28 Podcasts by Women of Color You Should Be Listening To

Are you craving more podcasts by women of color but don’t know where to start? We have you covered. There’s something magical about tuning into a podcast curated by someone who shares some of your same lived experiences. Someone who is intimately familiar with your perspective, and can understand where you are coming from. That kind of connection is unmatched when you pair it with quality content that meets you right where you are in your life’s journey. Unfortunately it can be challenging to find podcasts hosted by women, and particularly difficult to discover podcasts by women of color.

Since its inception in the early 2000’s, podcasting aka audio-blogging has been male-dominated. As recently as 2019, women accounted for less than half of podcast listenership, and over two-thirds of the top 100 podcasts on the Apple charts were hosted by men. Factors that contribute to inequalities in the podcast space include bias towards lower-pitch voices among listeners of all genders, in addition to access to large platforms and production support. Although this data can be discouraging, don’t let it fool you. There are brown and black women podcasters out here making a difference in their community – and it’s time to celebrate them.


Engaging with Social media as of late has the Balanced Black Girl team feeling, drained and overwhelmed. So we have really been leaning in to our favorite podcasts which in comparison leave us feeling lifted up, supported, and so good. Listening to a quality podcast is like having a conversation with a dear friend, or getting valuable lessons and insights from a mentor. And when that mentor or dear friend looks like you, and has experienced some of the same life challenges you have, the connection can feel even deeper.

With over 2,000,000 options to choose from finding the right podcast can definitely feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, we have comprised a comprehensive list of authentic and inspiring brown and black women-led podcast series that will have you truly vibin’. Whether you are looking for wellness advice from trusted professionals, needing insight on navigating relationships, or even questioning how to take your career to the next level there is something on this list for you.

1. Balanced Black Girl

Photo Credit: BalancedBlackGirl.com

Shameless plug! Balanced Black Girl is focused on amplifying the voices of women of color in the wellness space, and is a platform devoted to helping women of color feel included in the world of online wellness. If you’re looking to diversify your feed and want to tune into candid conversations with equal parts realness and humor, tune into our new episodes every Tuesday!

Start Here: #WellnessSoWhite

2. Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist based out of Atlanta. She hosts weekly conversations about mental health and personal development from a black woman’s perspective. Dr. Joy’s website is also a wealth of mental health resources and has a directory where you can find a black woman therapist in your area.

Start Here: Colorism and Texturism 

3. Black Girls Heal

photo of Shena Tubbs host and  creator of the Black Girls Heal podcast
Photo Credit: blackgirlsheal.com

Black Girls Heal was founded by Shena Tubbs in an effort to heal black women from the cycle of love addiction. As a licensed counselor with over a decade of experience Shena uses her expertise in relational trauma coaching and lived experiences to help listeners break codependent cycles, stop attracting unavailable partners, reconnect with their loved ones, and more. This podcast is for you if you are interested in breaking those unhealthy cycles while simultaneously gaining peace and prosperity.

Start Here: Identifying Codependent Patterns in Your Everyday Life

4. Wholehearted Coaching

Shirin Eskandani is a certified mindset and mindfulness coach who teaches listeners how to live a more purposeful, joy filled and passion driven life.  She breaks down her insights in short easy to digest episodes, if you don’t have a lot of time but want a big impact this series is for you.

Start Here: Reclaim your Purpose

5. hey, girl by Alex Elle

cover photo for the hey girl podcast by Alex Elle
Photo Credit: alexelle.com

The hey, girl podcast is a breath of fresh air. Alex Elle is an incredible writer and storyteller who crafts inspiring prose beautifully. On hey, girl Alex sits down with incredible women from all over to have candid, intimate conversations on everything from self-care to sisterhood.

Start Here: Alex Elle on the Diversity of Self-Care 

6. Droppin’ Gems with Devi Brown

Photo Credit: spotify

This podcast is like a warm embrace, host Devi Brown takes the listener on a journey of self-compassion and self-discovery. Devi uses her expertise as the Chief Impact Officer of Chopra Global to provide tools and act as a guide for us on the path to healing.

Start Here: The Pressure of Finding Your Purpose

7. The Homecoming Podcast

photo of Dr. Thema Bryant host of The Homecoming Podcast
Photo Credit: drthema.com/podcast

What we love about this podcast; Dr. Thema Bryant is a licensed psychologist and ordained minister who uses her expertise on sacred art to explore spirituality, culture, and mental health. Her goal is that this podcast can support the listener on their journey back to themselves.

Start Here: Activate Your Life Right Now

8. The Black Girl Bravado

The Black Girl Bravado – Hosts Brittany Lackey & Germani Manning are the authentic homegirls we all need. The sorority sisters turned business partners created The Black Girl Bravado podcast to build community amongst women of color through their shared experiences, honest advice and humorous life lessons. Some topics include setting boundaries, making new friends, friendship red flags and more. This podcast is for you if you are into all things relationships, whether it’s romantic relationships, friendships, family dynamics, and even your relationship with yourself. You will definitely want to tune in.

Start Here: Glow Up: Appreciating Your Journey

9. In the Gap – Why Black Women Aren’t Getting Their Green

cover photo of the In the Gap podcast by Chandra Thomas Whitfield
Photo Credit: inthesetimes.com

Chandra Thomas Whitfield is an award winning journalist who created this twelve part series to explore the wage gap between black women and their counterparts. Research shows that Black women only make 0.62 cents for every $1 a White Non-Hispanic man makes. Through a combination of personal stories and expert weigh-ins Chandra untangles the complicated history of why we Black Women aren’t getting our green, and how we can work to close that gap and build wealth.

Start Here: Welcome to In the Gap

10. Side Hustle Pro

Photo Credit: sidehustlepro.com

If you have any interest in business or having a side hustle, this podcast is a must-listen! Host Nicaila Matthews Okome interviews black women entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses from side hustles. In every episode we listen to, we walk away with tangible inspiring advice.

Start Here: How Lisa Price Turned Her Side Hustle Into A Multimillion-Dollar Business

11. Black Women Talk Work

cover photo of the Black Women Talk Work Podcast hosted by Myriha Burce - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: blackwomentalkwork

Host Myriha Burce explores the experiences of black women working in corporate America while also celebrating their successes. Through various interviews across several industries, Myriha connects with women during the various stages within their careers. This series is for you if you want insight on how to make the most of your career and create your own pathways to success

Start Here: Introducing Black Women Talk Work

12. Hello Seven Podcast

Cover photo of Rachel Rodgers podcast Hello Seven - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: helloseven.co

Why we love this podcast: Rachel Rodgers is a true self made success story. Not only has she built generational wealth from nothing, but she has laid out a blueprint for other women and queer identifying folks to follow and build wealth. Rachel’s motto is ‘We Should All Be Millionaires’. She’s so committed to this statement that she wrote a book about it, and even established a company to help entrepreneurs optimize their offerings, network, and make money. Tune into this podcast for lessons on how to make decisions from a place of abundance rather than scarcity, rid yourself of imposter syndrome, and build a sustainable, scalable business.

Start Here: The Importance of Financial Independence

13. Brown Ambition

Photo Credit: brownambition.com

Let’s talk about money, honey. Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast focused on financial wellness and professional development. Talking about finances can feel intimidating, but hosts Mandi and Tiffany make financial discussions feel welcoming and easy to understand. These ladies offer valuable content, and you literally feel like you’re getting great advice from girlfriends while you listen to them.

Start Here: Real Money Answers for Everyday Women

14. The Food Heaven Podcast

The Food Heaven Podcast is hosted by Wendy and Jess – Registered Dietitians, Diabetes Educators, and BFFs. They use their nutrition expertise to share tips for making sustainable healthy living changes, and interview experts in health and nutrition each week. It is so refreshing to see women of color in the nutrition field, and Wendy and Jess make nutrition education easy to understand. Balanced Les was also featured on an episode of their show about strength training for women.

Start Here: The Strong Black Superwoman with Dr. Blackman Carr

15. The Sugar Jar Podcast

cover photo of The Sugar Jar Podcast by Yasmine Cheyenne - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: thesugarjarlibsyn.com

What we love about this podcast: the host Yasmine Cheyenne facilitates a safe space and shares stories and conversations from folks worldwide on their healing journey. It is so special to hear stories of hope and resilience. This series is for you if you want a broad understanding of what collective healing looks like and if you enjoy storytelling.

Start Here: A Chat with Nedra Tawwab on Childhood Trauma, Boundaries, and Healing

16. Life, I Swear

Cover photo of the Life, I Swear podcast created by Chloe Dulce Louvouezo - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: chloelouvouezo.com

Chloe Dulce Louvouezo has a special way of highlighting the challenges and hurdles we face as black women without it feeling like the glorification of black pain. In this series she shares stories of perseverance and learned lessons that encourage vulnerability and space for processing. Listen to this podcast to feel healed and uplifted no matter where you are in life. 

Start Here: Journey to Joy: Self Trust, Wellness and Spirituality ft Alex Elle, Author and Wellness Consultant

17. Hot Happy Mess

the Hot Happy Mess podcast cover photo by Zuri Hall - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: iheart.com

Hot Happy Mess is a podcast for those who want the most out of life, but don’t want to sacrifice spaciousness to get it. Zuri Hall spills the details on navigating through the messiness of life while keeping your sanity and happiness. This podcast is for you if you are ready to tackle issues with practical advice and guidance from someone who feels like a great friend. 

Start Here: Are You Ready to Slay Your Anxiety?!( How to Manage It, Stay Grounded, & Start Living Today! Wellness Series

18. Naked Beauty

Sometimes we just need good conversation about skincare and reliable advice for looking and feeling our best. If that resonates, then this podcast was made for you. Host Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli shares her unfiltered insights and reviews of skincare and beauty products, tips for wellness, and discusses the latest beauty trends with special guests in this fun and vibrant series. 

Start Here: Unapologetically Me ft. Julee Wilson, Global Beauty Director of Essence

19. Black Girls Texting

cover photo of Black Girls Texting podcast by Chelsea, Glynn, and Sade  - 28 Affirming Podcasts by Women of Color | Balanced Black Girl
Photo Credit: blackgirlstexting.com

For the Culture: We love a good tea talk, in this podcast series hosts Chelsea, Glynn, and Sade share their transparent take on life. They talk all things black culture, relationships, current events, and navigating life as black millennial women. This podcast is definitely for those days where you just want to laugh, connect, and ‘kiki’ with your friends. 

Start Here: Multifaceted As Fuck: The Levels of Black Womanhood w/ Chrissy Ford & #BlackGirlsTexting 

20. Good Moms, Bad Choices

Navigating motherhood without losing yourself is a tough reality that many women face. Erica and Milah are two moms out here refusing to fit into a box. The two share their experiences as moms and women of color  honoring their calling to stay true to themselves. They are sex positive, cannabis consuming moms in conversation with guests  to counter assumptions on what it means to parent. This podcast is for you if you like your parenting advice with a side of sass. 

Start Here: P.S Your Mama Has a Past

21. Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Photo Credit: bluntblowinmama.com

Shonitria Anthony is a journalist, mom, and cannabis activist who wants the world to know that “Moms Who Smoke Weed Are Not Bad Moms – Period” 

Since its inception The Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast has been on a mission to destigmatize weed and normalize moms who smoke weed. Shonitria brings on guests to debunk myths and shares the stories of regular moms across the country who medicate with cannabis and still kick ass at mothering. If you are on a journey to educate yourself more on cannabis and want support in your choice to medicate with cannabis as a mom  this series is for you! 

Start Here: Meet Shonitria aka Blunt Blowin’ Mama. She’s a mom and she smokes weed

22. Too Smart for This

Cover Photo for the Too Smart for This podcast hosted by Alexis Barber
Photo Credit: alexisbarber.com

Alexis Barber is a podcast host who specializes in having conversations with women on their lived experiences. In her podcast she shares lessons she has learned while navigating  emotions of unworthiness, diet culture, imposter syndrome, and more. Her signature line of ‘You’re Too Smart For …’ creates space for rich conversation and deep connections. The listener is left feeling pensive and introspective after each episode. We highly recommend adding this series to your listening que.

Favorite Episode: Owning Her Identity IRL & Online with Kendra Austin

23. Sensual Faith

Cover photo for the Sensual Faith podcast hosted by Lyvonne Briggs-
Photo Credit: lyvonnep.com

Lyvonne Briggs is a preacher and activist aimed at helping women navigate sex positivity while keeping a close relationship with God. The podcast goal is to help the listener eliminate feelings of shame around sexual intimacy and feel more at home in their body.

Start Here: Sensual Faith 101 

24. Divinely Human

Jas The Moon Mother created the Divinely Human podcast to reconnect us to our truest and whole selves. This podcast shares stories to uplift and energize our spirit. Listen to this podcast to feel part of something sacred and vast. 

Start Here: Self-Awakening and Success with Millana Snow

25. Spiritual Shit

Cover photo for the Spiritual Shit podcast hosted by Alea Lovely
Photo Credit: thelovelyalea.com

Hosted by Alea Lovely, this podcast is for anyone who wants to explore modern spirituality and enjoys all things witchy, otherworldly and divine. She brings on experts to talk about manifestation, channeling, psychic abilities and more. Alea also shares her own story of manifesting the life she’s always wanted. This series is for you if you are intrigued by the mysteries of life

Start Here: Stop Being Scared of What People Think of You. Fitting in is a Scam

26. Brown Girl Self-Care

Bre of the Brown Girl Self-Care podcast considers herself to be obsessed with self-care. On her podcast she shares her own personal stories and life lessons. She also keeps listeners updated on her self-care journey through product reviews, rituals, and expert advice from special guests.

Start Here: Hiding Your Greatness Won’t Always Be An Option. Then What?

27. Cultivating H.E.R. Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman

Cover photo for Cultivating H.E.R. Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman hosted by Terri Lomax and Dr. Dominque Broussard
Photo Credit: herspacepodcast.com

Hosts Terri Lomax and Dr. Dominique Broussard share stories of inspiration and motivation every Friday. The pair want their podcast to be a safe space for expression and community curated for and by black women. If you are feeling stuck and want to feel inspired, add this podcast to your list

Start Here: 5 Tips to Help You Get Back On Track and Find Your Passion

28. Slay Girl Slay

Cover photo for Slay Girl Slay podcast  hosted Ashley Leggs
Photo Credit: slaygirlslay.com

Ashley Leggs has one goal and that is to encourage and energize brown and black women to be their most divine selves. With her podcast she shares what she has learned on important topics like setting boundaries, increasing confidence, living with intention, and stepping into your power. Most of her episodes are less than 30 minutes, which is great if longer episodes aren’t your style. 

Start Here: You are EXACTLY Where You Need to Be.

In addition to discovering some new spiritual teachers, we hope the podcasts by women of color on our list exposed you to new insights and ideas. As podcast listenership continues to grow it is our hope that even more black and brown women led series can be discovered. The options are truly endless, let us know your favorite podcasts or even your favorite episode from our shared list in the comments!



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  1. For Noble Women is also an outstanding one!! We talk about and vast number of femininity topics many stray away from as well as add a biblical perspective in each episode. Definitely A MUST.

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