Free your mind, and the rest will follow.

Your mind is more powerful and complex than any computer or electronic device. Your ability to think, ideate, emote, relate, and create the way you do is nothing short of a miracle.

Like any other part of our bodies, keeping our minds healthy and flexible requires support and care. By focusing on your mental and emotional self-care, your inner world can feel more peace and at ease which can greatly influence your outer world.


How we feel mentally and emotionally is often influenced by the outside world. Other people’s expectations and limiting beliefs. Fear of how we will be perceived, or fear of not being accepted. To take care of our inner world, we like to start by focusing on coming home to ourselves.

Understanding the root of our fears and what needs are going unmet. Becoming reacquainted with the essence of who we are at our core. Coming back to our thoughts, dreams, desires, and ways of being before we believed we needed to be anything other than who we already are.

👼🏾 Balanced Tip: Imagine yourself as a young child, before you were heavily influenced by the world around you. What were you interested in? What were you curious about? What brought you joy? Chances are, the answers to these questions still resonate with you today. How can you incorporate more of what brings your inner child joy into your present-day?


The yogic principle of Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness, reminds us of the importance of non-attachment. According to The Yamas & Niyamas, “what we possess, possesses us.” When we cling to material items, expectations of ourselves and others, or what we believe we or others “should” do or have, the more limited we are in our own mental and emotional freedom.

When we are able to detach from specific expectations, outcomes, or stories we have repeated to ourselves, we are in better alignment to maintain true peace and freedom to ascend.

⭐️ Balanced Tip: Is there something you are holding onto that is no longer serving you? This could be a relationship, belief, material possession, or area to practice forgiveness. Begin exploring what it could look like to release your attachment to this area.

Feel Your Feelings

This pillar is so simple, yet can be so challenging. It can be tempting to dismiss your own feelings or question the validity of your experiences. If you feel it, it’s valid. Expressing the full range of emotions is part of having a healthy human experience.

While our feelings are valid and important to express, it is important to be mindful of our reactions and whether they are doing us more harm or good in the long run. As we grow mentally and emotionally, we aim to find constructive ways to feel our feelings that create a liberated path forward.

🤎 Balanced Tip: If you’ve had a habit of not expressing your feelings that aren’t positive, keeping a journal documenting how you feel day to day can be a helpful release.


Each day is a new opportunity to come home to myself.

I don’t attach to what’s good or bad. I know when to let go and go with the flow.

I allow myself to emote and express myself freely.

Journal Prompts

Try answering these questions in a journal:

  1. If you could spend a day with your inner child, what would they choose to do?
  2. Imagine a friend you haven’t seen in awhile asks, “how are you?” How could you answer that question openly, honestly, and in great detail? Write the answer down in your journal.

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