Friendship Goals – How to Have Healthy, Lasting Friendships with Brittany Lackey and Germani Manning of The Black Girl Bravado

In the words of TLC, what about your friends?

Our friendships are some of the most significant and long-lasting relationships we’ll ever have, yet the significance of friendship is often overshadowed by conversations about romantic partnerships. Today we’re continuing our relationships and connection series with a dynamic crossover episode with Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey LA-based best friends and hosts of The Black Girl Bravado.

Germani and Brittany share the story of how their friendship came to be, how it’s evolved over the years, and how they navigate being best friends and business partners. We explore different forms of friendship and ways we can all strengthen and improve our friendships. If you like this episode, make sure you subscribe to The Black Girl Bravado podcast for more supportive, uplifting conversations.

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I think if anybody is going through that where you feel like every time you go to a friend they offer advice – maybe this is a technique you can implement in the friendship. Like:

“Hey, sometimes I feel like I’m not really ready to receive. —Whatever you might say, I just want to talk. If I come to you and I just say, ‘hey, I don’t wanna solution. I just want an ear,’ just let it be an open forum for me to say how I feel. Hold space for me, and then maybe we can circle back when I’m ready. I’ll ask you and let you know that I’m ready to receive now.”

Germani Manning

In my opinion, friendships are underrated in comparison to romantic relationships.

But then we turn around and say, “I want a romantic partner who’s like my best friend.” How do you know that? How do you know what a best friend is like?

So I think we need to talk more about the importance and significance of non-romantic relationships.

Brittany Lackey

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We also talk about…

  • Connecting with platonic soulmates.
  • How to handle friendship break-ups.
  • Trauma bonds & one-dimensional friendships.
  • What it takes to have great friendships.




Think the only soulmates we have are romantic? Think again. Through our platonic relationships, we can form strong, life-changing bonds. Platonic soulmates can teach us empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and can help us feel even more like ourselves.


Some friendships aren’t meant to last forever, and that’s ok. Having your friends occupy a different role in your life, or growing apart can be a natural part of life. Friend breakups can be painful, and it is natural to grieve when they happen. Each and every friendship can teach you great lessons about yourself and how you connect with others, and those lessons are just as valuable even if the friendship doesn’t last forever.

And even if a friendship doesn’t end, our dynamics with friends can change. Whether it’s a graduation, marriage, having children, or moving to a new city, life changes can create new dynamics for friendships. With honest communication and understanding, these things don’t have to signal the end of a friendship, but they are an invitation to allow the friendship to evolve in ways that align better for everyone involved.


Trauma bonds are a popular topic, however many conversations around trauma bonds focus on the romantic. It’s worth noting that friendships can experience trauma bonds as well. If a friendship leaves you feeling drained, it could be a good time to focus on healing for everyone involved if the friendship is something you want to continue.

One-dimensional friendships can also be a painful experience. Feeling like someone you show up for doesn’t show up for you can feel like a punch in the gut. When experiencing a one-dimensional friendship, open communication expressing how you’re feeling and what needs are not being met can be a helpful place to start.


Ultimately, strong friendships come down to communication. By understanding the needs of your friends, and clearly communicating your needs so people can show up for you, you’re giving your friendships a better chance to thrive. As you grow and evolve, your friendships can grow and evolve with you.


  • Our friendships can be nourishing, life-altering relationships.
  • The power of investing in your relationships – just like the back and forth of marriage
  • Hold your friendships to that high standard and be proud.
  • To have good friends you must be a good friend.

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