Daily Healing Rituals + Sound Healing with Ashley Curtis

sound healing with ashley curtis

Welcome to our new series, Modalities of Healing. In this series, we’ll be exploring what it means to heal from the inside out and emphasizing healing as a source of joy. Our first conversation will leave you feeling incredibly supported in your healing journey, and ready to implement a few new practices shared by our amazing guest, Ashley Curtis.

Ashley is the founder of The Journey Healing Oasis and is a Goddess, Healer, Yogi, spiritual doula, sound therapist, soul care coach, wellness advocate, Actress, director, and Writer. She hails from a long line of powerful spiritual healers such as her grandmother who is an ordained Evangelist and her Mother, an ordained evangelist and clairvoyant.

Ashley also has over eight years of experience with Applied Behavior Analysis. And was certified as an Energy Healing Practitioner at The Mystic Living School based in LA.

In this episode, we explore sound and energy healing.

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We Also Talk About…

  • How sound can be healing on a cellular level.
  • Why using your voice is the most powerful sound instrument for healing.
  • Simple practices you can do daily to promote calm and energy healing.
  • The importance of cutting energetic cords.



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Episode 138 Transcript

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Balanced black girl and thank you so much for tuning in there are so many incredible podcasts out there so I'm really honored that this one is a part.

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Of your lineup today is time for new series so if you're new to balanced black girl we do episodes in series where for

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six or more episodes will take a central theme and we'll explore it on the podcast each week from different angles and perspectives

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so our last series was called new life and creativity where we explored fertility motherhood and bringing new ideas in the world.

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Definitely check that out if you haven't already and today we're kicking off our new series modalities of healing which is all about exploring

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the different ways we can heal and putting a sense of joy into what it means to heal

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so in this series we'll be discussing everything from healing your gut and digestive system to healing and Community healing from past experiences and healing by connecting to Nature

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for in our first episode I'm excited to talk about the accessible tools available to us and within us to support our healing with our amazing guest Ashley Curtis

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Ashley is the founder of the journey healing Oasis and is a goddess healer Yogi spiritual Doula sound therapist Soul Care coach Wellness Advocate actress director and writer

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she hails from a long line of powerful spiritual healers such as her grandmother who is an ordained evangelist and her mother ordained evangelist and clairvoyant.

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To further her passion for healing the Mind Body and Soul she obtained a BS in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy from Tennessee State University as well as pursued a masters in social work at Loyola of Chicago

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Ashley also has over eight years experience with applied Behavior Analysis and was certified as an energy healing practitioner at the Mystic living School based in LA

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so I was introduced to Ashley when she still lived in La through our mutual friend Zuri

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sorry who's also been on the podcast I know her episode is like a community favorite and through her I've gotten to participate in sound Bass by Ashley and that was how I first learned about her work

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Ashley has so many incredible gifts that we barely scratched the surface on in this episode we talk about energy healing

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sound healing

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why using your voice is one of the most powerful tools you can have for emotional healing she has a wealth of knowledge and after listening to this episode you'll feel inspired you'll feel empowered you'll feel energized and you'll feel really supported in your journey.

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Also for our community in Atlanta

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Ashley has some amazing experiential events coming up including an event on May 29th so if you're listening to this episode or right when it drops and make sure you check out the show notes for more information we also talked about

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some of her in person offerings in this episode but wanted to call that out specifically for our listeners and.

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Atlanta area right so I'm going to get to it because Ashley shares so much amazing Insight in this conversation and I'm ready for you to hear it.

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So let's go
Ashley thank you for joining me today how are you feeling.

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Of course one I'm so grateful to be here and I am feeling gracious I'm feeling and gratitude.

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I'm feeling excited curious all those things little I love that you said curious.

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That's so good I love curiosity and leaning into curiosity
yeah I recently saw.

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A real on Instagram and there was some guy he was pretty much just reminding parents to not stop children when they're jumping in puddles and doing these different things because his curiosity

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and I was like I loved it because it want it reminds even adults to remain curious because that's how we learn and experiment.

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And although children are newly learning things we're still always learning as well so 100%.

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I couldn't agree more and love that you mention that because I think something that.

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Can make adulthood feel really challenging I mean outside of you know the very real life things that we deal with is

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is not necessarily leaning into curiosity and asking questions and wondering how things work in the same way we do when we're little so I've been trying to embody that as much as possible.

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Yeah he has definitely been something that I.

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Find myself is so natural for me but I've now been more intentional with it and.

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I sometimes can find myself wanting to be like Kind of Perfect

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there's that perfectionism that is like a haunting Us in this American society and so I remind myself to just be curious and be witty and just do it like you know and so that's my constant practice it's not always easy yeah

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but it's fun you know definitely definitely what has that practice entailed for you is it like asking questions trying new things

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all the above yes asking is all of it asking questions I'm always learning I'm always in another course as a Healer is

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you're always student and a teacher you know I'm always learning something and then passing on what I'm learning.

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So I'm never afraid to ask questions usually especially in the goddess symbol that I'm in that I just sole runs more than likely when it's time to share I'm the first one to ask a question or you know and it doesn't I'm not afraid because

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I know I want to learn more you know in that way so.

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Practicing pushing myself to to be bold and be courageous to ask questions and also another part of that practice is trying trying the new things like.

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Lately for me is been following my intuition as it relates to my spiritual baths I'm a very emotional person I'm very sensitive I absorb a lot of empathic and so.

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Water and bathing and.

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Herbal tonics and all those things have been so transformative for me in the last few months like really practicing it habitually

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it is so I as far as curiosity I'll go into now that I'm here in Atlanta I go on 792 and they have all these different herbs and bath salts and I just.

00:06:35.319 --> 00:06:48.033
Cure you know curious I'm like hmm and I would everyone sticks to me I picked that one and I'll go Google later what are the benefits and it's always something that I need in that moment but so that's what that practice looks like for me

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if Ike

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curiosity interest at the same time yeah that last example you just had about even just a new herb or something new to you that your soul is kind of pulling you towards is such a beautiful example.

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Yeah and listening to yourself Mmm Yeah that is something I would say I started to practice that when.

00:07:11.652 --> 00:07:18.119
Graduated four or even when I was taking so I have my certification and as an energy practitioner

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and so when I was studying at the Mystic living school around late February 20 20 is when I really started to learn to listen to that inner voice that started to really hear my intuition and.

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Learn what that really meant and what that looks like because.

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Intuition speaks to us in different ways or described as the Claire's you know it could be clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentient

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claircognizance is a lot of them and so I started to learn what my dominant ones were in so I'd be like walking around in a park and I'd here

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stop here or I here grab this herb and I'll be like let me just see where this is going to go but always.

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With somewhere like I remember walking around things like Ruben goes Park in LA and View Park and they have like lavender and rosemary all around and so.

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I hurt like I was going through some I was feeling very anxious around that time I think the pandemic had just started and I heard

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for one to stop in touch the tree and I'm like okay everybody will think I'm crazy but I'm a listen I stopped in touch the tree then I heard grab the herb it was like

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the Rosemary are right there and then it was like look over here and it was it was lavender and I'll her to grab it and I went and I made like a.

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Smudge spray out of it and when I looked up all that with the herbs did they were it was perfect for anxiety.

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Absolutely it was perfect and I was like after that moment I knew like listen to that every single time and so it's becoming like fun for me sometimes it feels like okay.

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Sometimes I don't want to listen and when I don't know I'm like.

00:08:50.506 --> 00:09:02.446
Yeah you should have listened so now I just do it you know they have that scripture that says like obedience is better than sacrifice and I really understand like being obedient to your intuition is better than sacrificing what

00:09:02.344 --> 00:09:06.317
should could would happen you know yes.

00:09:06.449 --> 00:09:15.400
I feel like that was just a message that I needed to hear and I appreciate you being the person to bring that to me.

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So on the podcast I'm currently doing a deep dive into healing and examining healing from different angles what does it mean to heal what are the different modalities that can help us heal and

00:09:30.404 --> 00:09:42.524
I'm really excited to talk to you about this because you've really dedicated your life to helping people heal so I'd love to hear how you began helping others in their healing and and when you.

00:09:43.277 --> 00:09:51.932
I kind of realized no so funny because
it started really really young I remember being 7.

00:09:51.938 --> 00:10:05.561
And I we my mom and my sisters and I we all were moving back and forth from Las Vegas to Milwaukee that's my hometown Milwaukee Wisconsin and I remember coming to my grandmother's house and I walked into her room.

00:10:05.747 --> 00:10:11.493
Issues like praying on her knees and she was like speaking in tongues and I was like what is that I want.

00:10:11.518 --> 00:10:16.283
A seven-year-old everybody else is outside playing roller skates all this stuff

00:10:16.208 --> 00:10:25.762
I wanted to learn to do what she was doing like to be devoted in to pray in that way and so she started to take me to her church circles and her prayer circles and

00:10:25.705 --> 00:10:38.032
they called it at the time tarrying for the Holy Ghost so I started to tarry for the Holy Ghost and on my eighth birthday I received the gift of speaking in tongues and so I was so excited that I would be on the playground

00:10:37.975 --> 00:10:48.502
I mean like second third grade and friends would be going through some stuff and I'd be praying with them on a playground so it really started very young and so I became like the church girl.

00:10:48.805 --> 00:10:59.935
And even in high school I was known for being a Church Girl and I had the whole basketball team and my church like I was always I just always had like a heart for people and

00:10:59.797 --> 00:11:09.000
I could always feel what they were going through and I was always so sensitive and I didn't understand at the time that sometimes I was carrying or feeling there's to the point that

00:11:08.835 --> 00:11:22.881
that's what made me so insensitive and I had to learn how to like release those things but yeah it started at seven and it has not stopped and so I went to study psychology and philosophy and I went to get my masters in social work so I thought that

00:11:22.690 --> 00:11:33.918
the construct would be as a psychologist or a school psychologist or School social worker like I was trying to find the fitting as how I would make this into a career

00:11:33.879 --> 00:11:39.878
but nothing ever felt just right like it felt like in Psychology I had to.

00:11:40.037 --> 00:11:46.927
Put people in this box and social work out the put people in this box I can only do certain things and it was.

00:11:47.419 --> 00:11:51.356
After leaving Loyola.

00:11:51.695 --> 00:11:58.782
Moving to La going into the acting career because it was like that was a way that I could embody like mine

00:11:58.717 --> 00:12:11.404
impact energy and I have my I got pregnant with my son and I went through a lot of I feel like I have my pandemic when I was pregnant with my son and when I had him well before the pandemic and I had to.

00:12:11.716 --> 00:12:25.645
Pour myself out of such a dark sunken place and as I was doing that I started to learn about Reiki and energy healing and I had already done yoga and learned about crystals but it was more.

00:12:26.201 --> 00:12:28.004
The physical practice of it.

00:12:28.100 --> 00:12:40.355
And as I started to do it in bring up my emotional health in my spiritual health it like change the game for me and I heard in the spirit I was like okay well what do I do and I heard it's a Google Reiki

00:12:40.343 --> 00:12:47.080
so I started Googling Reiki and energy healing practitioner course popped up and they was literally the day that the teacher.

00:12:47.203 --> 00:12:56.163
Post it like her her flyer for it you know so I was in her first course her first teaching course of it and the rest is.

00:12:56.394 --> 00:13:03.167
You know its history as far as now I've been doing this almost three years as far as making a living off of.

00:13:03.299 --> 00:13:13.195
Helping people on their soul Journey on their spiritual journey yeah wow like just what you just shared about about the Reiki training it's again like exactly what you need right when you need it.

00:13:13.507 --> 00:13:20.118
Yeah and it really it really helped me like and the reason why I feel that I can

00:13:20.016 --> 00:13:29.147
go so hard in the way that I do it and not go hard in a masculine way because I'm softening into the feminine love is the reason why I can be so.

00:13:29.216 --> 00:13:32.379
Trusting and what I do is because.

00:13:32.619 --> 00:13:47.242
I tried everything else and then that's what pulled me off I'm an advocate for therapy I you know I have a BS in Psychology and study masters in social work so I think talk therapy is important but it was until I learned about energetic healing and shifting its everything

00:13:47.230 --> 00:13:56.460
begins on a spiritual level before manifest in the physical so we can talk about something and it's really good to talk about something good for Growth work but sometimes we need energetic

00:13:56.457 --> 00:14:04.643
shifting we need like a DNA in a cellular cellular shift before we can even do the Growth work and so that is what

00:14:04.478 --> 00:14:14.168
happen for me and transform me and so that's why I do it for other people now yes thank you so much for sharing those parts of your story

00:14:14.138 --> 00:14:25.105
one of the things that you mentioned that really stuck out to me was that you could feel yourself kind of taking on the energies of other people which I think when people are very empathetic.

00:14:25.697 --> 00:14:30.147
In places where they heal that can be very natural to do is to carry.

00:14:30.396 --> 00:14:41.255
Some of those things that you know belong to the people that they're trying to help how did you learn how to navigate that and not carry all of that as your own.

00:14:41.379 --> 00:14:49.727
I will say the tools that I learned was one learning to create Sacred Space for myself too.

00:14:50.183 --> 00:15:01.583
Reset to fill my own cup to nourish myself in those things are you know taking those spiritual bath water is something that really water hose memory and water is something that.

00:15:01.607 --> 00:15:13.979
Is very cleansing it's very cleansing for the emotional body all of us as humans were about 75 percent water but on the molecular structure where 99% water so because water hose memory

00:15:13.787 --> 00:15:26.555
you know there's ways to clear that too so I'm always like smudging like using innocent or Sage or Palo Santos or something to help cleanse the energy or I might use sound sound is so important

00:15:26.453 --> 00:15:42.489
the first thing we hear is our mother's heartbeat in the womb like sound is so miraculous and so sound was something that helped me whether it was using my voice like crying screaming praying all those things really help to shift your frequency

00:15:42.324 --> 00:15:47.638
so yes a water fire pretty much using the elements are even being out in Earth

00:15:47.527 --> 00:15:53.742
grounding just or just going on a walk and taking in fresh air just taking time to myself

00:15:53.541 --> 00:16:00.430
what is what really helped me because I was able to recalibrate into okay what's mine and what is not my Stillness like.

00:16:00.707 --> 00:16:04.004
Those were two things that really helped because I will find myself before.

00:16:04.100 --> 00:16:17.958
Almost people please don't want to help so many people and moving and moving and moving that I would realize like wow what is the last time I just took some time for me you know and so those things are what helped me to be able to learn to separate

00:16:17.919 --> 00:16:24.232
someone else's feelings for mine and then even going as far as learning how to cut energetic cords like you know.

00:16:24.797 --> 00:16:36.520
Those are the tools that I've used for sure oh my God so much goodness in there that I want to dive into more I love that you talked about connecting with the elements because I think.

00:16:37.076 --> 00:16:44.352
It can be very easy especially now kind of in our Modern Age to feel very disconnected from nature

00:16:44.350 --> 00:16:53.769
I'm someone who for a very long time felt very disconnected from nature and it wasn't until I moved to LA but I started connecting more with nature and realizing how that

00:16:53.568 --> 00:17:02.690
made me feel and so even getting back to those simple things of like water air fire earth it just has such a profound impact.

00:17:02.903 --> 00:17:11.008
Is literally all we need water air fire earth ether which is like where it all comes from you know is that's the medicine.

00:17:11.023 --> 00:17:24.430
That's what our ancestors did you know that's what the first inhabitants of the Earth all over the Earth used you know and then we have all this like technology and man-made things that are cool but

00:17:24.320 --> 00:17:28.779
that's all we really need are the elements inches to know how to use them.

00:17:29.091 --> 00:17:37.007
For sure absolutely and Ale was definitely like the opener for me too because I'm from the Midwest I went to school in the South but

00:17:37.004 --> 00:17:40.851
then I went back to grad school in the midwest so moving when I moved to LA was like.

00:17:41.010 --> 00:17:51.257
If you know let me go on a hike let me go up the stairs not knowing that I was telling myself in the process you know just by being outside yes just like just by being in the sun.

00:17:51.443 --> 00:18:00.170
Absolutely I could not agree more it's like when outside is always available to you that's when you realize how healing it really is.

00:18:00.419 --> 00:18:07.164
It's like sun on your skin feet on the earth and there's so much in Wellness that.

00:18:07.197 --> 00:18:14.492
Feels kind of like a commodity and a lot of ways like products and things that people are constantly trying to get us to buy but.

00:18:14.588 --> 00:18:21.829
Literally fresh are going outside and having your feet on the earth it's profound what that does for you.

00:18:22.204 --> 00:18:35.756
Literally just the other day I felt my nervous system just like going off I was really being challenged by a lot of things that were outside of my control and we're really in my mind you know and I had to just go outside

00:18:35.726 --> 00:18:45.865
it'd be barefoot and be in the sign just cry in like bring myself to the present moment you know that's another thing that really helps is like what is happening right here in this.

00:18:45.889 --> 00:18:52.221
Present moment not in the future not in the past I didn't you know but right here in this moment and.

00:18:52.452 --> 00:19:06.030
Sitting out in the grass observing the sun and the operating like and gratitude like starting to remind myself I'm grateful for this I'm grateful for that you know it's slow me right back down so I'm grateful for the time spent in LA because now that I'm here in Atlanta.

00:19:06.738 --> 00:19:18.867
You know I could still I know the go out and to do those things it's totally different with the pollen and all that stuff and I'm getting used to it yeah you now have the tools that you can use in any environment

00:19:18.783 --> 00:19:20.542
yeah definitely for sure.

00:19:20.400 --> 00:19:26.000

00:19:25.841 --> 00:19:32.155
Let's talk about how we can start implementing some of these amazing healing practices we've discussed in this episode

00:19:32.089 --> 00:19:37.880
if today's conversation is resonating with you you have to try my favorite meditation app open.

00:19:37.949 --> 00:19:48.431
Open is a digital mindfulness platform combining breathwork meditation and movement actually started using it a few weeks ago and have been absolutely hooked.

00:19:48.545 --> 00:19:58.378
Their daily meditations are incredible they've helped me really dial in my meditation practice so much I love following the guided meditations because they are incredibly

00:19:58.186 --> 00:20:04.248
easy to follow the classes feel so natural like the meditation guides are right there with you

00:20:04.110 --> 00:20:11.170
guiding you through your practice and many of the classes are under 10 minutes so even if you're short on time you can fit it in.

00:20:11.240 --> 00:20:26.222
I have to say the movement classes are just as good their yoga flows are so thoughtfully done and we all know Pilates is having a moment so if you've been wanting to try Pilates trying it on Open is a perfect way to get started.

00:20:26.354 --> 00:20:36.872
They actually have an incredible learned Pilates series on the app Top by an amazing instructor Catherine who is a black woman who guides you through the basic fundamentals of Pilates

00:20:36.725 --> 00:20:47.297
I've been doing the series the classes are just between 20 to 30 minutes you can do them right at home with no equipment and it's so helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about Pilates and get in touch

00:20:47.087 --> 00:20:48.404
with their bodies.

00:20:48.653 --> 00:21:05.643
Open has unlimited live and on-demand breathwork meditation yoga Pilates and more and open also partners with musicians producers sound designers DJs and curators to co-create classes for an immersive experience that takes you deeper into your healing

00:21:05.442 --> 00:21:10.360
practice so let's take a class together open is giving balance black or listeners

00:21:10.241 --> 00:21:25.124
30 days free that's huge when you visit open dash together.com balanced again you can join me on open by going to open dash together.com balanced 4:30

00:21:24.950 --> 00:21:25.862

00:21:25.760 --> 00:21:37.952
free do not sleep on this it's an incredible deal 30 days of unlimited classes mindfulness breathwork meditation yoga Pilates I'm telling you you're going to want to download it right away

00:21:37.887 --> 00:21:45.784
so let me know what you think and I'll see you in class.

00:21:46.034 --> 00:21:57.235
So a few other things that you shared with us that I would also love to talk about more and just explore as I'm still learning about a lot of these things is the power of sound to heal.

00:21:57.295 --> 00:22:05.346
And how sound can heal on a cellular level I would love to explore that and to explore.

00:22:05.379 --> 00:22:13.862
What's happening in our body is when we hear sound and and why do we respond differently to different types of sound.

00:22:14.598 --> 00:22:29.391
Is so amazing because there there's a scientist like dr. Moto or something like that and he did a study on sound and water and again we are on a molecular structure 99% water and.

00:22:29.659 --> 00:22:32.623
He showed how when.

00:22:33.557 --> 00:22:40.320
Different sounds are you know where there's a low frequency or high frequency how the crystals of the structure shifts.

00:22:40.362 --> 00:22:51.771
So that is kind of what goes on within us as we're listening to different frequencies where a tuning like even you know like when you're in a radio in the car and you go into a different part of you on a road trip.

00:22:51.777 --> 00:23:06.337
You're going to a different part of the state you got to tune the radio to like a certain frequency we're doing that all the time based on the frequency of where we are sound vibration frequency is all like one in the same we all have our own home no is what.

00:23:06.379 --> 00:23:12.665
I like to call it and I learned from David Gibson over at the sound healing Institute in Cerritos California about

00:23:12.518 --> 00:23:16.563
your home though and how we all have our own frequency and so.

00:23:16.830 --> 00:23:23.261
When we are listening to something that is below our frequency or above our frequency now we're

00:23:23.069 --> 00:23:32.812
tuning into that so if we are hearing constantly for example very negative words you're stupid you're dumb you're ugly or you know whatever

00:23:32.674 --> 00:23:35.936
if we grow up hearing that then are crystal structure.

00:23:35.978 --> 00:23:43.849
You have to just look it up dr. Moto the way that the structure look they look it look so bad and so scary it's so sad so

00:23:43.630 --> 00:23:56.200
and then but when there's words like I love you that are affirming the intention behind it right is Shifting the structure and they're like these beautiful crystals and so that's what happens with us so when we're listening to music.

00:23:56.269 --> 00:23:57.442
That is

00:23:57.368 --> 00:24:07.318
not affirming us as women or as men or as humans whatever like we all realize it but we're tuning into that frequency and then we find ourselves you know.

00:24:07.450 --> 00:24:17.419
Attracting that type of stuff what we watch on TV you know what I mean what we consume period what we eat what we hear what we listen to it all shifts are

00:24:17.326 --> 00:24:31.921
molecular structure is shifts our frequency there are particular sound instruments that are designed on certain frequencies certain hurts to help bring us back into alignment with our home note to help clear different.

00:24:32.008 --> 00:24:43.921
Ailments out of the body when we are sick is nothing but this he's is our body in this he's and disharmony so we just need to get back into Rhythm and flow of

00:24:43.855 --> 00:24:46.748
you know our home note and so.

00:24:46.970 --> 00:25:00.764
Their crystal balls there are Chimes I don't even know you might it might end up being heard in the river in the sound my wind chime from outside all I have sound going all the time so when Chimes bring this Angelic energy into the space there's gong's.

00:25:00.942 --> 00:25:11.594
They're the crystal bowls or Tibetan bowls there are so many different instruments and then they're just frequencies like for 17 Hertz and there's just different ones that you can listen to that will help.

00:25:11.654 --> 00:25:16.131
Bring you into alignment but the most powerful sound.

00:25:16.525 --> 00:25:31.111
Is are like using our voice it has the most harmonic so it's the most healing so that's why you know they even it says life and death is in the power of the tongue we have power and Dominion with our words that is.

00:25:31.495 --> 00:25:37.701
Why even this grocery now in the beginning was the word and the Word was God and where it was with God like Words sound is

00:25:37.680 --> 00:25:44.200
so important how we use our voice is so important and the words that we say.

00:25:44.540 --> 00:25:48.287
I think that is why prayer is so important you know what I mean because it's.

00:25:48.348 --> 00:26:06.850
The words is the sound is the intention is the frequency that shipped in your entire nervous system that's shifting your molecular structure and so I like to encourage people I like it chanting and Mantra class and sometimes I just find myself just I might just like seeing harmonies you know and it brings me back into

00:26:06.694 --> 00:26:16.311
bring my nervous system back into the calm space sound is like the most amazing thing and that's also why I am so particular about what I listen to it.

00:26:16.345 --> 00:26:22.010
And I didn't before I even understood the science of sound I always was like it was hard for me too

00:26:21.773 --> 00:26:37.674
really listen to rap music and I went to the HBCU so I'll ask all my friends like how do y'all just listen to this and they like we don't really pay attention to the words I'm like a lyric person I'm like a poet I love words you know and they're like we don't really listen to the words it it up but I always just knew intuitively like I just

00:26:37.500 --> 00:26:41.545
I just cannot listen to that because I know it's just

00:26:41.425 --> 00:26:54.652
I'm in jest and you know what I mean it's so now even now I'm so selective on the artist I listened to things I listened to because I'm like I'm a tuned into that frequency and eventually I'm going to be attracting this type of

00:26:54.433 --> 00:26:57.128
you know whatever that you know vibration is.

00:26:57.278 --> 00:27:04.780
Hopefully I answered I feel like I was you or not that was amazing that was amazing I'm super I'm definitely going to look into that study because I'm.

00:27:05.434 --> 00:27:17.608
Into nerdy stuff and I love looking at research on science is not so yes so I'll find it and I'll link it in the show notes so that people can check it out because that just heard sounds so cool to be able to understand what's happening

00:27:17.605 --> 00:27:26.061
to our cells and how they change based off of what they hear and even that example that you just shared about music.

00:27:26.139 --> 00:27:33.524
I think what I've realized because I also used to be one of those people who was like I'm not really listening to the words it's the beat it's whatever I'm realizing that.

00:27:33.566 --> 00:27:38.232
Subconsciously we're still absorbing it even if we think we're not we are.

00:27:39.048 --> 00:27:51.060
You really are and then that's when your beliefs change and your action chains are your views on the world and you wonder well why do I believe this or why do I feel like these are why I think all men this are all women that or

00:27:50.841 --> 00:27:55.471
you know just all of these different things and it's really because of subscribing to.

00:27:55.559 --> 00:28:01.584
You know the thoughts the words of vibration of whatever that you know musical artist is

00:28:01.545 --> 00:28:08.579
expressing so yeah I'm very very careful around that for sure when it comes to music and so most of the time I'm listening to.

00:28:09.530 --> 00:28:19.652
Beautiful chorus or just something uplifting every now and then I like to have a little fun but then I'm even still like after that I'm like let me raise my frequency I'll never forget.

00:28:19.829 --> 00:28:28.456
Before I knew about that I was like going through a breakup and I was like listening to like all this like breakup sad music and my friend I am the game over.

00:28:28.966 --> 00:28:40.033
And she was like it well of course you're sad you're over here listening to that music and I never really put it together until again I started to really learn about sound and I'm like wow I was literally like.

00:28:40.651 --> 00:28:55.625
Bathing in misery why you know listening to that instead of listening something you know Shifting the energy to more empowering or you know whatever bathing in misery that's real that's so real I think something that we can all relate to

00:28:55.577 --> 00:29:04.645
and we've all been there yeah and just what we consume on every level one of the things that I've I've never been able to get into is like

00:29:04.561 --> 00:29:09.695
True Crime content either podcast or t like I can't.

00:29:09.782 --> 00:29:19.859
I know people love it and if you love it like I love that for you I can't listen I just can't have that like on my spirit because I feel like I just absorb it and it just can't I can't do it.

00:29:20.558 --> 00:29:26.430
I'm the same will that in horror or anytime a lost of I don't I already have such a.

00:29:26.725 --> 00:29:39.664
My heart like I just the whole Law and Order and crime and just even honestly like er stuff like is I'm too sensitive yes to be absorbing any of that so I get you it's like

00:29:39.517 --> 00:29:44.903
I just can't yes completely agree completely agree

00:29:44.873 --> 00:29:53.671
and I wanted to mention something to as far as you know using sound is healing and just understanding again how water holds memory.

00:29:54.290 --> 00:29:58.280
Even sometimes like speaking like they say you have a cup of water

00:29:58.197 --> 00:30:09.434
in like speaking your prayers into your water it's going to hold the memory of that and then you drink a you ingest that if then in 10 minutes your sales have shifted to whatever it was that you just

00:30:09.404 --> 00:30:13.278
you know and just whatever you spoken to that so that's something that

00:30:13.257 --> 00:30:21.515
anyone that's listening start practicing that in the morning just you know your first cup of water or whatever it is just speak

00:30:21.494 --> 00:30:33.002
your intention for the day into it and watch how so many things ship for you that is been such an amazing practice for me that is an incredible practice thank you for sharing that I'm definitely going to start doing that.

00:30:33.575 --> 00:30:39.493
Yeah it works it once you understand the science of sound and water.

00:30:40.228 --> 00:30:52.357
It changes the game you really practice it it changes the game like I even before our call I made sure I did a spiritual bath with my herbs and spoke my intentions like just pouring into myself you know it's been.

00:30:53.263 --> 00:30:57.614
Has a game changer don't lie absolutely.

00:30:57.711 --> 00:31:13.863
I'd love to talk a little bit more about frequency as well I know that's something that we just touched on but I'm curious like are there different frequencies that can help us heal in different ways so like if we need emotional healing is there maybe a certain frequency we should gravitate towards or

00:31:13.627 --> 00:31:20.552
physical healing you know do they do they vary depending on what we need yes there are.

00:31:20.576 --> 00:31:28.906
I can't remember because there's so many and you could like Google like a frequency for emotional healing or you know frequency for.

00:31:28.921 --> 00:31:31.490
Healing a heartbreak and you know.

00:31:32.288 --> 00:31:41.518
And you get you want to become careful with you too because you if you hear like little whispering and it don't listen to it cause you don't know what it is that those folks are saying but there are like

00:31:41.417 --> 00:31:51.421
Steven a burn in the David Gibson those are some people that you can look into that have like on their websites and you know in the Apple music library and stuff that have.

00:31:51.427 --> 00:31:54.446
That teach about it and have a list of these frequencies but like.

00:31:54.470 --> 00:32:01.657
432 Hertz is one that's like great for the heart and I'm hearing 317 hers I can't remember what it's for but I'm hearing that so just

00:32:01.654 --> 00:32:15.349
look that one up but what I usually do is I think about the chakra that I want to work on or I think about what I'm going through and I'm always listening to an emotional releasing or clearing frequency like clearing emotional trauma clearing emotions.

00:32:15.904 --> 00:32:22.272
But also now that as as a sound healer you know I I'll play my own or just seeing.

00:32:22.386 --> 00:32:27.781
Even though in the sing and doesn't have to sound like a singer but it's just again just using your

00:32:27.715 --> 00:32:40.582
the harmonics in your voice will heal you more than any any sound tool any frequency anything like literally giving whatever you're feeling a sound like I'm feeling this giving it sound

00:32:40.579 --> 00:32:47.739
shift things in his weird is weird for us to use our voice sometimes like is uncomfortable sometimes you know but if we can get.

00:32:47.880 --> 00:32:51.205
Through the uncomfort is so healing so.

00:32:51.274 --> 00:33:00.594
Again that Stephen Harper David Gibson know they're two great people to look into for different frequencies specifically and then use your voice.

00:33:00.745 --> 00:33:03.916
Give it a sound find find where it is in your body.

00:33:04.066 --> 00:33:16.672
Put your hands there and like give it sound it might sound horrible but that's fine it needs to get out yes yes but emphasis on using our voice regardless of how it sounds is.

00:33:16.697 --> 00:33:22.218
Really wonderful reminder I think especially as women as black women.

00:33:22.323 --> 00:33:34.497
We can feel uncomfortable using our voice because in some instances were conditioned as if that's not a good thing and so that can be hard to get into if it's not something you normally do but is so important.

00:33:35.016 --> 00:33:42.833
Is so important and you know as black women where the elders on this Earth we are there would be

00:33:42.758 --> 00:33:48.739
no other man or a woman without ass like the will we carry in our We Carry in our DNA the first

00:33:48.601 --> 00:33:53.312
mother of this Earth which was a black woman and so when we really

00:33:53.093 --> 00:34:02.845
step into our power and use our voices unlock in our throat chakra it's a feminine Yin energy and we get into that and we open up and re-release.

00:34:02.851 --> 00:34:09.885
So many things open you know so many Avenues clear for us just using our voice and using it in a way

00:34:09.873 --> 00:34:17.933
to heal and uplift and not to defend and protect you know what I mean but just to heal in a blitz ourselves

00:34:17.741 --> 00:34:28.376
and not feel that we you know have to defend our honor or Divinity or not want to be that this or not want to be like letting go of every belief every thought every memory that is not yours like

00:34:28.157 --> 00:34:42.419
whoever this whole angry even the angry black woman thing like that is a narrative that's a sound that's a word that we're constantly hearing and then we're tuning into I don't subscribe to that however I feel I'm going to speak it and if you feel like I'm being angry that's fine

00:34:42.227 --> 00:34:46.632
but I spoke what I needed to feel and I was passionate about it and that's something I've.

00:34:46.800 --> 00:34:55.706
I'm constantly working on my throat chakra I'm constantly working on the throw in the sacral which is our feminine creative

00:34:55.640 --> 00:34:59.055
harmonious you know energy is

00:34:58.881 --> 00:35:14.701
they're connected so usually if there's something going on in our sexual sensual energy is something going on with speaking Our Truth and usually when our throat is blocked it comes out as nice nasty or the mean girl or you know those type of things so just learning to.

00:35:15.238 --> 00:35:16.178

00:35:16.103 --> 00:35:25.315
love to ourselves where there's even in the mirror or whatever just opening at throat it really helps has tap into our femininity which has been blocked for a soul

00:35:25.168 --> 00:35:28.016
long for a lot of us because of

00:35:27.797 --> 00:35:44.444
the frequency of society that we do not have to attune fetish I'm so like I'm just getting so excited listening to this because it's just it's like so good what you just said about using our words to heal and uplift instead of defend and protect just was a big light bulb mind blown.

00:35:44.460 --> 00:35:52.583
Moment for me because I think especially with something like the internet and social media we have access to so much information and it's

00:35:52.553 --> 00:36:05.375
natural to want to jump in and defend and protect and so many like comment section arguments and things that I even I know I've done because we can just get caught up in those things that you making that shift

00:36:05.201 --> 00:36:07.571
to heal and uplift instead.

00:36:07.668 --> 00:36:16.871
It's so freeing yeah is so freeing and it's a beautiful practice in because not only does it for you but someone else

00:36:16.760 --> 00:36:28.178
gives to a tune to that frequency to your intention your attention with your words is to heal and uplift and now it shifts them you know what I mean fire you can fight fire with water fire or you can fight fire with water

00:36:27.968 --> 00:36:31.509
you know and you know water is always going to win

00:36:31.443 --> 00:36:41.987
which is feminine Yin energy yes yes and it goes back to back to the cleansing that we were talking about earlier

00:36:41.939 --> 00:36:48.262
and you know now that I think about it more I'm thinking more about the importance of.

00:36:48.358 --> 00:37:04.754
Energetic cleansing of both our space what we take in I was recently listening to a podcast that was it was more like Neuroscience I can send you the episode I feel like you'd like it outside it to after this but it was talking about kind of Neuroscience and how we learn and just all that our brains take in and how

00:37:04.517 --> 00:37:11.299
today we're taking in more information in a day because of the internet than our ancestors took in their entire lifetime

00:37:11.071 --> 00:37:14.683
and so even hearing you talk about the power of water the

00:37:14.455 --> 00:37:23.929
importance of cleansing I'm thinking about how probably important it is to even cleanse after we take in certain content and BC certain things because we see so much.

00:37:23.998 --> 00:37:35.163
Yeah it is so important like every night like whether you couldn't chords or you cleansing or you know praying or sentencing you got to really like really release because I find myself like.

00:37:35.215 --> 00:37:44.805
I'll feel let's say if I find myself grabbing my phone in the beginning today and I don't even scroll that often but if I do I will feel drained before the day even went away

00:37:44.559 --> 00:37:51.980
I often don't scroll and So lately I don't mean on was going but I'm okay with that like cuz it's

00:37:51.851 --> 00:38:01.036
is self care for me to just not take in so much information because even if it is taking in some good positive things is still so much more information is

00:38:00.925 --> 00:38:10.696
coming away from you and being able to hear your your own so yeah the these I think that's probably why I've been heavily on

00:38:10.549 --> 00:38:15.908
the Babs and heavily on the herbal tonics in heavily on.

00:38:15.959 --> 00:38:24.739
Just burning rituals which is pretty much like releasing thing I recently even burned the old Journal they had all these prayers and

00:38:24.556 --> 00:38:35.389
thoughts and stuff that just don't align with what I want or where I'm going and I'm like what am I holding on to this let me release this that are so I literally just burnt the whole journal and a little burn safe pot.

00:38:35.989 --> 00:38:41.879
Let it go you know yeah so that is the power again of like

00:38:41.876 --> 00:38:47.398
the elements and word Islam because even our words there is again in one of those studies.

00:38:47.629 --> 00:38:57.066
Where you can put a word on the on the glass and it changes this is shift the frequency is just the molecular structure of the water because

00:38:57.000 --> 00:39:03.467
the intention that you put into the word hold the vibration so even writing and reading words.

00:39:03.473 --> 00:39:13.126
Are a part of you consuming and you shifting a frequency so again we in them comment sections and we I think that's why even lately.

00:39:13.438 --> 00:39:25.468
With Instagram shifting words like seeing people's words has become a whole thing now like I feel like when Instagram first started it was more about the images but now I was like reels in words like people's just.

00:39:25.555 --> 00:39:35.497
You know passages or whatever like are such a thing but it's because of the vibration you know what I mean so even being careful what you just went to read is it's like you had a really

00:39:35.368 --> 00:39:38.567
to keep yourself out of the major you really got to like

00:39:38.555 --> 00:39:46.147
have some binoculars only you are or you know you really got to be like hold up like seeing him before it even gets to close

00:39:46.099 --> 00:39:53.555
too close to you in the sense yeah the third eye sharpness is important yeah it really is.

00:39:54.786 --> 00:40:08.247
Sometimes it can feel overwhelming for someone that's just beginning to understand about the elements and you know the power of consumption and sometimes it just like oh that's just too much but it can be fun like you know you you can start.

00:40:08.397 --> 00:40:16.592
It's like I said start a small as just speaking into your water or just start as small as paying attention was you hearing and asking yourself is this what I want like

00:40:16.571 --> 00:40:26.486
four people died like you know love musicians that may degrade women or you know talk about drugs and stuff like that and it might be fun but like is this what you want your.

00:40:26.861 --> 00:40:35.452
Son or daughter to become is this like the type of person that you want to be around like is this who you really want to be in like.

00:40:35.611 --> 00:40:37.153
If it's something you really

00:40:37.088 --> 00:40:47.074
find yourself like this really doesn't align with me is just like making those small little shifts and like I said it becomes fun because you become lighter and you begin to attract.

00:40:47.674 --> 00:40:49.792
Lighter and you begin to.

00:40:49.997 --> 00:40:58.066
You know smile more in the did the whole the misery loves company thing it'll be more like Bliss loves company and Joy loves company so.

00:40:58.351 --> 00:41:10.111
I just heard two like mention that because I don't know if I feel just someone hearing like oh that's just so much I gotta watch what I eat watch while is to I guess it doesn't have to be that hard it's more so just about like that so care like

00:41:10.009 --> 00:41:17.817
caring for yourself and caring for like how you want to feel every day because every moment counts for the next moment

00:41:17.733 --> 00:41:29.582
if you find yourself in the end of the day feeling drained feeling annoyed ready to snap think about how your day went in what you consume and I'm pretty sure some of those things that no line where you wanted to go.

00:41:29.805 --> 00:41:44.715
Yeah I love that you brought that up and thank you for sharing that just those those small steps that we can take because I feel like those those small steps as a little things that we do or what really compound and make the biggest difference over time.

00:41:45.676 --> 00:41:50.801
Yeah for sure it is it's like it's a constant practice there's this quote.

00:41:50.951 --> 00:41:58.822
I had to think about it but it with is one of my friends she sent it to me not too long ago but it was like everything I will to be is is like

00:41:58.819 --> 00:42:10.597
it happens because of my practice like is not set in stone as was everything I will and want isn't set in stone it's a practice and I love I added that to my reminders because it does true like.

00:42:10.702 --> 00:42:17.115
It doesn't sends down I can have this amazing film and while that film is going on that's great but like

00:42:17.031 --> 00:42:25.514
if you don't continue to push and be in more films than you become that was that but what are you practicing now now you just you know.

00:42:25.781 --> 00:42:39.674
Whatever so that's the same thing with anything like it's a constant practice I could take a spiritual bath today I can say it really good prayer I can read my cards you know I can give love and give flowers to people and tell them your beautiful complement is today

00:42:39.428 --> 00:42:47.497
but in the next five days if I do nothing to fill my cup you know then where is the practice you know where am I where is my frequency so.

00:42:47.521 --> 00:43:00.964
Both Moss tips for sure absolutely and what you just described and gets the beauty of having practices like that's what all these things are it's practice it's practice for being who we want to be being where we want to be it's not

00:43:00.827 --> 00:43:08.724
Perfection or right or wrong you can't be right or wrong in any of those never and that's something I had to learn because

00:43:08.578 --> 00:43:14.396
just wanted to be perfect and that is these practices that would have helped me.

00:43:14.573 --> 00:43:18.591
To be open and be vulnerable because there are moments where I'm like.

00:43:18.633 --> 00:43:29.547
Even recently I just share like a vulnerable feeling with someone that like I wouldn't usually do because of like a memory and a past lock trauma and I was like you know what

00:43:29.472 --> 00:43:41.088
in this moment I want to be courageous I want to be seen for who I am today and that means that I need to share how I'm feeling and however that's received it has nothing to do with me but what I am doing is practicing.

00:43:41.274 --> 00:43:48.983
Being seen being heard and that goes by speaking of you know and that's not always easy especially for

00:43:48.872 --> 00:43:58.525
coming up the way I did where there wasn't a lot of affection there wasn't a lot of conversation where I wrote a lot so now I'm again learning to just use my voice and

00:43:58.468 --> 00:44:08.112
it's a constant practice that is not perfect even doing this podcast is it practice for me of being seen and being heard so it never ends

00:44:07.894 --> 00:44:16.583
but the fun is when you look back you like dang I'm so proud of myself because a year ago I wouldn't have been able to do XYZ you know what I mean.

00:44:16.806 --> 00:44:24.974
Absolutely like working out yeah you know you look back and you like wow I lost 30 pounds but it was just because of that constant practice of.

00:44:24.998 --> 00:44:27.116
You know pouring into your physical body

00:44:27.095 --> 00:44:42.330
yeah absolutely absolutely and and being able to heal from where you are realizing that it's not necessarily something outside of yourself that you need it's allowing yourself to express and use your voice and

00:44:42.138 --> 00:44:47.731
be vulnerable and these are all things that are within us and all tools for our healing.

00:44:48.269 --> 00:45:02.630
Definitely in being vulnerable as a black woman is so difficult for us is so so difficult but it's so healing and it's so difficult because you know we've just been conditioned to be strong and to be hard and.

00:45:02.699 --> 00:45:11.516
Independent and like all of these different things that are very masculine and they have their place because we are both masculine and feminine but.

00:45:11.729 --> 00:45:12.785
To be.

00:45:12.800 --> 00:45:27.720
Soft and be open and to be vulnerable is so powerful and so scary but you know one of my favorite quotes I saw it when I was studying abroad one summer in London probably about 2010

00:45:27.546 --> 00:45:33.796
and it said like the jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be.

00:45:33.901 --> 00:45:45.769
But because of all I may become I will close my eyes and leave and so I think about that when it relates to being vulnerable when it relates to be an open when it relates to tapping into my femininity and in my flow it's like.

00:45:45.928 --> 00:45:49.505
Using my voice lately speaking of how I feel is like if I

00:45:49.421 --> 00:46:03.413
because of all I may become I want to do it I'm scared I don't know how she or he is going to respond to this but have to do it because of all I may become like you know I don't want to stay in this space in this place so.

00:46:03.699 --> 00:46:11.894
Hopefully that can encourage someone else to you know just be open just being flow just just be vulnerable just say it.

00:46:11.945 --> 00:46:23.687
Plus say it from a loving Place yeah not a defensive player yes yes it goes back to what you were saying earlier about uplifting he'll versus protect and defend.

00:46:23.837 --> 00:46:32.347
Yeah yeah yeah intention you know intention is the most important thing in some being empathic

00:46:32.317 --> 00:46:46.624
sometimes people can be like you know you know they say it's not what you say it's how you say it what they're really trying to say is the intention behind what you said that really hurt me out what was your intention was to hurt me your intention was to bring me down your intention you know and that is what I felt

00:46:46.469 --> 00:46:54.033
I felt that frequency I feel that vibration so yeah be clear of your intention before you speak before you

00:46:53.949 --> 00:47:08.041
before you speak but also speak and even if you're not clear and you spoke that was a step any learn from them absolutely and sometimes you know you figure out the words as they're coming out with that intention is said

00:47:08.002 --> 00:47:18.564
very very that's very true that's very true for me because sometimes like oh no I might have to record a voice memo and then send it because I'm like

00:47:18.562 --> 00:47:23.984
I'm trying to work through how I feel and I usually would just hold it all in and be cold.

00:47:24.233 --> 00:47:32.059
So let me just send a voice memo and I might delete it and record it one more time before I send it but I did it like you know yeah just being able to hear it.

00:47:32.299 --> 00:47:42.727
It helps some I do that a lot with this podcast I will especially on like solo episodes that I do I'll record it a couple of times just to kind of

00:47:42.589 --> 00:47:50.127
figure out the right flow but even just saying things out loud and workshopping it as I'm saying it helps a lot.

00:47:51.069 --> 00:47:53.691
Yeah I love that queue

00:47:53.652 --> 00:48:07.537
I love that you have this face for us is so amazing thank you it's something that I'm so grateful for and just the way that it's evolved in the people that I've been able to share it with like yourself and everybody listening it's such a gift.

00:48:08.380 --> 00:48:12.704
Yeah it is yeah it is and I truly hope that.

00:48:13.430 --> 00:48:22.706
The power of sound and water and is using the Ellen all the elements I'll keep saying water because I'm like a water Priestess I love water are you a water sign I'm.

00:48:23.009 --> 00:48:28.530
Are you a water sign or do have a lot of water and I'm not sure where he is but I don't know what Carrie yes that makes sense Virgo Moon.

00:48:28.761 --> 00:48:38.712
Aries Rising so I'm actually not a lot of water at all and maybe that's the reason why I need it so much be balanced so much in my placement yeah but.

00:48:39.609 --> 00:48:58.120
It really really helps just thinking of the elements and thinking of ways that you can use the elements in throughout your life throughout the day even with the foods that you eat like you know there's different foods that represent different elements like ginger and fire you know like greens and Earth like

00:48:57.938 --> 00:49:06.835
like watermelons and melons for water like those different foods you can even eat to incorporate the elements and what it is that you are going through

00:49:06.805 --> 00:49:09.500
so when you going through some emotional stuff.

00:49:09.596 --> 00:49:22.823
Get you some walks and fruits and water dense fruit drink a lot of water if you feel like you need to take action or you need to cleanse your organs Fire Element foods are really good for that you know you're feeling like you need to

00:49:22.658 --> 00:49:39.837
calm your nervous system or ground or be still that's where you know RKO and our Earth Foods come in as where you know being out in nature comes in and when you are needing to tap into the intellectual realm that's where feathers and moving our hands dancing incense

00:49:39.762 --> 00:49:43.501
you know breathing in fresh air the air comes in so.

00:49:43.849 --> 00:49:50.037
You know and they eat there is the spiritual realm so that's when we were going into prayer with listening and meditation

00:49:49.980 --> 00:50:01.569
try using this using your food using the sounds using your words with the elements in little parts of your life everyday really be can begin to like

00:50:01.521 --> 00:50:08.842
shift you in Hill you know it's like a healing well I call it Soul care but it's like wellness you know but Wellness for

00:50:08.750 --> 00:50:19.438
the Mind Body and the spirit yeah yeah which is where everything stems from everything about how we feel and how we move comes from the alignment of those things.

00:50:19.750 --> 00:50:20.554

00:50:20.822 --> 00:50:33.310
And I'm so I'm so grateful to know to understand and to be in practice because it was one thing to know for a few years it was another thing to understand in a few years but then when I became in practice.

00:50:33.380 --> 00:50:41.133
The game has changed okay I'm lying I just feel like I'm cracking open and I'm only tipping the surface because I

00:50:41.086 --> 00:50:46.607
again started to really understand about the elements and spiritual healing and all of that.

00:50:46.685 --> 00:50:56.005
I grew up in church but understanding how all this science of and how all that works was 20/20 and now we're in 2022 and so I understood

00:50:55.975 --> 00:51:01.857
and you know I knew it I started to understand it but now I am like embodying it and.

00:51:02.322 --> 00:51:08.618
Is it feels amazing like it really does and it's constant work but

00:51:08.579 --> 00:51:16.242
it feels good to be in communion with the Divine on a consistent basis and.

00:51:16.447 --> 00:51:29.476
I always hear people talk about like putting God first in or wanting a man or a woman that put guys first and I was like I asked myself I said what does that actually look like how can we show that in a concrete way and

00:51:29.428 --> 00:51:30.934
it looks like.

00:51:31.462 --> 00:51:42.979
Putting you first the Divinity within you you know when we talk about the Divine we talk about God God is it's the I that is you before you speak your name you know it's that inner.

00:51:43.165 --> 00:51:51.216
Man woman and the way that we put that first is by doing things that uplift that doing things that.

00:51:51.366 --> 00:51:55.906
Uplift you encourage you push you inspire you

00:51:55.741 --> 00:52:19.393
that's putting God first as put it as communing with the Divine so when you're eating foods that are nurturing and nourishing when you're drinking water when you are laughing and playing and you know with your friends and you know going shopping or doing whatever that just makes you feel Joy and Bliss and ecstasy you are communing with the Divine it doesn't only look like being in meditation

00:52:19.201 --> 00:52:25.641
it doesn't only look like going to church every Sunday but it looks like how are you caring for your inner.

00:52:25.836 --> 00:52:31.519
Being how are you caring for the god that is within you you know you look at the Biblical term standpoint when

00:52:31.480 --> 00:52:37.488
Jesus passed and he said I when I leave I'll leave you with a comforter like you know I'm saying like that

00:52:37.431 --> 00:52:46.175
for when you he's when they say that you're made in the likeness and image like all of that is just letting you know the ways that every spiritual leader.

00:52:47.432 --> 00:53:00.660
Commune with God or commune with Allah or commune with the Divine it was with it doing it was within you know the scripture the Quran all of that came from downloads from the spirit so we all have that same power

00:53:00.450 --> 00:53:08.383
you know and it comes from again just the practice of the elements the practice of doing what feels good in.

00:53:08.399 --> 00:53:10.490
You know it feels good by the way like

00:53:10.433 --> 00:53:23.030
by the way your heart is beating by the way your body is feeling like your parasympathetic system like the Goosebumps on your body like you know if you just are so if you just pay attention to your body because your subconscious mind is.

00:53:23.838 --> 00:53:33.446
Represent represented is a the physical representation of your subconscious mind is your physical body so your body will tell you every single thing.

00:53:33.470 --> 00:53:45.293
Oh my goodness it was a tangent that was an amazing I love them download it like it was like I heard and it was like just guess it wasn't a tangent it was it was exactly you know the reminder that we all

00:53:45.056 --> 00:53:48.813
need and it's that reminder that.

00:53:48.954 --> 00:53:57.347
We need to bring that that God within us that Divinity within us to everything that we do because we can

00:53:57.281 --> 00:54:05.125
Act One Way in a you know place of worship and then in the other parts of our Lives not walk in that.

00:54:05.437 --> 00:54:13.371
Facts for sure yeah yeah it's a that's the practice that's the practice of reminding yourself that you.

00:54:13.575 --> 00:54:22.949
The temple you are the temple You Are Holy you are God God is dwelling within you like so no matter where you are you you could.

00:54:23.226 --> 00:54:28.684
Never set foot in a church if you don't want to or in a temple or whatever but if you are.

00:54:28.726 --> 00:54:36.039
Consistently communing with the Divine consistently uplifting that energy then you you're not I mean you're

00:54:36.036 --> 00:54:44.717
you're in practice like you're in some service who the Divine you're in Temple like and when I really truly started to understand that.

00:54:44.831 --> 00:54:49.650
So much change for me and so when I'm working out.

00:54:50.286 --> 00:54:57.968
Is is not about media is working out to look good it's for my mental health is to commune with the Divine it's you know what I mean when I'm.

00:54:58.073 --> 00:55:11.841
Eating or drinking anything when I'm watching things if it's entertainment if it's something that it doesn't feel good and I'm like okay so and then sometimes you can tell yourself I'm not subscribing to this word you know I'm not I'm not subscribing to whatever it is that their view is maybe I'm just

00:55:11.658 --> 00:55:18.106
like for example the other day I was out at Little Five Points in this guy was doing my face readings and I said you know.

00:55:18.166 --> 00:55:26.460
My intention he was like what's your intention I said my attention is to sow a seed not I don't necessarily need I can do my own reading but I'm curious.

00:55:26.674 --> 00:55:39.550
And I know that I'm so into this is what I do so I'm so in the seating to you in hopes that it comes back to me Sevenfold So that was me communing with the Divine like with the intention of everything that

00:55:39.484 --> 00:55:48.786
you know I do I'm always thinking how can I be ingratitude how can I like is this service in me how can I serve as someone else you know in a way that.

00:55:49.098 --> 00:55:54.358
My cup is still overflowing hmm oh my goodness.

00:55:54.599 --> 00:56:00.498
I just seem like I need a second because I loved that so much

00:56:00.396 --> 00:56:13.074
oh my gosh just such an important reminder of intention and what we carry and what we put for is I'm like this conversation has been so healing for me

00:56:13.017 --> 00:56:21.248
so grateful it's even been healing for me is reminders for me too I feel like I'm not just preaching but I'm like.

00:56:22.137 --> 00:56:23.931
I'm Lee I'm hearing and I'm.

00:56:24.441 --> 00:56:34.608
I'm a vessel you know I'm just speaking from experience but also like speaking what I'm hearing is that makes like one of my with my spiritual gifts my too dominant.

00:56:35.037 --> 00:56:49.281
Claire's is clairsentient I'm a filler I can feel so my somebody could walk in and I tell me nothing that they went through in a day and I could tell them like how they're feeling but I'm also clairaudient which is what makes me a.

00:56:49.314 --> 00:56:57.689
I don't want to sound arrogant but great sound Hiller like it's because I hear things in a different way where I here.

00:56:57.912 --> 00:57:04.909
Your your guys my guys like you know I hear messages and things and then I just convey it

00:57:04.789 --> 00:57:17.467
so when I'm doing my sound as I'm hearing things and I'm saying it I don't know how it's going to resonate with these folks I'm just trusting it into at the end they're like oh my god when you said XYZ I saw this or that and I'm like

00:57:17.410 --> 00:57:26.163
thank you God like you know because I'm just trusting you know what I mean so I am in gratitude to hear that.

00:57:26.683 --> 00:57:32.780
You know this is resonating for you because of his resonating for you then it's going to resonate for all the beautiful women.

00:57:32.975 --> 00:57:38.038
It may be men that are listening to this right now yes I'm.

00:57:38.098 --> 00:57:50.020
I'm sure it will I think I'm a firm believer in US receiving what we need to hear when we need to hear it and so I know that's that's been the case for me in this conversation and I hope that's also the case for anybody listening.

00:57:50.971 --> 00:57:56.348
Same yeah so Ashley thank you so much this was like.

00:57:56.624 --> 00:58:01.930
A masterclass in energy healing and healing ourselves.

00:58:02.053 --> 00:58:11.859
Where can our audience find you and keep in touch with you I don't know when this is coming out but May 29th I'm having a spiritual Spa

00:58:11.658 --> 00:58:28.315
it's going to be for feminine embodiment is that the E We Fresh Farms I'm really excited about it so we'll have a spa day and we'll have a sound healing ceremony and feminine embodiment movement ceremony and we're going to be have a way speed class going to be really beautiful and

00:58:28.177 --> 00:58:33.077
only allowing only want 12 people because it's going to be very intimate and

00:58:32.885 --> 00:58:49.902
healing but you can also so I'm always going to be doing things around Atlanta but I'm also on Instagram it's I am Ashley Curtis I will be teaching a Art and Science of energy healing course really soon so if you follow me then you'll be able to look out for that.

00:58:50.278 --> 00:58:53.620
My business the journey hillah noises is

00:58:53.492 --> 00:59:10.752
the Instagram is the journey that healing Oasis and I pretty much just only post like what's going on so that is really good to like know where I'm at because I do sound healing tours like I'm Always Somewhere in July I'm doing a so care weekend in Milwaukee which is my hometown

00:59:10.551 --> 00:59:21.375
and yes I'm always doing something and I actually will be doing a podcast soon yes I have to talk to talk to you about for advice it's called spiritually strapped and I'll be just teaching about

00:59:21.327 --> 00:59:30.251
staying equipped spiritually like you know different practices different modalities everything that I've studied over the last.

00:59:30.482 --> 00:59:41.675
I don't know 10 to 15 years I'm just going to you know pour a little by little from Human design to astrology to numerology too

00:59:41.591 --> 00:59:51.262
you know healing with the elements of feminine and masculine energy I'll be teaching on that so yeah it's time for me to start using my voice you know time

00:59:51.016 --> 01:00:01.903
that was exactly what I thought of when you said you're doing a podcast I'm like yes the space to use your voice I'm so excited for you yes let's talk about and let's talk about podcasting any questions you have I got you.

01:00:02.575 --> 01:00:09.753
Thank you so much is I'm definitely liking this is where the practice comes in right because I'm very nervous around it

01:00:09.525 --> 01:00:24.228
but I know that it's bigger than me you know absolutely oh my gosh that's beautiful well this episode will definitely be coming out before your event at the end of the month so we'll make sure we have all that information leaked in the show notes so that our Atlanta family can come check it

01:00:24.045 --> 01:00:30.755
out thank you so much for being here I loved this conversation and just appreciate you so much.

01:00:31.004 --> 01:00:36.084
I appreciate you thank you for having me and I did want to mention two for the Atlanta family

01:00:35.992 --> 01:00:45.834
and so far they're not is every first Sunday of the month we do a donation based yoga and sound healing class at West End park at 11 a.m. so pull up

01:00:45.678 --> 01:00:52.720
bring a friend it probably won't be going onto after this year but it's just my way to give to the community and get everyone to get to know me

01:00:52.700 --> 01:00:58.500
am I got his sister vashti so yeah amazing that is an amazing offering.

01:00:58.659 --> 01:01:08.160
Thank you yes thank you thank you so much I am in complete gratitude I bow to you I appreciate you oh my gosh thank you.

01:01:08.319 --> 01:01:22.644
Huge thanks to Ashley for joining me in today's episode I loved learning from her and I just appreciate how accessible and approachable she.

01:01:22.758 --> 01:01:34.167
Makes her teachings it was really eye-opening I know I'm definitely going to be implementing many of the practices that she shared so I really want to thank her for sharing with us today

01:01:34.110 --> 01:01:40.667
head to our show notes so that you can follow her and learn more about our offerings as we have linked them there.

01:01:40.772 --> 01:01:53.387
Thank you to our sponsors who make the production of the show possible and make sure you check out our discount codes and links in the show notes so that you can save some coins and I of course want to thank you for tuning in today

01:01:53.357 --> 01:01:58.113
next week we'll be talking about a more physical approach to Healing And discussing the.

01:01:58.000 --> 01:02:06.320

01:02:06.167 --> 01:02:13.804
You're not going to want to miss if you're not subscribed to balance black girl hit subscribe or follow on your favorite podcasting a.

01:02:14.000 --> 01:02:26.709



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