Episode #47: Healing from Burnout with Davia Roberts

Healing from Burnout with Davia Roberts
Healing from Burnout with Davia Roberts

Today’s guest is Davia Roberts.  As a certified yoga teacher and licensed mental health therapist, Davia uses her background to make mental health resources accessible. She is the voice and brains behind the AFFIRM podcast, a mental health and wellness podcast for women of color and founder of the wellness platform, Redefine Enough.

“Workplace burnout is a combination of exhaustion and cynicism around the work you do.” @justdavia Click To Tweet

Now based in Washington, DC, Davia travels the country bringing mental health and wellness education to millennials and corporate professionals. Her mental health work has been featured on stages like SXSW and major publications such as Bustle, NaturallyCurly, and Mash.

She’s using her expertise to help people get into therapy and teaching businesses how to use mental health education to erase burnout from the workplace.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Common misconceptions believed about therapy.
  • Why talk therapy isn’t for everyone and other types of therapy to consider.
  • Healing from workplace burnout.
  • How companies and organizations can support the mental well-being of their employees.


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