Let’s Get Physical

When was the last time you showed your body some love? Chances are, it’s been speaking to you about what it needs for a while (our bodies are always communicating with us!), and now is the perfect time to slow down and listen.

Friend, you are not here to shrink yourself – you’re here to expand in the best way possible. And by focusing on your physical self-care you can unlock the energy you’re seeking to feel aligned and receive all that you’re calling in. Here are three ways to practice physical self-care.


When was the last time you were conscious of your breath? Breath is a life force we often take for granted, and by connecting with your breath, you can settle into your body and feel more at home. Being more mindful of your breathing is an easy way to practice self-care with an activity you’re going to do anyway (girl’s gotta breathe, may as well be mindful while you’re at it).

🫁 Balanced Tip: Try box breathing, a simple breathwork technique to help you feel calm and centered. Get in a comfortable position, and slowly inhale on a count of four. Hold your breath at the top for a count of four. Then exhale for a count of four. Repeat three to four times.


When it comes to fitness, we’ve been lied to. For decades companies have sold us on the idea of fitness being a necessary evil on a quest to shrink for acceptance. Here’s a little secret: you aren’t meant to shrink, you’re meant to move and movement feels so much better when you’re doing so in ways that bring you joy. Your body was made to move.

Whether that’s through dancing, yoga, walking, swimming, or hiking…or all of the above! When you move, in ways that feel nourishing and supportive, your body generates the energy you need to manifest and receive what you desire. So let’s get moving!

🤸🏾‍♀️ Balanced Tip: If movement isn’t a part of your regular routine, that’s ok! Try a body scan meditation to tune into your body and connect with any sensations you may feel. A body scan meditation can help you feel more at home in your body, increasing awareness of your body’s sensations without judgment. Try this meditation to feel more grounded and aware of the present moment.


Nourishment is defined as consumption necessary for growth, health, and good condition. Though what we eat is a part of that, nourishment goes far beyond food. How we feel is heavily impacted by what we take in. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, drained, or low energy, it could be a good time to take a look at what you’re consuming and note how it makes you feel.

When you scroll through your social media feeds how do they make you feel? Do you see images that bring you joy or spark comparison? How nourished do you feel when you eat? Are you able to fully enjoy the food in front of you, and appreciate the good it’s doing for your body?

🍏 Balanced Tip: Many practices being touted as “healthy” aren’t the best choice for every body and can perpetuate diet culture. If you’ve found certain styles of eating don’t feel aligned with you, that’s okay! Your body’s needs are different each and every day. As you seek to nourish yourself, take note of how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally and aim to focus on what makes you feel good in all three areas.


My body is the home of my soul, and I take care of it accordingly.

I honor my body in every state.

I am free to show up fully as myself and take up space.

Journal Prompts

Try answering these questions in a journal:

  1. How would you spend your ideal day if you had all the energy in the world?
  2. If I were to spend less time worrying about my body, how it looked, and what others thought, where else could I focus my energy?

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