Episode 36: Let Your Fears Make You Fierce with Koya Webb

Let Your Fears Make You Fierce with Koya Webb
Let Your Fears Make You Fierce with Koya Webb

Today’s guest is Koya Webb. Koya is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model revolutionizing the holistic living landscape.

She is the creator of Get Loved Up, a platform that encourages people to “love yourself, love others, and love the planet” by practicing environmental sustainability, plant-based nutrition, and mindful movement.

Koya is gearing up for the release of her latest book, Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Obstacles Into Seeds for Growth, an insightful guide sharing the ways she has lived in fear and the tools she’s used to get herself to a more confident and fierce place, moving through life in alignment with everything she believes in.

We had an inspiring conversation about overcoming obstacles, and finding triumph over limiting beliefs. Get ready for some serious inspiration.

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  • Turning obstacles into inspiration.
  • Listening to your body as an important form of self-care.
  • The importance of diverse yoga training programs.
  • Why love should play a major role in your wellness routine.


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