How to Use Astrology to Manifest + Navigating Your Saturn Return with Shinobi Robeson of Black Girl Horoscope

We’re closing out our series on manifestation and celebrating the start of spring with a light-hearted conversation about all things astrology. Have you ever wondered how you can use astrology to manifest? Tune in and find out.

Our guest in this episode is Shinobi Robeson of Black Girl Horoscope. Black Girl Horoscope is a supportive community celebrating cosmic wellness for melanated folks and allies. She is incredibly thoughtful in all she shares and exudes Taurus queen energy. We get into the collective astrology for 2022, and deep dive into the next few astrological seasons coming up (specifically Aries through Leo season) and how we can tap into the unique energies each season brings.

If you weren’t feeling the new year vibes in January, you may be feeling more aligned to start anew with the arrival of spring and Aries season, which marks the astrological new year.

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We also talk about…

  • How understanding your birth chart’s Jupiter placement can make you a stronger manifestor.
  • The numerology of the year 2022, and why it’s an ideal year for connection and community.
  • Advice for navigating your Saturn Return.
  • Why knowing the “little three” of your birth chart is as important as understanding your “big three.”

What I love about astrology is that you can learn about yourself, your birth chart, your placements. And you can learn so much about what’s happening on the day-to-day. Things shift every day. Our emotions get affected. Our relationships get affected. It’s constantly changing, and you can remain a student forever.

Shinobi Robeson



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How to Use Astrology to Manifest

In this episode, Shinobi discusses how we can leverage astrology to manifest what we want to call in with ease.

How Your Jupiter Placement Helps You Manifest

There are tons of articles on the web that tell you how to manifest according to your sign. Usually, the intent is to tell you how to manifest according to your sun sign. However, Shinobi says understanding your Jupiter placement provides more insight than your sun sign.

Jupiter is considered the planet of luck and fortune. The placement of Jupiter on your birth chart can provide insight into how you receive blessings and gifts. Understanding Jupiter can also give you a glimpse into your belief systems and what you’re here to learn and teach. With this in mind, it makes sense that understanding where Jupiter lands on your chart can help you receive what’s intended for you.

How to Navigate Your Saturn Return

Woman navigating Saturn Return lights candles

Your Saturn Return happens every 27 to 29 years, which is essentially how long it takes for Saturn to return to the position it was in when you were born. Also known as a quarter-life crisis, for many people, this can be a turbulent time where you experience various challenges that invite you to expand your worldview and reexamine what you believed to be possible.

If you are in your late 20s and are experiencing major changes in your career, relationships, or other areas of life, you are not alone. From an astrological standpoint, this time period is believed to be your true entry into adulthood. It’s natural to feel a sense of frustration or dissatisfaction during this time period, however, these feelings are not meant to last forever.

In 2022, Saturn is almost halfway through its transit in Aquarius, and if you have a Saturn in Aquarius, you may be feeling it. Use this time to ask yourself critical questions about what you truly want, and don’t be afraid to make necessary changes if you feel called to go down a different path.

Astrologically, Opposites Attract

Each sign has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. That’s why it can be important to build collaborative relationships with people who have prominent placements in your opposite sign so you can support one another.

“Each sign has an opposite. So for Taurus, it’s Scorpio. For Aries, Libra. It’s important to keep in mind when it comes to knowing your strengths and working with your weaknesses. Seek out others to find a balance,” says Shinobi.

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