Episode 17: Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson of BLK+GRN

Summer Rewind: Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson

Today, we’re talking to Dr. Kristian Henderson, professor of public health, a natural lifestyle enthusiast, and the founder of BLK+GRN, an all-natural marketplace by all Black artisans. BLK+GRN curates products that are sold in categories like skincare, home, bath and body to meet the needs of wellness seekers who want to buy Black and live green.

Kristian’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor is the culmination of her belief in #BlackGirlMagic and her experiences in the public health industry. She is an unshakeable optimist who is passionate about helping women cultivate a lifestyle that’s free of artificial ingredients, toxins, and harmful chemicals. She believes that doing so is the only way to foster true happiness.

75% of the products marketed to black women contain toxic ingredients. @drkristianh of @blkandgrn Click To Tweet

We had an inspiring, insightful conversation that will have a positive takeaway for everyone. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to share her story and mission.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to make the switch to non-toxic products.
  • Toxic ingredients we should avoid.
  • The importance of supporting black-owned businesses.
  • What inspired her to start BLK+GRN.
  • Self-care tips for black girls.

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  • I love all your podcast the one that really resonated with me was the one where you had the woman who explained how life was for her being biracial I myself am biracial and I also had comments or were teased. Being called Arthur during adolescence is definitely not endering. I look back and now I laugh at the frivolous things people would say but back then it was a struggle. Anyway I said all that to say this your podcast is amazing and shows me im not the only one. Keep doing the amazing podcast i can’t wait yo hear more. I feel like you are a friend rather than someone I haven’t met you just seem so down to earth and fun. Hope you’re day has a great you Sincerly Riana Rowles

    • Thank you SO much. I am so happy you enjoy the podcast and that it resonates with you. I appreciate you listening!


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