'll do in a regular doctor's office to give you a sense of where your fertility is they use it as a measure of ovarian reserve which means.

00:43:52.527 --> 00:43:55.815
Loosely speaking how many eggs you have.

00:43:56.218 --> 00:44:03.116
And because we're as of right now our understanding is that we are born with all the eggs that were ever going to have

00:44:03.014 --> 00:44:13.424
and that we don't produce new eggs throughout our lifetime now we do know that there are cells that look like they can be stimulated to maybe

00:44:13.349 --> 00:44:17.763
produce eggs in the future but that might be something that

00:44:17.742 --> 00:44:24.470
we learn later on and it to say that we had all the eggs we were ever going to have is like saying the world

00:44:24.368 --> 00:44:36.137
was flat or that there was no plasticity in the brain right because science is always evolving but as of right now this is the state of our knowledge and so she made the decision that

00:44:36.071 --> 00:44:41.223
she was not going to identify with this and that she was not going to allow her

00:44:41.139 --> 00:44:50.603
her care team to identify her this way either so they she said like if you're going to be my Midwife you're not allowed to say because you're this age

00:44:50.384 --> 00:44:58.759
that you're you know you're going to you're more likely to have this problem or whatever it is and I think that that's really important and it's so much like what,

00:44:58.828 --> 00:45:03.197
your grandmother did it's not that this this mama doesn't take.

00:45:03.564 --> 00:45:13.289
Into account that she is in her 40s but it doesn't have to dictate what her life experiences and what's possible for her.

00:45:13.565 --> 00:45:20.266
Yes I love that 100% I love it to thank you,

00:45:20.299 --> 00:45:31.392
I would like to talk a little bit more about the Prime Minister because I know that that is what you've created and and what you teach and we've touched on a little bit but I would love to get into it a little bit more

00:45:31.381 --> 00:45:34.732
around what the Prime Minister entails,

00:45:34.756 --> 00:45:45.220
you mentioned earlier just around it never being too early to think about it regardless of when you want to conceive so I would love to also talk a little bit more about kind of

00:45:45.163 --> 00:45:51.062
timing of the Prime Esther what that entails and what that looks like for people who think

00:45:50.934 --> 00:46:02.675
they may be interested in having their own biological children even if they're not there yet or if someone is like you know what I am ready and I want to start trying what that could look like for them as well.

00:46:03.276 --> 00:46:12.317
Absolutely so let's let me start with timing because I think that's really important so we at the fertility and pregnancy Institute

00:46:12.206 --> 00:46:25.190
I would say about 80% of our clients are people who are are struggling to get and or stay pregnant so they're really experiencing fertility challenges or pregnancy complications

00:46:25.097 --> 00:46:30.762
the other 20% are people who just want to optimize their epigenetics,

00:46:30.886 --> 00:46:44.554
before they get pregnant so that getting pregnant is easy so that they have a healthy pregnancy and and most importantly for what they're coming for so that they have their super babies and they're super grandbabies.

00:46:44.839 --> 00:46:58.886
So if you're somebody who knows that you want to have children right now maybe you've been trying for months or years then you want to Prime Esther for 120 days.

00:46:59.126 --> 00:47:01.541
And then go into getting pregnant.

00:47:01.889 --> 00:47:09.733
If you're somebody who knows I want to be a mom one day I want to be a parent one day but I'm not ready to do it today.

00:47:09.946 --> 00:47:16.701
Then you can prime Esther for a year even two years even longer and you would just.

00:47:17.193 --> 00:47:25.055
Go in like 7030 on your Prime Esther you might not be 100% in on your prime minister and then you will dial it up.

00:47:25.196 --> 00:47:32.689
As you get closer but there is a dose-response relationship of prime mastering to pregnancy outcomes.

00:47:32.848 --> 00:47:38.963
So the longer you prime Esther the better it's never too early to start Primus touring and.

00:47:39.240 --> 00:47:48.857
One piece of that that we really should talk about is birth control is that something that we can get into a little bit about finally birth control okay awesome,

00:47:48.944 --> 00:47:52.341
so I want to say first that I think that.

00:47:52.770 --> 00:47:58.958
Hormonal birth control is really important I'm not hating on hormonal birth control.

00:47:59.135 --> 00:48:05.187
My family comes from Egypt and I understand what it's like when you don't have.

00:48:05.635 --> 00:48:14.820
The ability to control when reproduction happens and that is as catastrophic as not being able to have children,

00:48:14.880 --> 00:48:18.663
when you want to have children and yet.

00:48:18.796 --> 00:48:28.953
It is really important to say that hormonal birth control has a number of side effects which can affect mental health physical health.

00:48:29.301 --> 00:48:36.434
Fertility and so many other things in the long term and one universal side effect

00:48:36.332 --> 00:48:43.132
of hormonal birth control that we don't talk about is that it masks what the body would be doing naturally

00:48:43.129 --> 00:48:51.243
and if you don't know what your body is doing naturally then you actually don't know if your fertility is healthy.

00:48:51.393 --> 00:48:59.633
You don't know if your cycle is healthy and you don't know what to expect when the time comes to get pregnant,

00:48:59.738 --> 00:49:03.522
and so if you are somebody who is

00:49:03.411 --> 00:49:15.666
Primus touring let's say you're your Prime s touring light like 70/30 or 70% of the way in on your prime minister because you're not planning to get pregnant for two years or five years

00:49:15.663 --> 00:49:23.039
then if you can be mindful and deliberate in preventing.

00:49:23.243 --> 00:49:32.653
Pregnancy during the time that you don't want to it is probably a smart thing to do to go off of hormonal birth control.

00:49:33.812 --> 00:49:35.273
So that,

00:49:35.387 --> 00:49:49.776
you can see what your body does on its own and so that if there's a if the if your body needs a period of time to level out that it can so one thing that happens is.

00:49:50.061 --> 00:49:59.561
People will come to me and say doctor see my whole life I was like clockwork I had a 28-day cycle and now that I want to have a baby.

00:49:59.729 --> 00:50:06.961
It's all wacky and I'll say to them your whole life for the 28-day cycle were you on the pill,

00:50:07.084 --> 00:50:12.551
or was that your natural cycle because if it was because you were on the pill then

00:50:12.449 --> 00:50:26.064
it was giving you that cycle and so those things are not in there it's not comparing Apples to Apples right so that's a really important to know and there are some people feel like.

00:50:26.349 --> 00:50:32.707
They're the pill or hormonal birth control maybe is is,

00:50:32.795 --> 00:50:40.936
responsible for the fertility challenges that they're having later on there are certain Pathways that.

00:50:41.104 --> 00:50:46.220
Through which the pill can affect fertility for example the microbiome.

00:50:46.478 --> 00:50:55.978
Through insulin resistance those are those are all things that the microbiome can become disrupted through hormonal birth control

00:50:55.885 --> 00:51:04.539
people can be more prone to insulin resistance when they're on or if they've been on hormonal birth control and those pathways,

00:51:04.618 --> 00:51:10.994
can lead to difficulties getting and or staying pregnant but it could also be.

00:51:11.693 --> 00:51:15.639
That you were somebody who had an erratic cycle.

00:51:16.384 --> 00:51:28.980
Earlier in your life which may have been indicative that there was an underlying problem and then a doctor gave you hormonal birth control to regulate your cycle so it was just that,

00:51:29.041 --> 00:51:39.297
the site the hormonal birth control is masking what your cycle would have been doing naturally so these are all really important things to be aware of and.

00:51:39.546 --> 00:51:43.654
If you can intentionally prevent getting pregnant.

00:51:44.057 --> 00:51:56.590
To go off of hormonal birth control use other methods of birth control so that you can see what your body does on its own and start to learn about your body which we have a process of cycle science that we use which is,

00:51:56.660 --> 00:52:01.110
collecting biomarker on biomarkers to see what your body is doing,

00:52:01.233 --> 00:52:08.122
and it's so empowering to learn about your body it and that way it's just incredible incredible.

00:52:09.380 --> 00:52:22.994
It really is I've we've done several episodes about just understanding your menstrual cycle for those who are interested here on the podcast and a lot of it has been kind of inspired by my own Journey because I got off of hormonal birth control

00:52:22.883 --> 00:52:25.308
about five years ago and.

00:52:25.845 --> 00:52:37.695
Even when I did it wasn't because I knew any of this it was truly because my prescription ran out around the same time that I'd like broken up with an ex-boyfriend and I was like well I guess.

00:52:37.926 --> 00:52:49.740
Guess I don't need it I don't know so I just kind of stopped and then started learning all these things about my body but over the past five years all that I've learned about my body returning back to its natural cycle has been so.

00:52:49.935 --> 00:52:52.909
Interesting and just such good

00:52:52.861 --> 00:53:05.368
information and you know I also am not like anti-birth control by any means I'm just Pro people understanding what's happening and making the most informed choice for themselves

00:53:05.302 --> 00:53:14.289
absolutely I agree 100% 100% so yes it's something that we want to talk about and.

00:53:14.682 --> 00:53:21.833
If this is something that matters to you it's something to pay attention to instead of.

00:53:22.199 --> 00:53:28.440
Just assuming that because everybody else does something everybody goes on the pill that it's.

00:53:28.780 --> 00:53:35.715
That that's the right thing for you to it's a lot like the societal messages that we were talking about earlier where you have to.

00:53:36.063 --> 00:53:46.940
Struggle and sacrifice to make a contribution while maybe maybe that societal message isn't true and maybe the societal message that the only way that you can prevent

00:53:46.838 --> 00:53:55.799
pregnancy when you don't mean to get pregnant is to be on the pill so I think that we just want to be critical consumers of information,

00:53:55.841 --> 00:53:59.219
and think for ourselves and.

00:53:59.856 --> 00:54:11.030
The reality is that we can look around us and and think that just because everybody else is doing this it's fine like it's normal you know what everybody does,

00:54:11.136 --> 00:54:13.443
everybody consumes sugar.

00:54:13.755 --> 00:54:21.572
Sugar is a drug just because it's the most addictive drug on the planet.

00:54:21.947 --> 00:54:26.586
It we are we have brain studies that show that it's more addictive than,

00:54:26.682 --> 00:54:39.162
cocaine and heroin just because everybody eats sugar does it mean that it's okay to eat sugar and the way just because most people,

00:54:39.214 --> 00:54:48.714
just have sex and get pregnant does it mean that that's the way that we want to create our super babies so we get.

00:54:48.864 --> 00:54:55.952
Choose for ourselves we get to think for ourselves and we get to choose something different even if.

00:54:56.255 --> 00:55:04.126
It flies in the face of what everybody else is doing if we decide that it's right for us definitely.

00:55:05.941 --> 00:55:09.752
But I love so much about your work.

00:55:10.388 --> 00:55:16.423
And just what you put into the world is conversations around fertility that are.

00:55:17.095 --> 00:55:26.604
Positive in nature for people no matter where they're at because I've noticed that a lot in my life when I was younger it was very much like.

00:55:26.845 --> 00:55:40.180
Don't get pregnant fear-mongering that way and then you reach a certain age and if you haven't had children yet then it's a lot of fear-mongering well you're getting too old and you need to go like hurry up and I just feel like it's not,

00:55:40.231 --> 00:55:47.210
it's not fair and it's not productive having conversations about fertility and reproduction.

00:55:47.460 --> 00:55:59.030
Be about fear no matter where people are in the lifespan it's like your fear so you don't fear so you do that can't be good for us right like are there connections between.

00:55:59.298 --> 00:56:07.484
Our mental state if we view this as something to be afraid of and our fertility outcomes like can we talk about that a little bit more

00:56:07.463 --> 00:56:15.703
absolutely so I you said so many things that I feel are so important last that I just want to thank you for and

00:56:15.511 --> 00:56:25.101
it's true I mean the message is around our fertility and our sexuality as females and especially as women of color,

00:56:25.107 --> 00:56:31.277
are so - and so fear-based and so full of Shame.

00:56:31.841 --> 00:56:41.629
That it's a wonder any of our bodies work the way that they were intended to and it's true that there are these really.

00:56:42.086 --> 00:56:49.011
Powerful and intricate feedback loops between our psychology and our fertility.

00:56:49.611 --> 00:56:54.476
So we at the fertility and pregnancy Institute and in the Prime Minister protocol.

00:56:54.689 --> 00:56:59.715
Look at fertility and pregnancy as a complex Network or a system.

00:56:59.955 --> 00:57:06.511
Kind of like a cell phone network or like the neural network in the brain if you can picture images like that.

00:57:06.977 --> 00:57:21.906
And at The Reef we simplify this with what we call the fertility pyramid because it's very it has many parts and at the base of the pyramid is the psychosexual level and that has to do with our psychology our sensuality our sexuality.

00:57:22.182 --> 00:57:26.794
And it is not by chance that the psychosexual level is,

00:57:26.836 --> 00:57:40.477
base of the pyramid because it is the most important part of the pyramid everybody comes to fpi and to the protocol saying give me that give me the diet give me the supplements and I'm like.

00:57:40.861 --> 00:57:45.960
That is 1/1000 of what we are doing here and that is so,

00:57:46.029 --> 00:57:52.000
minut compared to what we are going to be doing here and what is going.

00:57:52.213 --> 00:58:01.371
Move the needle the most for you if especially if you're having fertility challenges but even if you just come.

00:58:01.585 --> 00:58:12.984
Because you want to change your epigenome for the sake of your super babies Liberation and freedom and health and so this is so important.

00:58:13.360 --> 00:58:17.315
The same regions of the brain.

00:58:17.645 --> 00:58:31.808
That are principally responsible for ensuring our safety and our survival are also involved in reproduction and the brain is so beautiful and intelligent.

00:58:32.012 --> 00:58:45.041
That it is always always always going to prioritize our safety and survival above and beyond everything else and that includes above and beyond reproduction so when the brain.

00:58:45.597 --> 00:58:53.630
Perceives that there's a shortage of resources or that you are living in a state of emergency and that it's not safe.

00:58:54.059 --> 00:59:06.071
It will not it will want to preserve those resources and it will not allow resources to be funneled to reproduction because reproduction is an incredibly costly endeavor,

00:59:06.176 --> 00:59:11.544
it is incredibly costly in terms of the resources that it takes.

00:59:11.676 --> 00:59:23.454
Conceive to stay pregnant to grow a baby to birth a baby to breastfeed a baby to raise a human and so the brain.

00:59:23.784 --> 00:59:26.542
In all of its intelligence.

00:59:26.791 --> 00:59:40.621
If you are living in a state of emergency or stress or trauma will put reproduction on the back burner it will suppress reproduction meaning that it will be much harder to get pregnant and or stay pregnant.

00:59:40.970 --> 00:59:52.684
And so it is really important that we send the right signals through this biochemical Cascade and that happens every time we think of thought we haven't

00:59:52.502 --> 01:00:01.516
we want to send the right signals to the brain and to our future super babies who are already in our ovaries that say news flash.

01:00:02.287 --> 01:00:07.763
Everything is safe here you are safe I am safe we have plenty of resources

01:00:07.706 --> 01:00:21.240
to keep me alive and well and to grow you and we call this process leaving the porch light on for your super baby and ensuring that it's as bright as humanly possible so this is like,

01:00:21.309 --> 01:00:31.007
the difference between being in a car late at night where there are no lights on the streets and you're looking for a house.

01:00:31.418 --> 01:00:48.517
In a neighborhood that you've never been to before and you've got all this traffic behind you and all the bright lights from the traffic and the the the sidewalk and the houses are so dark and you're trying to slow down to see where the house is and you can't see anything

01:00:48.307 --> 01:00:56.376
versus you're you're in you're on the street you're in this new neighborhood you're looking for this new house but it has.

01:00:56.688 --> 01:01:05.252
The porch light on the door open and you know exactly which one it is and you can just pull right into it right that's like.

01:01:05.447 --> 01:01:10.329
The same idea leaving the porch light on for your super baby and ensuring that it says,

01:01:10.452 --> 01:01:22.500
as bright as possible and it sounds really sweet and it sounds very spiritual in some ways it is but it's also an epigenetic process and that's what's so important through this biochemical Cascade.

01:01:22.866 --> 01:01:29.234
And so we want to be sending the right signals and one of the most important ways that we can do that.

01:01:29.564 --> 01:01:34.356
Is through the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal cortical axis

01:01:34.353 --> 01:01:45.258
which is the body stress response system and that HPA axis also affects the function of the thyroid it affects the function of the ovaries.

01:01:45.588 --> 01:01:47.634
And it effects.

01:01:48.154 --> 01:01:58.473
Stress level stress hormone levels and sex hormone levels so there is an inverse relationship between those two as stress hormones go up.

01:01:58.623 --> 01:02:06.386
Sex hormones go down and so that is a very very direct pathway through which this feedback loop,

01:02:06.401 --> 01:02:09.141
is impacting your fertility so

01:02:09.138 --> 01:02:22.410
you are 100% right that there are these relationships and one of the things I mean you you really tapped into this intuitively one of the things that we do in the prime minister.

01:02:22.551 --> 01:02:23.346

01:02:23.767 --> 01:02:33.285
Do this incredible excavation of all of our fears surrounding fertility pregnancy motherhood our sexuality,

01:02:33.390 --> 01:02:46.311
because we all carry around so much shame and so much fear who doesn't have a sexual shame in their history somewhere who doesn't have.

01:02:46.875 --> 01:02:53.504
Shame surrounding their body somewhere surrounding their cycle somewhere I mean it's.

01:02:54.104 --> 01:02:59.580
You know these things that should be like the most natural wonderful thing,

01:02:59.695 --> 01:03:04.721
in the world we are all carrying this around and then you take

01:03:04.583 --> 01:03:18.485
the media messages especially about women of color and really hyper sexualizing it's them the the images in the media of women of color are either hyper sexual or asexual

01:03:18.374 --> 01:03:27.010
and those are so incredibly harmful and they do have an impact I'm thinking of.

01:03:27.503 --> 01:03:31.917
A beautiful super mama who just recently gave birth

01:03:31.914 --> 01:03:46.212
pregnant for the very first time in her life in her 40s she had been married for over a decade and they never managed to get pregnant and she had so much fear so much fear.

01:03:46.570 --> 01:03:58.752
And she worked through that fear and and she she really believed and I really believe that the working through the fear she it would have been really easy for her to draw the conclusion that she was infertile.

01:03:59.038 --> 01:04:00.337
She was sterile.

01:04:00.496 --> 01:04:15.056
That many years of being in a marriage and not getting pregnant but it was that it was at the psychosexual level in the excavation of the fears that made the magic happen and I would say that.

01:04:15.188 --> 01:04:26.750
Ninety-nine percent of the time that is where the magic happens and that's why it is the base of the pyramid it is so incredibly powerful and we have this,

01:04:26.819 --> 01:04:39.128
foundational Mantra that we use in the Prime Minister which is as many moments of everyday as humanly possible step out of stress step out of emergency step out of trauma,

01:04:39.179 --> 01:04:44.538
and step into your peace and your pleasure and your self love and I know,

01:04:44.616 --> 01:04:58.357
that for a lot of us we hear the word pleasure and we're like oh that's cute like I don't have time for pleasure like I'm surviving here I'm getting tenure surviving financially I'm whatever it may be and the reality is.

01:04:58.543 --> 01:05:08.475
That we we need to and we get to treat pleasure as if our life and our fertility depend on it because they do.

01:05:08.832 --> 01:05:16.847
They do and it takes us right back to that conversation about time and life and how precious they are.

01:05:17.654 --> 01:05:25.894
And how the most important way that we could spend our life is is in a state of pleasure and peace.

01:05:26.864 --> 01:05:28.649
Oh my goodness.

01:05:29.195 --> 01:05:36.877
I just feel like that was such a beautiful like full circle Journey just now and hearing

01:05:36.730 --> 01:05:51.335
scientifically the connection between our mind and how our body is function is so powerful again it just shows us how much power we truly have to impact our own outcomes and.

01:05:51.818 --> 01:06:04.883
It also got me thinking about earlier in the conversation we were talking about what we passed down to Future generations and not passing down that stress not generational trauma really sounds like a lot of this work is.

01:06:05.222 --> 01:06:13.138
Also helping to positively impact the fertility of future Generations if we can.

01:06:13.360 --> 01:06:18.927
Refrain from passing down these traumas and the stress and this shame

01:06:18.897 --> 01:06:30.018
really helping to Bear fruitful generations for the future which is really beautiful that came to me like while you were you were speaking and describing all of this it's powerful

01:06:30.006 --> 01:06:39.956
that is so beautiful less and it's so true and a mama once asked me because she struggled so much with her own egg quality,

01:06:40.070 --> 01:06:47.509
when she finally got pregnant she was like okay what can I do to make sure that my daughter has Good Egg quality and was like.

01:06:47.740 --> 01:06:50.281
What you've done to improve yours

01:06:50.180 --> 01:06:58.690
you keep doing throughout pregnancy you you give to her as a way of life like Primus or life is for everybody my,

01:06:58.741 --> 01:07:09.195
my super babies live Primus or life and so do I always my husband my beautiful husband is going to be 51 and he looks like he's in his 30s

01:07:09.103 --> 01:07:15.173
and I remember when he was turning 50 he looked at me and he's like I owe this to you

01:07:15.035 --> 01:07:28.667
that you've taught me this way of life and like look what it's given me not just these amazing super babies but also I feel like I did when I was 30 which is an amazing gift to give someone

01:07:28.601 --> 01:07:38.111
so it's the same thing that's how that's how we give our super babies and super grandbabies a foundation of,

01:07:38.162 --> 01:07:46.060
of fertility and that and and fruitfulness as as you were saying and actually we know that we start programming.

01:07:46.318 --> 01:07:50.210
The fertility that our super babies will have.

01:07:50.369 --> 01:07:56.745
In utero and in the prime master so it's it's not something.

01:07:57.094 --> 01:08:04.694
To take lightly and I don't and I don't say that to mean that we need to take it seriously because I don't think that that helps,

01:08:04.728 --> 01:08:08.899
anyone to walk around taking things too seriously but

01:08:08.833 --> 01:08:17.586
we can take it thoughtfully and sacredly as one of our momma's Christine Hassler says because we do have so much.

01:08:17.934 --> 01:08:25.453
Power to shape these experiences absolutely oh I love.

01:08:25.712 --> 01:08:35.734
Hearing about the things that we have the power to influence and impact because we know societally that there are a lot of things that don't

01:08:35.650 --> 01:08:42.378
work in our favor but if we do all we can to do what works in our favor it can go a really long way.

01:08:43.095 --> 01:08:52.802
Besides it does go a really long way so true so if we have listeners who are interested in Prime s touring I know I'm like I'm

01:08:52.791 --> 01:08:55.215
I need to start Prime s touring actually

01:08:55.140 --> 01:09:03.497
we can't wait to have you in the Prime Minister Mama yeah it's a perfect time how can they learn more how can they get started.

01:09:04.368 --> 01:09:18.792
Absolutely so come to visit us at fertility pregnancy dot-org we have an incredible resource there that anyone can download for free which is the fertility checklist and it will give you 10 simple,

01:09:18.816 --> 01:09:33.538
easy action steps that you can start putting to work for your fertility and your future super babies right now today as soon as you download it and if you know that you want to begin Prime mastering with us and it

01:09:33.391 --> 01:09:39.848
if you've been having difficulty getting pregnant or you know that you're going to be looking to get pregnant,

01:09:39.873 --> 01:09:52.668
a couple of months or years from now you can go to fertility pregnancy dot org forward slash consult and you can book a consultation it's free and the team will walk you through

01:09:52.611 --> 01:09:56.998
your next steps what you need to do what's your best course of action,

01:09:57.049 --> 01:10:07.350
amazing we will have all of that Linked In the show notes to make it super easy for folks to find if they're interested Cleopatra thank you so much this was

01:10:07.303 --> 01:10:19.819
I know this is going to be one of those episodes that I go back and listen to you to take notes on everything you were sharing because it was jam-packed with so much incredible information so thank you so much for sharing with us.

01:10:20.005 --> 01:10:32.395
I'm so glad thank you for being an amazing listener you have such an incredible gift for listening and for interviewing I.

01:10:32.536 --> 01:10:35.194
I do a lot of interviews and.

01:10:35.426 --> 01:10:47.960
Today I talked about a lot of things I've never talked about before and that's because of your gift of holding space and asking the right questions and underscoring,

01:10:48.029 --> 01:10:52.802
they're really Soulful things that come forward and come forth

01:10:52.656 --> 01:11:03.777
and it makes all of us better and I know that your listeners love you so much for that and I love you so much for that thank you for that gift that you share with the world

01:11:03.657 --> 01:11:06.702
well thank you so much

01:11:06.510 --> 01:11:23.798
receive and appreciate that more than you know and thank you for showing up and being so vulnerable and open and and honest and sharing your story with us even the parts that I'm sure are difficult to share and be live so

01:11:23.669 --> 01:11:27.101
I really appreciate you my pleasure my.

01:11:26.960 --> 01:11:32.400

01:11:32.248 --> 01:11:37.121
I don't know about you but after that conversation my wheels are turning

01:11:37.046 --> 01:11:44.691
I learned so much and I feel really empowered and inspired when considering my own,

01:11:44.698 --> 01:11:56.890
Family Planning aspirations we're going to have all of dr. Cleopatra's information link below so that you can learn more about her work at the fertility and pregnancy Institute and the Prime Minister protocol.

01:11:57.040 --> 01:12:07.036
Head to the show notes for more information about today's episode including special offers from our sponsors information about the Black Mama's matter Alliance and how you can support.

01:12:07.321 --> 01:12:15.417
Maternal Health week and don't forget to head to balance blackboard.com for extended show notes and full transcripts of today's episode,

01:12:15.504 --> 01:12:24.518
huge thanks to our sponsors who really make the production of these episodes possible and of course to you for joining us thank you so much for listening,

01:12:24.542 --> 01:12:32.953
next week we're talking to dula registered dietitian and soon-to-be registered nurse Miriam web about creating a supportive birthing experience,

01:12:32.995 --> 01:12:39.408
and ways we can support the mothers in our Villages make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it see you next.

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