REWIND: Human Design 101 + Following Your Own Path with Jas The Moon Mother

As we begin to lean in and think about the person we want to be for this next year, recentering and connecting back to who we authentically are is a pretty great start. This conversation with Jas is one I come back to time and again, and I find it to be really inspiring when it comes to trusting myself.

Jas The Moon Mother is a writer, speaker, and truth-teller empowering us to unearth our individual Divine Destiny through the lens of Human Design

Her provoking conversations and practice pioneer a new way of being that will allow each of us to see our divine nature. Through her resources, workshops and writing, Jasmine is changing the way we see ourselves so that we no longer have to look out for validation but return back within.

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We’re all here to simply be – that’s why we’re called human beings, and not human doings. And if we can just lean into trusting that we’re constantly unfolding and expanding – like, there really is just nothing to ever get to. Because time and this whole experience will just continuously expand. So really, there’s no end to it. It’s just our mind telling us we have to get to this ending point, and when you get to this ending point you’ll get all these things that are meant for you. And it’s our mind that’s so helpful in some ways, and then so unhelpful in other ways. So it’s our job to say, “okay, this isn’t right for you”, and “I can handle it”.


  • The quick Human Design 101 breakdown.
  • Being discerning of society’s way vs your own way.
  • Human Design regards your energy, not your personality.



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