About Balanced Black Girl

You don’t have to walk your wellness journey alone.

Who We Are

At Balanced Black Girl, we help you find your balance to feel your best. We’re your wellness-minded friends who create healthy habits that stick and invite joy to flow through our lives.

Frustrated by feeling isolated as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Les Alfred founded the Balanced Black Girl podcast and blog in 2018. Through the perspective of Black women in wellness, BBG extends a bridge for folks to easily connect with experts, gurus, and a mindful community. With over 1,000 five-star reviews and millions of downloads, the podcast is a treasured sharing circle of everyday health, self-care, and personal development guidance.

We view everything holistically, understanding that all aspects of oneself—the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual—work side-by-side to better your well-being.

Together, we open new possibilities for what it means to be balanced and happy.