Raising Your Vibration

How connected do you feel to a broader purpose and sense of meaning? Based on your quiz results, focusing on your spiritual wellness is the self-care pathway that you can be best served by at this time.

Creating a sense of alignment between your spiritual beliefs, thoughts, and daily practices can have a profound impact on your overall sense of well-being. Here are our recommendations to help you feel more aligned.

Release Expectations

How often do we find ourselves living in a constant state of tension between what is and what we think should be? As you embark on your journey in feeling spiritually well, there is a level of acceptance that needs to take place.

Now, acceptance does not mean you are fully satisfied with things being the way they are and aren’t open to change. Acceptance means acknowledging that things are the way they are, releasing our egoic attachment to the outcome, and remaining open to new possibilities.

🙏🏾 Balanced Tip: Surrender to what is. Have you ever wanted something so badly, your desire actually repelled what it was you were calling in? This can happen when we are so fixated on the future that we try to bypass the present. Surrendering to what is, is not giving up. It is acknowledging a starting point to move forward from. What can you surrender to?

Know What’s For You Is For You

Constantly living in a state of comparison is one of the most spiritually draining things anyone can do. When we are focused on the lanes and journeys of others, we can miss the opportunities that are uniquely designed for us.

One way to remain aligned with what’s for you is to conduct a regular gratitude practice. Research shows having a gratitude practice can strengthen immune the immune system, improve sleep, help people experience more joy, and feel less isolated.

The simplest way to cultivate a gratitude practice is by journaling. Start off by writing down one thing you genuinely feel grateful for each day, no matter how big or small. Over time, you will be able to identify more sources of gratitude in your life, supporting your spiritual well-being.

🧿 Balanced Tip: You may have heard of the “evil eye” which is the power of envy to bring bad luck upon its recipient. While there may be some truth to its existence, we firmly believe that no individual’s ill-will can interrupt the divine plan for your life. Affirming what is and will be is a powerful way to remain aligned and protected.

Refine Your Rituals

Embarking on your spiritual wellness journey is the perfect time to refine your rituals and ensure your spiritual hygiene is in order. How are your current actions and behaviors feeding your spirit? What kind of content are you consuming each day, and how does it make you feel? What kind of content are you sharing each day, and how does it feel to share?

Rituals that can connect you with spirit and support your spiritual hygiene include meditation, prayer, reading inspirational books or devotionals, spending time in nature, regularly cleaning your space, and finding ways to be in service to others.

🔮 Balanced Tip: Consider who has access to you. Your daily interactions, virtually and in person, can have a major impact on how you’re feeling energetically. If you’re feeling drained, try implementing better boundaries such as setting screen limits on social media apps, or turning off your phone notifications to moderate who has access to you and when.


I am protected and aligned.

Setbacks are divinely ordered redirections.

I choose abundance over fear.

Journal Prompts

Try answering these questions in a journal:

  1. How can I live in better alignment with my values?
  2. In what ways am I limiting myself by relying on my own understanding? How can I begin to release fear and trust the path that is in front of me?

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