Healing Through Nature with Toyin Ajayi of Outdoorsy Black Women

healing through nature

Nature is not a nice to have, it really is a must-have for physical health and longevity. Studies show that being in nature reduces feelings of isolation and promotes calm. For this episode, we are joined by Toyin Ajayi, the founder of Outdoorsy Black Women, which is a community for Black women to connect, celebrate, and open their minds to an outdoorsy lifestyle. Toyin is an entrepreneur, community builder, and creative who is helping Black women connect with nature and one another through her safe space that embodies positivity, celebration, and resources.

Toyin explains how it is possible to heal through our relationship with nature, and your idea of healing can shift over time. And nature doesn’t have to mean going into the woods. It can mean having plants. It can mean opening a window, it can be putting your feet in the sand. Whatever makes sense for you.

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We Also Talk About…

  • How connecting with nature can be imperative to self-care practices
  • Why we can benefit from spending time outdoors and being in nature
  • How to explore nature and feel safe and connected doing so
  • Important wellness practices related to being outdoors
  • Why having access to nature is a privilege and should not be taken for granted

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Episode 142 Transcript:

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This might be one of my favorite series that I've done I've done,

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really loved having these conversations and even getting to talk to you all about these episodes after they come out has just been such a gift,

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we have discussed a lot over the past five weeks and my perspective on what it means to heal has shifted in so many ways

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right now we're also kicking off our summer solstice journaling challenge which is a mid-year journaling reset to help us get realigned and refocused on our goals and intentions to have an amazing second half of the year

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and it's not too late to join us you can head to balance blackboard.com Solstice which is also linked in the show notes it's free to join and you can start journaling with us right

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away it's going to be a beautiful supplement to these healing conversations.

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So today's episode is really really important to me because we're talking about healing through our relationship with

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nature this is actually been brought up a few times in previous episodes and our initial episode of the series with Ashley Curtis you talked a lot about connecting with the Earth and cleansing and connecting with water to heal energetically dr. Asia Muhammad talked about nature and its relationship to the microbiome

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this episode in particular was really important for me to do because it's something that I've had a really big change of heart over

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the past few years so for my teenage and adult life I had been a self-proclaimed City Girl

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even though I'm from the Pacific Northwest which is a region that is known for its outdoorsy culture I spent a lot of my life actually rejecting it.

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I'm also presenting it and I realized that that actually had nothing to do with the outdoors itself it was largely related to people

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people that I knew who I spent time around and was often not treated very well by I'll be honest it was microaggression City we're often very outdoorsy and

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well I mean a lot of people in the Pacific Northwest are but for me I began associating the outdoors with those people

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there was often like old classmates in college and roommates who just treated me awful

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I just wanted nothing to do with any of it,

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but I eventually came to realize that the outdoor is had nothing to do with that for those people for how they treated me for their microaggressions towards me,

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that was all their own internalized anti Blackness that truly had nothing to do with me and it truly had nothing to do with

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the outdoors and the outdoors being for me just like it was for anyone else.

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Over the past few years being in a new environment and really questioning a lot of my own beliefs about my own limits and what I thought I could or could not do or what is or what is not for me I've actually connected with nature in an entirely new way to the point where

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going outside.

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Getting fresh air putting my feet in the grass going on Hikes these are now all very important parts of my life and me from 5 years ago would not believe it would not

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believe it

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I've also realized that having access to fresh air and grass to put my feet in being surrounded by trees is such a privilege and I wasn't appreciating it that I was actually really taking that for granted,

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it's been a big part of my own healing to realize that the outdoors belong to everybody.

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Now listen I'm still a city girl I'm not climbing Mount Everest I'm not out here like that that's not my Ministry but spending intentional time outside every day

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putting my bare feet in the grass to connect to the Earth,

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spending time near water these are all now really important Wellness practices for me and I'm so much more open to those experiences Outdoors than I ever

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I was before earlier this year I actually went Forest bathing for the first time which,

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you stay clothed I know the name could be a little off-putting but it really just means meditating and being quiet and still while outside and it was

00:04:26.488 --> 00:04:36.645
such a beautiful practice I had a guided Forest bathing experience in Northern California on a Vineyard surrounded by the Redwoods and

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it was incredible

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for speeding actually originated in Japan in the 1980s to really help Japanese people who were really succumbing to the stress of corporate America and I learned that

00:04:50.173 --> 00:04:58.881
nature is not a nice to have when I started learning about porous Paving it's really a must have for physical Health and Longevity.

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Nature does not have to mean going in the woods it can mean having plan

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it can mean opening a window it can mean putting your feet in the grass are in the sand but we really can't overstate the importance of time in nature,

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and modern society many of us spend over 93% of our time indoors which is correlated to what's called

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nature deficit disorder and can make us more susceptible to lifestyle diseases and ailments

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no 2018 study by The Archives of psychiatric nursing indicated that being in nature can reduce feelings of isolation and promote calm

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and hello where do we talked about in last week's episode we talked about the importance of belonging and reducing isolation for overall health so connecting with nature in whatever way we can is so important

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nature is just as much ours as it is anyone elses and we have every right to safely connect with and explore

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but there have also been really valid reasons as to why many of us in our community haven't yet explored nature which often comes down to safety and accessibility however.

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We're beginning to have more options and options related to community shout out to last week's episode that are helping us explore and feel safe and connected doing so and I really hope

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at today's episode will encourage you to do just that our guest today is toyin ajayi founder of outdoorsy black women,

00:06:33.339 --> 00:06:42.461
toyin is an entrepreneur Community Builder and creative who's helping black women connect with nature and one another through her safe space that embodies positivity,

00:06:42.476 --> 00:06:44.828
celebration and resources,

00:06:44.844 --> 00:06:59.034
outdoorsy black women is a community for black women to connect celebrate and open our minds to an outdoorsy lifestyle and she's so kind and infectious and hearing her talk about the healing that can be found through nature and Community is so,

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inspiring so let's talk about healing through nature with twin.

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Twin welcome to balance flat girl I'm super happy to have you here thank you for having me definitely a pleasure just to talk with other do black women.

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Oh my God that's that's the goal that's what that's what we do.

00:07:23.382 --> 00:07:27.544
You have such warm energy so like it's like a big hug right now which is great

00:07:27.388 --> 00:07:39.076
thank you so much I feel the same coming from you I'm like we're I think we're on opposite sides of the country are you in Atlanta well I'm in Georgia right now so you know full-time rvers.

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But I'm in Georgia and excited to talk about Dad get into that so and I think are you on the west coast I am I was in California.

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But it's cool that we can do this we can still Lane so feel right absolutely.

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That's a cool still feel the energy from across the country blessed with everything going on the way I'm excited to talk to you today yeah let's go,

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yeah I mean it's I don't even know how to describe even the week that were recording this I feel like this week has just been really charged we're coming off of the tragedy and buffalo,

00:08:16.325 --> 00:08:28.958
obviously we know what the state of Reproductive Rights are there's just a lot going on so I feel like when we're able to just connect and flow and almost take a little break from that it is so needed,

00:08:28.964 --> 00:08:32.595
I think even based on what like just what you're talking about.

00:08:32.925 --> 00:08:39.274
I can definitely talk about the ways that I stayed balanced this past week just because.

00:08:40.118 --> 00:08:45.765
But there was so much going on and you know it's black people we're still expected to function.

00:08:46.104 --> 00:08:54.551
I had that talk with a couple of other people and I said you know the thing about it is between the pandemic as a whole societies already traumatized.

00:08:54.827 --> 00:08:59.853
And we're all kind of just in this Perpetual state of PTSD right now.

00:09:00.148 --> 00:09:05.408
But then as black people we have other layers that we have to contend with.

00:09:05.711 --> 00:09:13.879
Violent layers that we are constantly having to contend with and then as black women you know we have to fight for.

00:09:14.344 --> 00:09:19.019
Alright in humanity you know as humans and but we also have to fight.

00:09:19.295 --> 00:09:26.257
As black people so there's just so many layers it's one of the great things about being a black woman but.

00:09:26.704 --> 00:09:37.465
We get a lot of it we get a lot and you know that's why safe spaces like what you're doing and what I do our very necessary so.

00:09:37.921 --> 00:09:42.722
I appreciate your work to yeah yes absolutely I

00:09:42.665 --> 00:09:55.199
couldn't agree more and what I appreciate about your work particularly is how rooted in community you are like you are really out here connecting,

00:09:55.223 --> 00:10:01.789
black women with one another and connecting black women with the Earth which is just

00:10:01.723 --> 00:10:07.947
talk about healing you know that's our theme on the podcast right now is healing but fresh air

00:10:07.836 --> 00:10:21.468
touching the Earth being out in nature is probably one of the most healing things that we can do so I really appreciate what you're doing in the world with outdoorsy black women thank you so much it's interesting that you

00:10:21.285 --> 00:10:28.310
bring that up because we just had our wine and waterfalls weekend and it was a campout glamp out which.

00:10:28.631 --> 00:10:32.073
We had a ton of first-time campers out there.

00:10:32.403 --> 00:10:41.210
But you know the feeling that those women and I had we all had like a release probably on that last day.

00:10:41.549 --> 00:10:42.461

00:10:42.881 --> 00:10:52.337
A myriad of emotions from feeling just healed and feeling just joy for having that Sisterhood and you know.

00:10:52.811 --> 00:11:00.322
Being able to connect with the Earth because we did yoga on the last day outside no music anything just Birds and.

00:11:01.021 --> 00:11:06.461
There's like a stream that was nearby so it was it was amazing.

00:11:07.053 --> 00:11:13.078
As amazing that sounds absolutely beautiful doing yoga outside is.

00:11:13.417 --> 00:11:20.982
Truly one of my my favorite things to do and it's not even something that I really had experience doing until very recently.

00:11:21.240 --> 00:11:34.377
But it is such a it just really takes the practice of yoga to the next level when you're able to get fresh air it changes that Dynamic when you're doing yoga in the grass like yes it there's just something about it because honestly,

00:11:34.464 --> 00:11:41.453
like I was telling someone just there's so much that you miss when you're constantly moving.

00:11:41.765 --> 00:11:49.195
And you know I mentioned earlier I'm a full-time rvers and just taking those moments to really lay still.

00:11:49.543 --> 00:12:00.871
And soak up the energy around you and kind of just take that time to listen to Nature we don't really take a lot of time to do that often so I've been.

00:12:01.174 --> 00:12:10.584
Like I'll grab a blanket and I'll put it outside the camper and what I realize is I can hear everything better I can smell everything better like.

00:12:11.194 --> 00:12:19.695
Even the tiniest of flowers like I can smell like their fragrance and I'll hear the bugs louder than normal like so.

00:12:20.034 --> 00:12:26.284
Then when you do something like yoga and your stretching and you're really just connecting it takes it to the next level like you said.

00:12:26.660 --> 00:12:37.852
Absolutely I love what you just described about being able to see things better being able to hear things better it reminded me of that anxiety exercise that's very common.

00:12:38.129 --> 00:12:52.589
Anybody who's been to therapy probably knows you know identify something you can see identify something you can touch and how we do that to calm ourselves down but doing that outside with nature just sounds so nourishing to the the nervous system.

00:12:52.946 --> 00:13:03.653
You know it takes it to another place because I mean when you speak about anxiety I actually I'm someone who deals with anxiety and I also deal with depression so.

00:13:03.902 --> 00:13:16.517
One of the reasons why I wanted to spend so much time outdoors and a major reason I wanted to start outdoorsy black women was to be able to get us connected with the outdoors again,

00:13:16.694 --> 00:13:25.519
and give us that peace and that Clarity because there is something very healing about being in nature and from me.

00:13:26.201 --> 00:13:31.119
With my depression I feel like I don't deal with.

00:13:31.881 --> 00:13:36.772
I deal with it right obviously and I think it's a lifelong thing but I don't.

00:13:37.057 --> 00:13:42.732
Find myself staying in rats as longer as long as I used to and.

00:13:43.188 --> 00:13:49.573
I found other ways to kind of manage it so like I said whether it be meditating Outdoors or.

00:13:49.850 --> 00:14:03.590
Just sleeping with the door open and letting them let's I don't recommend it everywhere but I'll do that and I'll just have whether it's raining sometimes and I just want to sleep with the camper door open or.

00:14:03.830 --> 00:14:11.539
Les outside look at the stars a lot of that helps and other things that I've gotten into more recently as grounding.

00:14:12.022 --> 00:14:15.428
So I yeah I.

00:14:15.686 --> 00:14:22.306
I will take off my shoes and depending on where I am I'll just walk outside and.

00:14:22.708 --> 00:14:30.606
I'm really just get a chance to kind of connect with the Earth and it if you're not familiar with it it sounds.

00:14:30.936 --> 00:14:44.253
What was at first and then but for me the first time I did it and kind of allow myself to really connect I felt the energy between me and the Earth like I could feel it.

00:14:44.583 --> 00:14:52.526
One of my girlfriend she tells me I'm really sensitive anyway but because I was sometimes I'll be able to feel like I guess movements in the Earth.

00:14:52.955 --> 00:15:01.321
I just have a lot of sensitive energy so but yeah it makes a difference it definitely does oh,

00:15:01.418 --> 00:15:13.610
absolutely for anybody who's not familiar with the the practice of grounding or even in some spaces I've seen it called earthing it's essentially just bare feet on the earth whether that's grass dirt,

00:15:13.769 --> 00:15:24.484
sand the beach a body of water and there's been a lot of research that shows the mental and physical benefits of it but it

00:15:24.454 --> 00:15:34.666
helps regulate your nervous system that it helps improve your immune system and we can link to some resources there but hot love your mentioned that's part of your self care,

00:15:34.690 --> 00:15:40.202
Tess yes because it is something that is so.

00:15:40.622 --> 00:15:46.018
Accessible right just being able to go outside and put your feet on the Earth and

00:15:45.907 --> 00:16:00.394
it gets us back to those kind of core elements of healing it's not something where you served in Instagram add to do we don't need to buy right you know anything like that that's kind of how it started for me to be honest with you because

00:16:00.283 --> 00:16:09.064
um getting out here I've had a lot of a lot of things shift in my lifestyle and you don't recognize,

00:16:09.160 --> 00:16:13.340
the shift is happening that much so when I first left Atlanta.

00:16:13.553 --> 00:16:21.028
And when I started my RV journey I didn't go back to Atlanta for again for probably about five months,

00:16:21.187 --> 00:16:28.067
I think it was we like five six months and the first time I made it back to Atlanta when in the city.

00:16:28.307 --> 00:16:31.722
My asthma was really bad like.

00:16:32.007 --> 00:16:43.353
I was having trouble breathing hard time breathing and I was getting headaches and I realized I had been out in nature for this amount of time I've been drinking well water.

00:16:43.953 --> 00:16:48.088
So like my body had adjusted and.

00:16:48.536 --> 00:16:54.696
Now I love okay so anybody is a vegan vegetarian no no no problems,

00:16:54.810 --> 00:17:05.202
thing here but I do love my burger still and but what I mean but what I recognized is in this lifestyle I don't eat meat as much.

00:17:05.730 --> 00:17:10.810
It just isn't something I do because I don't go like to fast food that often.

00:17:11.221 --> 00:17:24.386
I cook a lot more in my camper I have a residential size refrigerator so I do find myself cooking a lot more vegetables and just like if I do eat meat it's usually chicken or fish

00:17:24.383 --> 00:17:30.651
but I don't get a lot of red meat so what I recognized is now when I do eat red meat.

00:17:30.990 --> 00:17:43.191
My body reacts and so there's a there's definitely a shift that's happening in it's an interesting thing because like I said it only took one part of my life to change,

00:17:43.260 --> 00:17:52.248
for me to kind of just make like the scent like these small incremental changes being out here I wanted to support more black owned Farms,

00:17:52.290 --> 00:17:57.073
so I've been going to local farmers markets I've been buying local honey.

00:17:57.358 --> 00:18:10.729
And then you know organic you know vegetables and eggs this is so interesting but I had farm fresh eggs for the first time like in a while like it was a couple months back and I just was like.

00:18:11.248 --> 00:18:22.990
These tastes way better than store-bought and you just don't realize what we're actually missing out on because there is a price that comes with things having to be preserved right.

00:18:23.338 --> 00:18:29.877
We're missing flavor but we're also missing a lot of the good nutrients and things that come.

00:18:30.126 --> 00:18:39.437
From things being fresh you know what I mean so I can definitely see the difference for sure yeah definitely

00:18:39.354 --> 00:18:50.348
yeah thank you for sharing that I'd love to take a step back and learn a little bit more about your journey up to this point have you always been

00:18:50.228 --> 00:18:57.748
outdoorsy have you always been attracted to the outdoors or was that something that evolved over time I

00:18:57.736 --> 00:19:05.571
I'm I'd probably say that I've always been outdoorsy so I'm originally from London half Nigerian half gone in.

00:19:06.225 --> 00:19:13.241
Finding England race in Atlanta some aren't had this huge garden and there was a lot of different.

00:19:13.706 --> 00:19:16.500
Plants and my neighbor was a gardener,

00:19:16.542 --> 00:19:27.807
so I would garden with him or her neighbor was a gardener I would garden with him all the time and there were animals that would come through there all the time like foxes like I'm talking about just big animals,

00:19:27.921 --> 00:19:40.905
and I spent a lot of time in her garden and that was really where I developed my love for nature like they could never get me to come inside and I was constantly saving animals.

00:19:41.298 --> 00:19:42.498
The vet new me,

00:19:42.612 --> 00:19:53.490
by name and like I said you know I've said this before but some of my family members would call me snow black so because I was out there but,

00:19:53.514 --> 00:20:03.131
yeah it's something that I had a love for at a young age and then it kind of you know life takes you away from it.

00:20:03.984 --> 00:20:05.094

00:20:05.370 --> 00:20:14.195
You know I think maybe about 7 years ago could have been longer I started to feel like a pole pulling me.

00:20:14.453 --> 00:20:26.817
Back To Nature and it was wanting to go tiny and and then it was okay well maybe I can do van life and then it was all these things I just knew that I had to get out of the city like I don't,

00:20:26.895 --> 00:20:32.020
I just had that feeling that I had to and when the pandemic hit.

00:20:32.809 --> 00:20:41.049
I just thought you know life is too short for me to keep pushing this off so I went ahead and ordered my camper and as.

00:20:41.793 --> 00:20:46.054
As I thought about like okay I'm going to be going on the road I started looking.

00:20:46.286 --> 00:20:52.248
My community of other black women who were rvers and recognizing at the time.

00:20:53.091 --> 00:21:01.106
There was a lot of racial tension with the election coming up so most of us were looking for safe spaces to go camping or just.

00:21:01.364 --> 00:21:10.288
Whether you're a van lifer and looking for a safe places to go in general so that's where the need for the outdoorsy black women Community really stem from.

00:21:11.015 --> 00:21:13.529
You know the love of nature.

00:21:14.148 --> 00:21:22.504
As I'm out here I recognize how much I missed it and how much I needed it to be honest with you wherever there's water.

00:21:22.880 --> 00:21:34.712
I'm game and you know which is why not waterfalls became a thing just because I love water so much and I know how healing it is so yeah it's I'm excited to be out here.

00:21:35.168 --> 00:21:49.970
Yes yes okay I want to dig into a couple of different parts here because I think a lot of your story is very relatable even for people who may not you know beyond the the van life trajectory

00:21:49.824 --> 00:21:56.596
for most people as kids playing outside is just pure joy like.

00:21:57.196 --> 00:22:02.187
I remember as a kid during the summer being at my Granny's house with my cousins.

00:22:02.445 --> 00:22:13.943
You could not get us in the house all we wanted to do was be outside whether that was playing in the dirt riding our bikes all around it's just like as a child you just you go outside you run you play

00:22:13.779 --> 00:22:26.412
and you're getting the one water hose not like outside so that's what you had the water hose to drink front you're all drinking frying because you're right it's like you know if you come in the house you got to stay in the house and nobody is willing to risk it so like.

00:22:26.616 --> 00:22:35.189
The water hose right exactly we just we stay outside we make it work and a big part of,

00:22:35.240 --> 00:22:47.495
growing up as we get older as we advance in our schooling as we start working we don't have summer vacations anymore we get this disconnect and I think a lot of people have probably felt

00:22:47.321 --> 00:22:48.593
like something

00:22:48.545 --> 00:22:58.478
was missing and maybe didn't know what and they may have felt that pull to nature but didn't know what it is or didn't maybe have that call as clearly as you did and

00:22:58.475 --> 00:23:10.055
we're now starting to be able to identify like oh that's what that is I miss fresh air I miss maybe a little bit of dirt but it's okay oh man you know what I'm glad that you said that.

00:23:10.259 --> 00:23:15.330
Because I think that's another thing that we've kind of gotten to this place though.

00:23:16.281 --> 00:23:21.416
I have this thing where I attract ladybugs attract butterflies to but,

00:23:21.467 --> 00:23:28.869
there was a point where ladybugs just stayed in the mic a like I'm talking like a hundred ladybugs if I left there.

00:23:29.092 --> 00:23:36.548
So I think once you start yeah and they were following me everywhere so I would go to like a hotel and there's ladybugs they're like okay.

00:23:36.977 --> 00:23:40.617
You just followed me but what I what I found is like.

00:23:41.164 --> 00:23:47.990
We get to a place and it's like oh dirt you know what I mean bugs but once you kind of get.

00:23:48.933 --> 00:23:55.030
To a place where you coexist with nature and you recognize that everything has its space.

00:23:55.360 --> 00:24:05.266
You don't really worry about a lot of the things that you think you're going to worry about so I know like a lady asked me she was like what about spiders do you see a lot of spiders and it's like,

00:24:05.434 --> 00:24:07.156
to be honest with you I have,

00:24:07.243 --> 00:24:20.596
I've not seen a spider in my camper like I haven't had to deal with spiders in here I've had the ladybugs and there were a ton of them and I literally was taking jars,

00:24:20.756 --> 00:24:29.040
and putting them in the jar and putting them outside the camper I used to joke at one point that they must think it's like their summer vacation home because.

00:24:29.461 --> 00:24:41.986
They knew it was the same space but yeah I think that like you said not being afraid of the dirt like the only way that you're even going to be able to do any earthing or grounding is if you recognize that.

00:24:42.505 --> 00:24:48.269
That dirt is not necessarily dirty you know mud is not necessarily dirty its.

00:24:49.023 --> 00:24:54.220
Crows are food in an amine and it's just kind of like.

00:24:54.559 --> 00:25:00.242
Once you start to make that shift then you feel a lot more comfortable in those outdoor spaces.

00:25:00.429 --> 00:25:12.666
Mmm yes I love what you said about dirt not being dirty mud not being dirty and coexisting with those elements it's important.

00:25:12.924 --> 00:25:27.852
So I'd love to talk about your inspiration and creating outdoorsy black women like a big part of your mission is to build community among black women and to create a safe space for us to open our minds to being outdoorsy

00:25:27.687 --> 00:25:33.047
why is it so important that we be open to spending time outdoors and being in nature,

00:25:33.233 --> 00:25:41.770
I would say I think it's because we're missing out on so much if we're if our minds are closed like I mean this Earth is.

00:25:42.631 --> 00:25:53.212
Vast and imagine not getting a chance to go to different oceans around the globe or even witnessing what the top of a mountain peak looks like or.

00:25:53.596 --> 00:26:01.602
You know getting to experience sunrises different places so it's really just about making sure that we don't miss out on.

00:26:01.977 --> 00:26:09.722
What is for us like we belong here this Earth belongs to us too and I think for so long black people as a whole.

00:26:09.944 --> 00:26:15.384
I have been told that they don't belong in the outdoors or that's not something that black people do,

00:26:15.561 --> 00:26:29.725
when in fact you know the first Park Rangers were black people the Buffalo Soldiers and you know you start hearing about the first black person to make it to the top of Mount Everest was a black woman.

00:26:29.974 --> 00:26:36.837
So you hear these stories and I've even heard stories about some of the first scuba divers were black people.

00:26:37.338 --> 00:26:48.414
So it's just changing those narratives and and reconnecting us to spaces that already belong to us and allowing us to really live out our lives in a way that is healthy.

00:26:48.681 --> 00:27:01.584
And again balanced because if you're doing all of this work and you're not getting a chance to kind of reconnect and decompress with nature it's part of why we're so stressed all the time and.

00:27:01.806 --> 00:27:11.288
Again like I said why we feel like something is missing so a lot of us we feel that when we go to beaches right and I tell people all the time I'm like.

00:27:11.691 --> 00:27:19.616
Most of our cookouts and family family reunions are Outdoors so it's not like we're not outside people but I do think that.

00:27:19.847 --> 00:27:28.798
It's easy to think it's not for you if you don't see yourself represented and that's why a space like outdoorsy black women is really important.

00:27:29.029 --> 00:27:42.076
And creating it one of the things I noticed is there were black women out there who are beekeepers and equestrians and skiers and campers and they were doing these things but they're so spread out.

00:27:42.388 --> 00:27:48.144
So they don't really know that they're out there doing it together and that was why it was important to create.

00:27:48.501 --> 00:27:53.347
One Community where we can all connect and Inspire each other so.

00:27:53.938 --> 00:28:03.880
That was my inspiration okay can we get three snaps for just the history you just gave us I was taking those about like.

00:28:04.201 --> 00:28:18.049
I'm like I need to learn about the Buffalo Soldiers I need to learn about this person who climbed this black woman who climbed on it and I'm to learn about the history of scuba divers yeah Sophia dannenberg amazing it's just there's so much that we've done like.

00:28:18.298 --> 00:28:25.926
And I'm still learning and every time I learn I'm like pan okay we already knew we were dope let's be real.

00:28:26.238 --> 00:28:35.342
But the more you learn and you pull back those layers I'm like man like we need to know this so that we can really be who we are as people.

00:28:35.880 --> 00:28:39.430
Because there's a lot that's been hidden from us and.

00:28:39.805 --> 00:28:51.132
I tell people all the time I'm like well I completely understand that there's also elements of history that have made us rightfully so nervous about going into outdoor spaces but.

00:28:51.877 --> 00:28:59.118
Another reason why having a community like outdoorsy black women is important it's so that we don't have to go into those spaces alone

00:28:59.097 --> 00:29:13.350
we can do it together absolutely absolutely what you mentioned about there they're already being black people and black women in these spaces but just spread out and not realizing that there was a Connecting Point together is so important because.

00:29:13.617 --> 00:29:20.363
How many times in our lives have we heard these very definitive statements about what black people don't do I don't camp we don't,

00:29:20.405 --> 00:29:26.079
ski we don't swim we don't XYZ some don't I'll be honest I don't even a lot of those things

00:29:26.067 --> 00:29:40.915
but just because I don't do them doesn't mean that other black people don't do I am sure that you know we each have these these bits and pieces of things that we do but when we're able to find that Connecting Point to connect with other people who do do those things it's so powerful

00:29:40.885 --> 00:29:47.658
yeah and I think you know with wine and waterfalls it was so funny because there was a lady who she came,

00:29:47.682 --> 00:30:00.747
with her girlfriend and they were both staying in an RV and when she got there she said I will never be a tent camping person it's just not for me and on the last night she stayed in a tent.

00:30:00.933 --> 00:30:10.145
Instead she had some of the best sleep ever and that now she's going to go by herself attend so you know with her something she said was,

00:30:10.314 --> 00:30:24.387
I figured that if there was going to be a safe space to try out tent camping this was the best place to do it and that's exactly what I want to provide for outdoorsy black women members I want them to know that you know what.

00:30:25.050 --> 00:30:32.768
You have your sisters whether it be wanting to know the best places to camp wanting to know how to learn how to camp,

00:30:32.855 --> 00:30:45.128
or starting homesteading all of these things you have a community that is behind you and has resources and is also going to offer you support the same thing happened when we did our waterfall hike.

00:30:45.332 --> 00:30:53.662
Some people had hiked before some people never hiked before and honestly like not gonna lie almost week made me cry because.

00:30:53.858 --> 00:30:57.461
For the people who were you know on the tail end of the hike.

00:30:58.179 --> 00:31:09.083
I mean there is no scripting there was no oh let's do this it just instinctively women came together and started just hyping him up and clapping for them and.

00:31:09.278 --> 00:31:15.007
Encouraging them to make it up that last leg to come up to the to the top of the waterfall so.

00:31:15.229 --> 00:31:20.795
Yeah that's what this community is about and it really like I said is about Sisterhood.

00:31:21.594 --> 00:31:27.088
And making sure that we are taking care of each other

00:31:27.022 --> 00:31:42.293
yes yes hearing that it just it warms my heart thinking about it being a safe space for curiosity a safe space for beginners if someone hasn't camped before or hasn't hiked before but maybe they're interested it

00:31:42.074 --> 00:31:51.745
it sounds like a really safe space for people to try and to ask questions and to be supported and that in and of itself is so important I love that.

00:31:51.920 --> 00:31:57.360

00:31:57.207 --> 00:32:06.293
Talking about connecting with nature and the power of being present do you know what can help you feel even more tapped in and present a regular meditation practice my friend.

00:32:06.515 --> 00:32:15.529
If you're looking for support check out my favorite meditation app open open is a digital mindfulness platform combining breathwork meditation and movement.

00:32:16.228 --> 00:32:21.083
There are a lot of guided meditations that can feel really stiff and corporate and personal

00:32:20.945 --> 00:32:32.885
the meditations on open feels so supportive and nourishing their instructors are fantastic whether you're a new or season meditator I know you'll love dropping in and being Guided by their amazing community.

00:32:33.576 --> 00:32:44.381
I usually do a meditation that is 10 minutes or less in the mornings and they have amazing meditations for everything from anxiety relief Sunday scaries and cultivating focus and they're just

00:32:44.306 --> 00:32:52.906
so good the other thing I've been loving on open are there movement classes you may know that I am now a certified yoga teacher and I'm very

00:32:52.759 --> 00:33:02.881
picky about the yoga classes I take I don't like taking just any yoga classes but lately my practice has exclusively consisted of taking classes from open.

00:33:03.445 --> 00:33:17.168
Their flows are so well done the instructors are supportive and encouraging and they have a ton of classes for all levels including a very inviting beginner yoga series that I highly recommend if you're new to yoga or want to reconnect with your body.

00:33:17.399 --> 00:33:25.170
With open you can take unlimited live and on-demand classes for breathwork meditation yoga Pilates and more

00:33:25.132 --> 00:33:35.865
open also partners with musicians producers sound designers DJs and curators to co-create classes for an immersive experience that takes you deeper into your practice

00:33:35.745 --> 00:33:41.591
I'm telling you this is the app you need to support your journey and I'd love if you join me for a class

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open is getting balanced black girl listeners 30 days free when you visit open dash together.com

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balanced yes that is 30 days of unlimited meditation yoga breath work and

00:33:54.965 --> 00:34:06.023
Pilates classes it is incredible so you do not want to miss this again you can join me on open by going to open dash together.com balanced

00:34:06.002 --> 00:34:08.066
let me know what you think and I can't.

00:34:07.920 --> 00:34:14.320

00:34:14.167 --> 00:34:20.688
I think the other thing is just recognizing that you can do the outdoors in any way that's comfortable for you.

00:34:21.009 --> 00:34:30.869
So whether it's getting a hammock in reading your book in the hammock that's also you're getting to breathe that fresh air gardening there are so many black women that Garden.

00:34:31.271 --> 00:34:43.094
Don't consider themselves outdoorsy yet and I'm like you're outside gardening so that's part of being outdoorsy and like I said we went to Vineyards and it again it was just showing.

00:34:43.496 --> 00:34:54.536
There are so many ways that you can experience the outdoors I'm going to the beach next week so I plan I plan on getting my time in with the ocean but,

00:34:54.704 --> 00:35:03.322
yeah I mean just find what works for you and soak it in soak it up you know let it kill you and take care of you.

00:35:03.599 --> 00:35:17.312
Yeah that's such a great point that there's no right or wrong way to be outdoorsy and to connect with the outdoors whether that's going outside for your daily walk working in your garden

00:35:17.282 --> 00:35:24.658
taking weekend trips to the beach anytime you can be in nature breathing fresh air,

00:35:24.826 --> 00:35:28.042
and gaining A New Perspective I think that

00:35:28.031 --> 00:35:41.789
that counts absolutely it's funny because somebody asked me there the other day and they're like What's the difference between a hike and walking it said there's not really that much of a difference maybe just where you do it right,

00:35:41.840 --> 00:35:46.992
because I mean even in Atlanta you have paved trails in the city.

00:35:47.296 --> 00:36:01.387
So whether you want to do a City hike or you want to do you know something that's a little bit more like in the woods and in the forest again just find what works for you and get out there.

00:36:01.870 --> 00:36:11.901
Don't Be Afraid solutely totally and to start small yeah I'm from the Pacific Northwest which is an area that is known for,

00:36:11.998 --> 00:36:16.709
nature careful being outdoorsy and weighing in nature and,

00:36:16.832 --> 00:36:22.740
have you ever been knowing it because I've been I've been to LA and that's literally.

00:36:23.017 --> 00:36:34.065
The farthest I've like gone as far as but I cannot wait because I really it's my goal it's one of my goals to be out there because it's gorgeous out there so yeah I'm really excited about that.

00:36:34.512 --> 00:36:46.578
Maybe I'll come visit because you would love it yes you would love it Washington Oregon and what's interesting I lived in Washington the first 30 years of my life.

00:36:47.044 --> 00:36:53.267
I mean I maybe when I get in maybe three times in my entire life

00:36:53.156 --> 00:37:05.816
I just I never really did it and I think a lot of it is because the demographics of that region the Pacific Northwest is very white and so you are not very likely to see other black people out on a trail

00:37:05.804 --> 00:37:07.356
or doing those things,

00:37:07.416 --> 00:37:21.606
and so it's just something that I did assume that we didn't do and then when I moved to California although it doesn't necessarily have the same types of nature as the Pacific Northwest it did feel more accessible there are Trails all around the city and

00:37:21.603 --> 00:37:34.434
every time I go I see a bunch of black people on trails and doing the things and at the beach when I go and so it's interesting moving here to a region that is on paper probably less outdoorsy has actually

00:37:34.314 --> 00:37:44.193
help me connect with nature so much more than growing up in an area that is more traditionally outdoorsy know I think that like you said if you don't see yourself represented,

00:37:44.289 --> 00:37:53.744
it's going to affect your perspective and that's another reason why I like right now we're working to establish chapters.

00:37:53.993 --> 00:38:03.080
All over the country so at this time we have ambassadors in Georgia North Carolina Alabama Florida and.

00:38:04.346 --> 00:38:08.328
Colorado but we're going to start taking.

00:38:08.748 --> 00:38:16.439
On more ambassadors in other states and that will allow for people who are out there like you were.

00:38:16.697 --> 00:38:22.632
And may not see themselves represented or may not feel comfortable going hiking by themselves,

00:38:22.810 --> 00:38:29.078
to have that Community by do you know of a lady who is in Washington and she applied to be an ambassador,

00:38:29.165 --> 00:38:39.043
so I look forward to that it's kind of a pacing thing too because I'd like to be at the first hike for each woman just to make sure that they're comfortable,

00:38:39.131 --> 00:38:48.559
so this time I'm going to the Birmingham hike the Jacksonville hike I'll be in Colorado in a few months for that and Greensboro so.

00:38:48.907 --> 00:38:58.164
We are working our way around and I do want anybody who's listening to know that we definitely want to make sure that everybody will have.

00:38:58.693 --> 00:39:11.677
A Ambassador in their state at some point and then who knows maybe we'll expand globally I've already had an offer to have an ambassador in Germany so and in Ghana.

00:39:12.214 --> 00:39:15.179
Yes which is really dope.

00:39:15.383 --> 00:39:25.639
I I'm sure it'll come at some point bus you know baby steps baby steps absolutely but that's that's absolutely brilliant having those chapters where

00:39:25.637 --> 00:39:35.011
where people can connect with other outdoorsy black women where they are and have a chance to lead and be in that community.

00:39:35.260 --> 00:39:48.253
I'm so excited I'm so excited for for your community to be expanding in those ways that's beautiful thank you and you know sometimes we do just fun things with our hikes like last weekend we participated in Black fading.

00:39:48.547 --> 00:39:53.501
So a few of us dressed up as black fairy's and I dressed up as a woodland fairy,

00:39:53.589 --> 00:40:06.897
fairies in the woods I mean it made sense to me but it's also when you start looking at the makes sense to me right when you start thinking about things like fairies or mermaids they're all part of like nature and you know lore and.

00:40:07.236 --> 00:40:16.070
It just brings out another element and it's kind of like what you said when we were kids we had such a good time Outdoors.

00:40:16.355 --> 00:40:17.960
Like it's some of the best.

00:40:18.462 --> 00:40:26.684
Memories of a lot of our lives right and I really want to allow for these women to just get back to that.

00:40:26.960 --> 00:40:36.280
Enjoying themselves so whether we do some neon hikes we have to work entrails coming up you know and yes that's.

00:40:36.529 --> 00:40:47.425
Again just another way to recognize that you could to work outside and have fun and enjoy the outdoors in our way that's what it's about.

00:40:48.007 --> 00:40:49.838
So I'm looking forward to it.

00:40:50.267 --> 00:40:59.281
That's I am like cheesing ear to ear just hearing you describe these things because people can show up as they are

00:40:59.035 --> 00:41:14.549
with what they're interested in if they're like twerking Trails that's my thing or if it's like I love Laura I love fairies and I'm super excited to live that out and show up as I am and express this interest I think that's also important because then people don't feel like they need to

00:41:14.330 --> 00:41:23.488
change or put on an act or pretend to be something they're not to be in these spaces absolutely and I think that's what's important so something really cool that,

00:41:23.539 --> 00:41:29.591
I love about the community is there you know other women can create their own groups so,

00:41:29.769 --> 00:41:41.672
we have a group on there called outdoorsy which is for our lgbtq community and I love that because like you said nobody feels like they have to change themselves to be part of,

00:41:41.751 --> 00:41:48.379
outdoorsy black women and you know people have asked me before they're like well how are you defining.

00:41:48.845 --> 00:42:02.378
Black women and I say it's for all black women so that includes black Trans women that includes non-binary people if they feel comfortable in spaces that are centered around black women so.

00:42:02.960 --> 00:42:07.293
You know I want this community to be positive and.

00:42:07.650 --> 00:42:16.376
And healing for us and and I wanted I want people to feel welcome and like they can be themselves so I think that's important,

00:42:16.482 --> 00:42:23.668
yes I think that that's just can't be over stressed how important that is

00:42:23.476 --> 00:42:38.324
and I love that you brought it back to it being a being a healing space the community being a healing space the outdoors being a healing space because that's that's really the goal of this series is to discuss different ways that

00:42:38.195 --> 00:42:42.699
that we can heal that we may not have thought of you know we see a lot of

00:42:42.552 --> 00:42:56.968
Instagram Graphics about healing and what it means to heal and sometimes I can be super helpful and sometimes what can be really helpful as putting your phone down and going outside and we we want to empower people to do,

00:42:57.001 --> 00:43:06.357
both yeah and and I think that's what it I love that you said that that it's okay to do both because I think a lot of times people think you have to go on one extreme,

00:43:06.471 --> 00:43:20.617
are the other and again it goes back to just finding that balance that works for you A lot of times people ask me what I do for fun out here and so I tell them I'm like I know that I live an RV lifestyle but.

00:43:21.019 --> 00:43:31.032
It's my full-time life so that doesn't mean I don't watch TV like I still have cable guys but it also means that I still.

00:43:31.326 --> 00:43:33.922
Make sure I make time to.

00:43:34.531 --> 00:43:44.500
Get my daily you know breath of fresh air or take some time I'll turn off like you know my TV is off right now turn off my TV turn off my.

00:43:45.046 --> 00:43:48.001
Pad and all of those things and just kind of.

00:43:48.323 --> 00:43:55.950
Either step outside go for a walk go to a state park and then I can set it sometimes it's as simple as.

00:43:56.416 --> 00:44:03.881
Laying on my bed and if it's raining leaving the door open and just letting that Lowell Mi and really.

00:44:04.527 --> 00:44:08.851
Like Center me so I think that's important it doesn't have to be hard,

00:44:09.028 --> 00:44:22.975
and it doesn't have to cost you money to get that level of feeling that you want either absolutely I think some of the things that can help are healing the most don't don't cost anything because there,

00:44:23.152 --> 00:44:25.829
working as intended absolutely.

00:44:26.339 --> 00:44:34.876
And I'm big auntie I think you heard me mention that I don't know if it's yet cuz I'm from England or not but I drink a lot of tea and so like,

00:44:35.035 --> 00:44:42.645
an interesting thing about that and I would love I think it's important to talk about this too because I mean we're all black girls on here right so,

00:44:42.831 --> 00:44:48.200
we did talk about me being on my cycle and I'm okay with talking about that because it's something,

00:44:48.323 --> 00:45:00.326
that comes up and it's been a question before and people say well how do you deal with your cycle while you're on the road and I will be honest I need took me a while to find.

00:45:00.521 --> 00:45:02.171
What worked for me.

00:45:02.438 --> 00:45:16.116
And kind of going into reading what those like other products were doing to my body I recognize that when I made the switch from traditional pads to a cup which is what I use now.

00:45:16.374 --> 00:45:20.698
One I'm in the camper I don't have trash cans and all that stuff.

00:45:20.911 --> 00:45:34.390
Like around so and then you don't want to keep waist like that in the camper because animals so yeah I really have to think about how to make those lifestyle changes but what I recognize is when I started to use a cup,

00:45:34.459 --> 00:45:42.087
my cycle actually lasts less time than it used to and even though I still deal with cramps.

00:45:42.399 --> 00:45:51.819
They're not as intense as they used to be in a lot of that again can be traced to what I'm eating and then the other thing is like right now I'm drinking ginger tea.

00:45:52.518 --> 00:45:56.563
So kind of just helping with those things and.

00:45:56.974 --> 00:46:04.728
Finding more ways to kind of get that healing without having to take like medicines and things like that unless necessary.

00:46:04.914 --> 00:46:15.027
And I had it pretty bad when I was younger they tried to put me on birth control and things like that to regulate because it was so bad I was having periods that lasted.

00:46:15.240 --> 00:46:23.732
10 to 14 days before and now like I said switching to gosh yes which it switching to the cup now from me short is,

00:46:23.864 --> 00:46:29.286
five to seven days and so I'm like okay cool I'm blessed I'll take it,

00:46:29.391 --> 00:46:42.375
I so appreciate that you share that though because I think that those are the important things to talk about right for those of us who have Cycles who could be curious in living in different ways but two,

00:46:42.418 --> 00:46:57.382
just how much more connected to your body it sounds like you are and that's something that could apply to anybody regardless of where they are that changing your approach to better modify your lifestyle kind of being on the road.

00:46:57.739 --> 00:47:07.933
It helps that but it's also helped you be more in touch with yourself and with how your body works and what your body responds to positively powerful you know I'll even take that a step further,

00:47:08.083 --> 00:47:14.757
the moon cycles my body like I recognize yes I can tell when there's a full moon coming.

00:47:15.222 --> 00:47:21.391
Just by how my body's feeling and even right now when I was talking about just the energy of everything,

00:47:21.505 --> 00:47:35.390
my cycle actually started early because of the eclipse energy so talking about like when you get here and you start to connect and you pay attention like I said stuff that seemed like,

00:47:35.441 --> 00:47:42.718
it's just that we will even if you're not into those things you start to realize like oh wait hold up,

00:47:42.859 --> 00:47:57.211
my body is connected to these things and then you you recognize it and you say you know what I am part of nature why would I not be connect to hit these things you know it makes sense were all energy at,

00:47:57.271 --> 00:48:05.493
in the more you start to like when you talked about grounding in the studies behind it the more you start to read the studies it makes sense like,

00:48:05.598 --> 00:48:17.043
the Earth already has energy you can feel it coursing through your you're connecting with it and wearing rubber soles in sneakers it's just like having a tire on a on a car.

00:48:17.427 --> 00:48:26.235
When you know lightning strikes it doesn't affect the car because of the wrapper so you're not getting all of the energy from the earth when you're wearing those shoes.

00:48:26.439 --> 00:48:29.998
There's so much I'm sure we could talk about it forever but.

00:48:30.364 --> 00:48:40.134
It's amazing when you kind of unlock these things and you allow yourself to enjoy what's already here and you start realizing wow like.

00:48:40.815 --> 00:48:42.330
If left alone.

00:48:43.138 --> 00:48:52.881
The Earth would take care of us if we were good to the earth I have crystals in my camper that's a mic drop all right I have crystals to my kiss this is one of my favorites.

00:48:53.383 --> 00:49:06.088
Oh my gosh that's beautiful well can you tell I love purple so of course amethyst I do have some citrine in here and I do I have let's see some courts.

00:49:06.634 --> 00:49:14.109
A lot of my perspective has changed over the years because of just allowing myself to be connected and.

00:49:14.709 --> 00:49:23.966
Recognizing that my body does feel different when I open myself up to
that connection with Mother Nature,

00:49:24.089 --> 00:49:33.643
yeah yeah can we talk a bit more about those perspective shifts and some of the healing that's been a result of that did you at first have

00:49:33.470 --> 00:49:39.108
maybe some resistance there that you had to lead into or were you always just ready to fully lean into it.

00:49:39.528 --> 00:49:48.281
That's a big question there we go see this this is this is what I did when you're melting so yeah I'm I can definitely talk about that I think it's interesting because.

00:49:48.539 --> 00:49:55.069
So you grow up especially for a lot of us to go grow up in like black church right and.

00:49:55.426 --> 00:49:58.724
I actually still consider myself to be.

00:49:58.964 --> 00:50:07.816
A follower of Christ is what I would say I don't know if I identify as quote-unquote Christian but a follower of Christ so one of my best friends calls me a witchy Christian.

00:50:08.074 --> 00:50:20.428
I don't know you take that but it's funny I like that so I'm like I'm like okay I will go with that but I think that when you're growing up in black church and you're growing up in the church,

00:50:20.560 --> 00:50:24.227
which for me was a really interesting Journey because,

00:50:24.323 --> 00:50:31.744
being that I went to Catholic school as a young girl so I went to Catholic School my grandmother was Methodist.

00:50:31.984 --> 00:50:37.613
My parents went to Celestial Church which was a Nigerian type of church.

00:50:37.944 --> 00:50:51.333
At one point and then I grew up in the South so I went to Baptist Church Southern Baptist Church let me clarify there's a difference you've experienced it all I have I have seen,

00:50:51.465 --> 00:51:00.290
you know and as a kid I was very curious about religion I was very curious because I wanted to understand it but that same neighbor that.

00:51:00.603 --> 00:51:06.160
Taught me about gardening when I was younger he gave me an amethyst Crystal when I was a kid.

00:51:06.688 --> 00:51:14.595
And that's another reason why I'm at this is still one of my favorites and I remembered thinking back then as a child I'm like,

00:51:14.745 --> 00:51:27.450
this is so precious but I can feel like it's so important and I connected with that Crystal even as a child I didn't understand why I did but I I knew I was just like so I was I would protect it,

00:51:27.555 --> 00:51:36.920
and then as you get older like I said you go through church and they tell you all of these things are one way and all of these things are one way so you're having to kind of.

00:51:37.449 --> 00:51:38.082

00:51:38.349 --> 00:51:48.660
Pick and choose in most circumstances but for me as my relationship grew more and more and I felt like it became less about religion.

00:51:48.873 --> 00:51:56.429
And more about the actual relationship and spiritual connection with God for me My Views changed and they kind of.

00:51:56.687 --> 00:52:01.308
Transitioned into understanding that as long as I had my relationship with.

00:52:01.629 --> 00:52:09.104
Father for me or some might say the universe which I refer both ways yeah as long as I had my.

00:52:09.371 --> 00:52:18.592
Then the rest kind of fell into place for me I remember the first time I walked into a Crystal Store I felt hi.

00:52:18.940 --> 00:52:28.558
Off of all of the energy and from me these were things that could not be denied like I'm like no I'm feeling this I can my body was tingling.

00:52:29.203 --> 00:52:38.154
You know and I'm like okay I get that people don't believe but I can't argue with what I'm experiencing and feeling right now so.

00:52:38.556 --> 00:52:47.624
It's an interesting thing because I again I love the name of your podcast because I feel like that's the way I operate my life with a lot of balance I have.

00:52:48.036 --> 00:52:50.370
Bible study and church group with my.

00:52:50.556 --> 00:53:01.695
My women's church group on Sundays but yet when Moon rituals come around I do my moon rituals and I do all of these things so from me that's the way that my spirituality works.

00:53:02.241 --> 00:53:04.684
And I've been able to have both.

00:53:05.626 --> 00:53:13.938
I absolutely love that and can relate to so much of that and what you described.

00:53:14.196 --> 00:53:20.555
That I really appreciated was just having a sense of curiosity and just having a sense of

00:53:20.426 --> 00:53:34.499
openness and also listening to your body and listening to what you're feeling and understanding the different signals and feelings that you're getting it's really really important

00:53:34.415 --> 00:53:35.462

00:53:35.541 --> 00:53:44.627
I love that you shared that thank you it's it's an interesting thing because you I feel like the more you grow in your relationship.

00:53:45.083 --> 00:54:00.039
The more comfortable you are talking about it right so I do appreciate you asking me about that because my faith is really important to me and to be honest with you with that my face I wouldn't have started outdoorsy black women because I was led to do so.

00:54:00.279 --> 00:54:09.239
I'm like are you sure that's what you want me to do like okay cool this makes sense I understand why I need to do it and you know.

00:54:09.434 --> 00:54:17.728
Here we are that's Beauty and those times when you you follow those Divine assignments it's.

00:54:18.328 --> 00:54:23.976
It's just it's enough of a different feeling I had a very similar experience with balance black girl,

00:54:24.045 --> 00:54:37.209
I was sitting at an old job years ago and God was like start a podcast name a balanced black girl and I was like okay probably I'm a little hard-headed probably one a few times I've been so obedient so quickly.

00:54:37.512 --> 00:54:42.700
Because I'm still a work in progress we all are but those Divine assignments

00:54:42.490 --> 00:54:57.356
yes those Divine assignments when we take them can be just a really beautiful experience of learning and growth and hopefully building community and helping other people as well I appreciate you sharing that truly.

00:54:57.614 --> 00:55:06.917
I can tell that you get it and I remembered having a conversation with a friend recently and just saying that I'm so thankful that God trusted me with this vision.

00:55:07.319 --> 00:55:16.729
Entrusted me with this community because when you're building a community like we are it deserves to be preserved and protected and.

00:55:17.041 --> 00:55:20.366
Cultivated and nurtured and so.

00:55:20.615 --> 00:55:31.853
You better be ready to do the work I think that's like a big thing like you you can't really go into it halfway you have to be willing to take everything that's going to come with it.

00:55:32.111 --> 00:55:39.136
And let's be real when you're building something for black women it makes a lot of people uncomfortable and so.

00:55:39.439 --> 00:55:49.686
Again you better be prepared so I am thankful knowing that I was led to do this because I feel like it also made it so that.

00:55:49.989 --> 00:55:58.904
Different doors have been opened for me and things have fallen into place with that obedience as I'm sure you can relate to so.

00:55:59.856 --> 00:56:06.592
It's been a journey and I'm excited to see what's coming next for outdoorsy black women.

00:56:06.797 --> 00:56:15.712
We definitely want to do wine and waterfalls weekend as our Flagship event so it'll be something that's annual but like I said we have.

00:56:16.510 --> 00:56:25.812
Twerk and trails coming for the ladies in July it will be in Atlanta and then after that we're going to be doing something called sips and Saddles which is.

00:56:26.035 --> 00:56:35.400
Going to be working with a black woman own ranch here in Georgia so that is going to be fun because I love horses and.

00:56:35.622 --> 00:56:47.706
Again not everybody has had the opportunity to ride a horse be around horses and when you do get up close to a horse you can be intimidated so just being able to provide.

00:56:47.973 --> 00:56:55.826
That safe space and what I love about Keisha she runs Bella's Barn she is very.

00:56:56.174 --> 00:57:03.559
Big on safety so and it's a you know a black woman she gets it so she's going to take care of us so I'm really excited about that.

00:57:03.889 --> 00:57:16.477
Oh my gosh I'm excited I'm like do I need to come I need you just need to come back to Georgia yeah and participate you definitely do so like you know for wine and waterfalls weekend we were blessed to be sponsored by REI.

00:57:16.753 --> 00:57:23.256
And that made a lot of difference in being able to execute the vision that I the way that I wanted it.

00:57:23.577 --> 00:57:31.034
Probably the smoothest event that possibly could have ever happened when you talk about positivity and healing.

00:57:32.156 --> 00:57:43.853
They're I don't know what it is but people have this misconception that when you get a bunch of women together there's going to be drama there was absolutely no drama just love nothing but love and positivity and I.

00:57:44.219 --> 00:57:49.696
I was telling someone that when you have a group of women that are on one Accord.

00:57:50.206 --> 00:57:55.367
And they really truly believe in positivity and healing and Sisterhood,

00:57:55.499 --> 00:58:07.070
you're not going to deal with a lot of that and really everybody was just excited to see themselves represented and excited to be able to connect with other outdoorsy black women so.

00:58:07.301 --> 00:58:13.227
It was so much fun so I hope that you'll be able to come out for the next one next year sure.

00:58:13.729 --> 00:58:23.076
Thank you thank you and I love what you just shared about your community and I think it's just a testament to when people are gathering

00:58:22.866 --> 00:58:28.774
with the intention of positivity and when that's what's water that is what is going

00:58:28.600 --> 00:58:36.255
to grow and yeah it's the energy that you put out neck in a way that's beautiful I the energy you put out is what you're gonna get and.

00:58:36.729 --> 00:58:39.784
We I mean it was good food.

00:58:40.114 --> 00:58:47.175
You know we were feeding your stomach's your soul your spirit all of that was there even on the last day,

00:58:47.361 --> 00:58:53.512
we did a prayer but again like I said we did yoga and it was just like I said it was.

00:58:54.275 --> 00:59:00.237
After the event I think you can relate but when you're planning a major event.

00:59:00.441 --> 00:59:09.590
Usually you feel mentally exhausted afterwards and I can say that I didn't see I felt refreshed the best so

00:59:09.417 --> 00:59:27.316
toyin how can our listeners get involved with outdoorsy black women if they're interested in being an ambassador how can they learn more about meetups and join the communities how do they get involved so the best way to get involved is to join the community at outdoorsy black women.com

00:59:27.133 --> 00:59:29.431
we also have an app,

00:59:29.546 --> 00:59:38.065
which is available in the IOS app store or the Android app store and it is outdoorsy black women it's free to join the community

00:59:38.062 --> 00:59:43.061
so no worries there but are we have our free hikes monthly.

00:59:43.301 --> 00:59:54.980
So again we are working on getting ambassadors in each state and as we add more ambassadors we're going to be bringing more hikes across the country I'm looking forward to that and.

00:59:55.292 --> 00:59:59.193
If you're looking to be an ambassador yourself you can actually apply,

00:59:59.262 --> 01:00:06.044
outdoorsy black women.com or / chapters and that'll give you a big view of the

01:00:06.005 --> 01:00:15.667
United States chapter map we have things split up until about six regions seven with our off Mainland regions and then you can apply for,

01:00:15.682 --> 01:00:19.781
the state that you're in and go from there

01:00:19.760 --> 01:00:31.394
and of course if you are made of just listening to the podcast and you're not an outdoorsy black women you can support us by following us on social media at outdoorsy black women,

01:00:31.499 --> 01:00:36.057
that is perfect I will make sure we have all of that information linked

01:00:36.019 --> 01:00:43.385
in the show notes so that people can check out outdoorsy black women join the community follow on social I have

01:00:43.274 --> 01:00:49.138
one more question just in terms of you know resources also if we have is

01:00:48.883 --> 01:01:00.813
listeners who are interested in Van life interested in connecting with other black women in that space do you have any suggestions there I do so it's actually really funny because

01:01:00.703 --> 01:01:09.024
we have a diversified man life group on outdoorsy black women we also have a group on outdoorsy black women called black school e girls,

01:01:09.156 --> 01:01:19.106
so and then there's a group of 44 car campers in Bank a so there's different types of Nomads.

01:01:19.346 --> 01:01:32.007
As I'm an rver but you can have car campers and you have Jeep lifers and van lifers so the community does have a wide variety and if you're interested in any.

01:01:32.292 --> 01:01:36.985
Any of the the different types of nomad life you'll be able to find,

01:01:37.054 --> 01:01:47.688
where you fit in and of course I'm on the app in the community at toyin t0,in and you're more than welcome to ask me any questions that you have about,

01:01:47.767 --> 01:01:51.559
fan Li for RV life yeah,

01:01:51.692 --> 01:02:06.503
perfect amazing amazing appreciate you creating that space and facilitating those conversation so that people can can learn more thank you so much for joining me today you for having me all I'm excited.

01:02:06.689 --> 01:02:14.479
This has been like I said it's just been like talking to a girlfriend and I really appreciate that and I've just been tingling most of it so.

01:02:15.169 --> 01:02:20.862
Good Vibes the best Vibes I so appreciate you being here.

01:02:20.720 --> 01:02:25.840

01:02:25.684 --> 01:02:37.462
Okay so make sure you check out the amazing work twin is doing with outdoorsy black women and hit her up if you're interested in leading a chapter near you you will find her information Linked In the show notes.

01:02:37.702 --> 01:02:46.401
I hope this episode inspired you to deepen your connection to Nature and tap back in with that younger version of yourself who found joy in playing outside,

01:02:46.488 --> 01:02:57.906
head to the show notes for more information about today's episode and links to all the resources mentioned and don't forget to join us for the summer solstice journaling challenge to reset and refocus for the second half of the year,

01:02:57.948 --> 01:03:12.364
you can join us at balanced black girl.com Solstice to start journaling with us right away it's completely free to sign up and we would love to have you huge thanks to our sponsor open for helping us stay present and offering our community,

01:03:12.379 --> 01:03:13.984
30 days free.

01:03:13.840 --> 01:03:51.945



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