Episode 77: Intentional Friendships, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Life-Changing Healthy Habits with Zuri Adele

Today, we’re having a heartfelt conversation with Zuri Adele. Zuri  is an actor, currently known for her portrayal of Malika Williams on Freeform’s “Good Trouble.” 

She is an alumna of Spelman College, UCLA’s school of theater, film, and television, and the British American Drama Academy, and a former acting teacher at both the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa and UCLA.

Before “Good Trouble,” Zuri performed on many stages with Georgia Shakespeare, the SITI Company of New York, and the UCLA MFA Acting program.

She is passionate about wellness, access to education, and social justice, Zuri launched and oversees the Zuri Adele Fellowship for HBCU Alumni, which provides support for HBCU graduates pursuing their Master of Fine Arts degrees in theater, film, and/or television.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to hold space for one another and cultivate community
  • Being in spaces where you can be your authentic self
  • Creating intentional wellness practices 
  • How different wellness practices shape our lives
  • The foundation of how to take care of yourself first


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