Episode 91: Overcoming and Preventing Burnout with Erayna Sargent

Has the past year got you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Our brains are running on overload, we are not motivated, and we’re mentally and physically exhausted. What we are experiencing is burnout. Whether the burnout is from work, friendships, family, or even school, burnout is everywhere and the pandemic has only intensified the issue.

This week on the podcast, we are diving into all things burnout with Erayna Sargent. Erayna is sharing her personal experience with burnout and how she navigated her path to recovery. She learned that burnout is hard but recovery was even harder. She set a mission to encourage hustle culture to adopt the new mantra ‘Work hard. Self-care harder.’

Erayna Sargent is a Burnout Coach and the founder of Hooky Wellness, the first stop for Burnout relief. Leveraging her 15 years in marketing & innovation at Nestle & Intuit, she uniquely blends leadership coaching with Design Thinking providing an approachable path to real results. Erayna has coached professionals & teams across organizations including Google, Accenture, Nestle, and Teach for America.

Erayna has an MBA from Indiana University and is a member of the Mental Wellness Initiative at the Global Wellness Institute. She has guest appeared on podcasts including NPR Life Kit and Dribble and featured in Ozy Media, Hour Detroit and Architectural Digest. Erayna is a Detroit native, currently residing in Charlotte, NC with her husband and their two cats.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Erayna’s personal experience with burnout and her recovery
  • Tools and processes to dealing with burnout
  • Tactics for overcoming burnout
  • Building your burnout battle team
  • Ways to support others experiencing burnout

Hit play to learn new tools to tackle burnout and the recovery process!



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