REWIND: Learning to Not Take Our Breath For Granted with Kathleen Booker

Episode 65 of Balanced Black Girl Podcast: How to Heal Through Breathwork

Our last rewind episode for helping us wind down from the year explores how to be present with ourselves, as we are, right now at this moment. Last year, I sat with Kathleen Booker, the Jedi of Calm, and we talk about how to use our breath to invite calm, peace, and a grounded state of mind – no matter what it is we are facing.

Whatever it is in front of us, whether it’s joy, pain, or somewhere in between, we always have our breath. Leaning into the present moment is a beautiful gift that Kathleen encourages us to receive within our lives.

TW: Please note that Kathleen briefly mentions her sexual assault trauma in this episode.

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All of us take our breath for granted. The beauty of a breathwork practice is that the breath becomes that expansiveness — becomes so inherent in us that automatically when that “lion” is in the middle of the road in front of you, that your breath will automatically expand. You’ll drop into that knowingness. You’ll drop into your heart. You’ll drop into that expansiveness. And it’s from there you are connected to your higher consciousness and you’ll act from there.


  • Why connecting with your breath is so important.
  • What conscious connected breathwork is, and how to experience its benefits.
  • The importance of asking for help.
  • Ways to create more calm in your life. 
  • Practices to feel grounded and fulfilled.

As a certified and insured Breathwork Coach, Kathleen has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy. For over 10 years, Kathleen has used her Breath coaching and intuitive skills to support individuals in clearly identifying areas in need of growth, healing and focused goal creation. She even graciously leads us through a short, Conscious Connected Breathwork practice, which roughly starts around the 45th minute.

Kathleen’s instinctive sense of what will motivate and empower her clients is the impetus for their transformation. 

AFFIRMATION: I am safe. [Use whenever you have a stress response or are triggered.]


  • the advantages of breathwork and what the breath brings us
  • creating space for pain so that you can release it
  • what is breathwork? “coming back to breath”
  • ancestral or collective shackles
  • being present with yourself so you can heal – making space




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