Reframing Self-Talk, Tapping Into Your Creativity, + Trusting Your Intuition with Arielle Estoria

Living a life full of creativity is something so many of us desire for ourselves. But we often find the path to the life of our dreams doesn’t happen on our timeline. The truth is the rush to be something becomes a roadblock if you let it define what you’re able to accomplish. To live the life we want, we have to understand that flowing in creativity is going to look different for everyone. Finding what works for you requires nurturing and connecting to our inner, authentic truth.

Arielle Estoria is a multi-hyphenate creative – a poet, artist, author, and actor – with a passion for making women feel at home in their own bodies. Connecting with Arielle on this week’s episode truly felt like a gift. The day of recording I had actually been feeling a little stressed from the work-day at my 9-5. When we start recording the episode I mentioned this to Arielle and suggested we take some time just breathe and recenter. This practice really helped me feel grounded and present which made this conversation even more rich. We talk about so many beautiful things, like our love for yoga as a practice, building a relationship with your intuition, finding your place with creativity, and being discerning of the things you say to yourself.

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Words in itself are powerful. If we only think words are powerful when they’re spoken out loud, we have another thing coming. They’re just as powerful when they are spoken internally, when they are spoken in quiet, and when they are spoken over ourselves. And that matters.


  • The divinity of Black Women
  • Forming a relationship with creativity.
  • Leaning into your intuition.
  • Harnessing the power of self-talk.


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In my conversation with Arielle we speak about her journey to where she is now. While she is happy to share the background of how she got into the arts full time. Arielle emphasizes that she doesn’t want people to think she has it all figured out. In her work and in her life, she isn’t done evolving and learning until she takes her last breath. When you take time to absorb and reflect on that statement it provides some insight of how this multi-passionate creative moves through the world.


When Arielle went off to college she had a plan of getting a degree in psychology and the arts. But realized that she didn’t want to be in school for a long time or be stuck in an office. So she leaned in to her soul work and started listening to her intuition.

Arielle shares that two of the tools that have helped her develop a strong relationship with her intuition are meditation and yoga. Meditation helps quiet your mind and open your senses to answers from new places. Yoga helps you get in tune with your body. Both of these are incredibly powerful at helping us learn what our intuition is trying to tell us. Listening to our intuition can help us have better control of how we respond to life. One of my favorite parts of our conversation is about the divinity of black women, listening to your intuition, and not letting naysayers distract you from your magic.


Our relationship with ourselves is the most intimate and constant one we have. Yet, many of us still don’t speak to ourselves with the kindness and understanding that we do with people in our community. Have you ever found yourself speaking negatively in your head after experiencing disappointment? That voice in our head is quick to list out what we did wrong and why we aren’t worthy. If you had a friend going through the same thing would you say those mean things to them? -Probably not.

What we say to ourselves can come true. If we are constantly saying that we don’t deserve something, or that we aren’t capable of accomplishing our goals, our lives and choices will start reflecting that narrative. When we speak to ourselves with love and abundance our lives will start taking shape in ways that reflect that way of thought. When talking about confidence Arielle shares that an integral aspect in her journey has been to refrain from comparing herself to others.


A fun shared interest, and a little preview of what our next series is about was our yoga practices. Both Arielle and I were finishing up our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at the time of this recording. Arielle shares that her yoga practice really became a way for her to be more embodied. There’s certain magic between the symbiotic relationship of mind and body with Yoga. We go further by talking about being black women in yoga and what impact we want to have with our certifications.

I hope this episode left you feeling ready to explore your creative nature.

Gentle Reminder: There is an incredible energy in the way you speak to yourself. -So be kind + speak with love


  • time is a tool, not a definer
  • speak to yourself with love
  • leave room for magic
  • Yoga is a practice in the body and in life




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