Time Abundance: Why Your Time Is More Valuable Than Money

women track their time to promote time abundance

What is your most valuable asset? Chances are, it’s your time. Many people treat time as a scarce resource — something it feels like we never have enough of. But what would happen if we looked at time from a place of abundance?

We’re kicking off our Money and Abundance series by exploring the idea of time abundance. Instead of viewing time as a race against the clock, we’re aiming to look at time as a valuable asset that we can allocate, invest, and spend in ways that align with our values.

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Time Abundance: What You Need to Know

  • Why time is more valuable than money.
  • The ways our time and money intersect.
  • What time abundance is and how we can be more abundant with our time?
  • Strategies for managing our time to create more space to focus on what matters to us.

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Episode 153 Transcript

00:00:17.431 --> 00:00:27.408
Four years ago and I've actually been on a little summer break so this is my first new episode in a few months and what a summer was I'm excited to catch up.

00:00:27.621 --> 00:00:30.541
To fill you in on what's been going on with me this summer

00:00:30.538 --> 00:00:38.472
and introduce our brand new series that starts with this episode the abundance and money Series so first let's catch up.

00:00:38.613 --> 00:00:47.393
How was your summer mine was kind of a lot first of all it flew by especially August like that month went by in the blink of an eye

00:00:47.300 --> 00:00:56.207
I did spend quite a bit of the summer traveling and that tends to make time pass by really quickly but I have to say it truly

00:00:56.186 --> 00:01:05.011
flew by so in early July I went back to Seattle for a week my job gives everyone that week off which is

00:01:04.936 --> 00:01:17.272
a blessing so I went back to Seattle to spend the week with my family and that's where I'm from more specifically to meet my new Uncle so I don't talk down about my family on here mainly because I don't you know

00:01:17.242 --> 00:01:26.751
obviously put all their business in the street I tend to just say that about my own business but I'll give you kind of a cliff notes version that's not too much of their personal information

00:01:26.541 --> 00:01:44.450
essentially earlier this year my mom connected with her father's side of the family who she didn't grow up with and had never really known or had relationships with and she basically connected with siblings Aunts Uncles cousins like a whole side of our family that we never really knew and she's gotten really close to her older

00:01:44.339 --> 00:01:45.008

00:01:44.870 --> 00:01:55.919
so he came to Seattle to visit her and visit the family I went up so that I could meet him and spend time with all of them and also see some friends while I was in town and

00:01:55.718 --> 00:02:04.939
I don't go back to Seattle that often but whenever I do I really love seeing my people seeing my family and seeing my friends so.

00:02:05.026 --> 00:02:09.818
That was a good like heartwarming trip to kind of kick off the summer

00:02:09.671 --> 00:02:19.775
so my next trip after I went to Seattle the following week I took a weekend trip to Savannah Georgia I've been to Savannah once before a friend of mine from college lives there and I went for her wedding a few years ago

00:02:19.601 --> 00:02:28.840
and it's a cute City I mean I feel like I had a similar visit where I was just exploring the city a bit I mean it's definitely on the smaller side smaller than Los Angeles.

00:02:29.197 --> 00:02:37.068
It's a really cute city that has a lot of charm obviously has that southern hospitality and it was just nice to be in an entirely

00:02:36.894 --> 00:02:48.762
different environment for a bit I find that in my normal routine here in La I tend to kind of do the same things over and over be in the same places over and over and so

00:02:48.561 --> 00:02:57.683
even just getting a change of scenery was really refreshing then in August I took what I consider to be my big trip and I went to Costa Rica

00:02:57.545 --> 00:03:11.151
so I went on the good vibe Retreat hosted by good moms bad choices and had such a good time so you may remember earlier this year I did a pods walk with them and after we recorded they were talking about their Retreat and I was like

00:03:11.004 --> 00:03:13.176
I need a vacation

00:03:13.074 --> 00:03:22.556
I'm down I'll go so I went and I didn't know any of the other Retreat attendees initially but it was just such a beautifully curated trip and.

00:03:22.581 --> 00:03:29.668
The group of women who went were all amazing so by the end of the trip we all really bonded and just felt like a little family

00:03:29.512 --> 00:03:40.237
The Retreat had a really good mix of activities and downtime and free time to explore we did some really great workshops about healing and

00:03:40.027 --> 00:03:54.596
connection and intimacy we went out we had Beach time there was Daily Yoga we also got to spend some time learning about the bri-bri peoples who are an indigenous group in Costa Rica which I actually really love that part that may have

00:03:54.539 --> 00:04:03.760
been one of my favorite parts of the trip and then I also while I was there I met with an astrologer and got a birth chart reading which was really enlightening

00:04:03.676 --> 00:04:07.946
I've talked before on the podcast about my head of mixed

00:04:07.772 --> 00:04:17.605
relationship with astrology she was a great astrologer and she went really in-depth on my chart and provided a lot of clarity that I was not

00:04:17.449 --> 00:04:27.058
expecting I think I walk into those situations with a lot of skepticism almost a lot of fear because I don't ever want to get bad news but it was more so about.

00:04:27.037 --> 00:04:28.624

00:04:28.495 --> 00:04:43.478
why I do some of the things that I do and it really really resonated so if you're ever curious and getting a birth chart reading it could be something cool to explore it was very different than what I expected and a really good experience now I also had

00:04:43.358 --> 00:04:52.129
my first experience with plant medicine so I took psilocybin which is basically mushrooms for the first time

00:04:52.054 --> 00:05:00.168
and I don't know how to describe it I don't know how to describe how that went I honestly just felt out of it.

00:05:00.255 --> 00:05:09.683
For a while for you know a couple of hours and then I just kind of didn't when people were asking me how I was feeling I was telling them like I

00:05:09.518 --> 00:05:17.416
I feel mostly normal everything seems normal I'm not like hallucinating but I just feel like I'm moving in slow motion

00:05:17.251 --> 00:05:30.146
like I felt like everyone else was moving normally and at a normal pace and I was just like moving through molasses or I was talking slowly and just comprehending things slowly

00:05:30.116 --> 00:05:38.842
even though obviously that wasn't the case but that was just how it felt in my mind and I have to say I think I was hoping for a little bit more.

00:05:39.064 --> 00:05:51.346
Enlightenment and just mental expansion if that makes sense because I did it after I had talked to the astrologer and she had kind of noted how much Earth I have in my chart I have a lot of.

00:05:51.388 --> 00:05:52.786
Placements have a lot of.

00:05:52.801 --> 00:06:01.600
Taurus Capricorn Virgo and she mentioned how I may be a little bit too grounded which I.

00:06:01.741 --> 00:06:09.224
Before that conversation never thought was a thing but now that she explained it I'm like yeah I could kind of see that she was like you need a little bit more

00:06:09.141 --> 00:06:23.619
time to expand and to let your mind Roam and to dream and to not be so realistic all the time and so after having that conversation with her when I then went to do the psilocybin I think I was expecting my mind to kind of open up in different

00:06:23.427 --> 00:06:24.555
ways and

00:06:24.489 --> 00:06:36.825
I didn't necessarily feel that it was my first time and and maybe walking in with that expectation you know kind of wasn't the best approach to have I actually think you're probably not supposed to have any expectations when you do that sort of thing

00:06:36.678 --> 00:06:48.618
but that's more of what I was hoping for and so I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't necessarily feel bad that I didn't feel like I got some amazing like downloads or ideas or creativity I've definitely been in

00:06:48.444 --> 00:07:02.878
deep creative route for a long time and I was hoping that the time off and that these experiences we kind of jumpstart that and the fact that I didn't get that was a little bit disappointing However the fact that I did feel

00:07:02.758 --> 00:07:08.909
slow down during the experience maybe that's a metaphor for the ways in which I need to continue to slow down I don't know

00:07:08.844 --> 00:07:17.066
but you know maybe that's what I needed but it wasn't my initial intention so I want to try it again because I'm not sure I was in the right.

00:07:17.054 --> 00:07:19.019
Headspace for it at that time

00:07:18.890 --> 00:07:31.343
living in La this is the perfect place to get into all that so when I do it again I'll definitely report back or maybe I'll find someone who is kind of an expert in that area and bring them on the podcast to talk about it

00:07:31.232 --> 00:07:41.147
but if you're interested in Retreats definitely check out the good vibe retreated Erica and Mila did a beautiful job curating that experience I believe they have a few dates lined up for next year.

00:07:41.315 --> 00:07:45.675
So check them out and if you would be interested in a balanced black or retreat.

00:07:46.122 --> 00:07:57.477
Let me know let me know on Instagram may be leaving comment on the latest post or shoot us a DM because we may be able to make some magic happen if people are interested and serious about it so.

00:07:57.663 --> 00:07:58.386
Let me know.

00:07:58.509 --> 00:08:10.476
It's outside of traveling I just really try to get out of the house more I've been more proactive with making plans with friends taking workout classes again just wanting to be around other people

00:08:10.293 --> 00:08:30.101
after the amount of lag time in isolation that I've spent alone over the past two years that's become a really important to me and actually when I had my birth chart read Sylvia the astrologer said that my life path or higher purpose was to thrive in community which I actually thought was really interesting because I do tend to be very introverted and

00:08:29.990 --> 00:08:34.206
I get very easily drained by people it takes.

00:08:34.374 --> 00:08:46.683
Not much in an interaction for me to feel drained and to have the desire to retreat so I also want to explore that like maybe I haven't been a part of.

00:08:46.869 --> 00:08:56.370
The right types of community or the community is that really feed my soul in the right way because I do wonder what it would feel like to truly feel fed and energized.

00:08:56.466 --> 00:09:05.552
Being around people because I just hasn't been my lived experience so far so I don't know but that was pretty much my summer that's what I've been up to for the past.

00:09:05.567 --> 00:09:13.555
Few months that I was you know taking time off of recording but I am happy to be back I'm happy to bring you

00:09:13.345 --> 00:09:26.257
new content it seemed like people enjoyed the rewinds that we did all summer so I appreciate you all tuning into those because those are some of my favorite conversations that we've had over the past several years and

00:09:26.092 --> 00:09:33.783
seeing that you appreciate them as much as I do means a lot but now it's time to get to some new stuff so so let's get into the next series.

00:09:33.906 --> 00:09:46.161
So here I'm balanced black girl we produce episodes in series that basically means we take a central theme or topic we examine it from different perspectives over the course of about six ish

00:09:46.068 --> 00:09:51.220
episodes a lot of flexible with it so our series that I'm kicking off today is

00:09:51.037 --> 00:10:01.582
the abundance and money series and this series was inspired by a few different things one being my own interest in personal finance and just understanding money

00:10:01.507 --> 00:10:10.980
better write a big key to having money and leveraging money understanding it right I like many people was not

00:10:10.824 --> 00:10:24.214
raised to have healthy financial habits I was not directly taught how to do a lot of things when it comes to finances and over the past year I've really wanted to challenge myself on that because I was making.

00:10:24.265 --> 00:10:36.286
Not necessarily a poor financial decisions but like not the best financial decisions that I would use Willow I wasn't taught as an excuse to continue making not the best financial decisions ever truly serving me

00:10:36.121 --> 00:10:45.585
and I really wanted to challenge myself on that and I wanted to call myself in on that because there are a lot of things I wasn't necessarily taught to do that I seem to figure out

00:10:45.564 --> 00:10:53.912
right I didn't as a child have anybody sit me down and teach me how to podcast also podcast didn't exist but you know what I'm saying I don't have anybody

00:10:53.810 --> 00:11:06.380
sit me down and teach me how to do it I wanted to learn so I saw the knowledge and did it right I didn't have anybody teach me how to create content I wanted to create content so I started learning and I sought the knowledge to do it.

00:11:06.773 --> 00:11:16.616
So living in this current period in history and we have access to any subject or piece of information at our fingertips I was really feeling ready to learn

00:11:16.451 --> 00:11:31.182
and apply I could not hold that against anybody in my life for what they didn't teach me or what they didn't tell me or what they didn't do because I just finally reached a point where I understood okay there's something I need to do and if I don't have the knowledge then it's time for me to seek it out

00:11:30.999 --> 00:11:34.350
so that was a lot of where my head has been at.

00:11:34.780 --> 00:11:43.263
And a lot of what inspired this series and as always whenever I learn something whenever I'm uncovering something

00:11:43.224 --> 00:11:50.761
I want to come and I want to share with you that's like my first instinct that's what this podcast was created for so that's what we're going to do here.

00:11:50.858 --> 00:12:08.541
I don't ever want to act like not having money or being in a hard spot this a sign of personal failure because it's not it's so often systemic and there are so many contributing factors to the financial challenges that many are facing right now so just know that when we talk about budgeting and getting out of debt it's really about doing the best you can with

00:12:08.322 --> 00:12:16.166
what you have and that we focus on those actionable things as a source of encouragement but I just wanted to put that disclaimer out there.

00:12:16.217 --> 00:12:22.386
Now I wanted to start off the series by talking about an asset that is closely tied with money.

00:12:22.411 --> 00:12:27.536
But is even more valuable than money and that is time.

00:12:27.704 --> 00:12:39.311
So I recently had a birthday and I like to use my birthday as my own personal New Year so it's when I like to set intentions and get really clear on what I want to call in in the coming year.

00:12:39.479 --> 00:12:46.945
And my intention this year is all about time and truly treating time the way I would treat money

00:12:46.933 --> 00:12:53.786
understanding where my time goes spending time wisely investing my time so I can get a healthy return.

00:12:54.009 --> 00:12:58.819
This is what I like to call time abundance so

00:12:58.645 --> 00:13:14.177
I don't know about you but I've not had the best relationship with time at points in my life whether I was having a really busy season and I was just super stressed because I didn't feel like I had enough time to get everything done or I've had Seasons where I've had long stressful commutes and stressful jobs that were

00:13:13.976 --> 00:13:22.909
long hours and I just felt so frustrated and resentful that so much of my time was used simply getting to and from and doing work that I.

00:13:23.041 --> 00:13:27.122
Honestly couldn't stand even on a broader level that fear of getting older

00:13:27.056 --> 00:13:38.942
running out of time to do the things that I want to do in life and as my 30s are cruising by I would be lying if I said I didn't still struggle with that because time feels like it goes so fast one minute.

00:13:39.047 --> 00:13:45.990
Your young adult and you're getting your first job and you're embarking on adulthood and the next thing you know you're turning 30 and you're wondering where the time went.

00:13:46.123 --> 00:13:55.416
Right wondering where the dreams you had went and how life took different twists and turns that you didn't anticipate and you might wonder like how did I get here.

00:13:55.440 --> 00:14:06.165
Over the past two years in particular I've seen a lot of people online say things like time is a construct or time isn't real to that I say yes and no

00:14:06.162 --> 00:14:08.937
right if time just totally wasn't real.

00:14:09.195 --> 00:14:17.012
What are seasons if time isn't real what are the cycles of the moon right what are our menstrual cycles like these are all

00:14:16.847 --> 00:14:26.303
measurements of time their measurements of time in the context of nature I believe in the context of nature time is absolutely real

00:14:26.273 --> 00:14:28.634
what I think is not real

00:14:28.406 --> 00:14:46.225
are some of the bounds of time that were helped to write that schooling should take a certain number of years that 40 hours of work each week is a standard if you haven't reached a certain level of success by 30 then you're behind so many of the deadlines were holding ourselves to those things

00:14:46.132 --> 00:14:48.655
I think those are aspects of time that are not real.

00:14:48.985 --> 00:14:58.603
In fact Global time as we know it didn't exist until 1884 that was when the 24-hour clock became the standard and that was when time zones were created

00:14:58.429 --> 00:15:07.551
and the long scope of things that's actually a very short amount of time 1884 compared to how long Humanity has been in existence

00:15:07.548 --> 00:15:13.664
it's not that long ago so what do we do with all of this and what does this have to do with time abundance

00:15:13.634 --> 00:15:23.836
according to psychology today time abundance is a method of looking at time as a tool not as a deadline or an imaginary clock that we need to constantly be try to get ahead of

00:15:23.743 --> 00:15:34.216
so they consider time abundance the idea of treating time as an accomplice in living the life you want to live instead of seeing it as this scarce resource that you have to overcome each day.

00:15:34.537 --> 00:15:44.136
No I had a dollar every time I said or thought I don't have time for XYZ or there isn't enough time for XYZ I would have.

00:15:44.340 --> 00:15:52.490
Racks on racks on racks and I found that the more I focus on what I don't have time for the less time I truly have.

00:15:52.568 --> 00:16:03.707
A little while back I started looking at my time I started looking at my days looking at how I spent them the first time I ever did this I was actually working with a coach this is probably six or seven years ago

00:16:03.569 --> 00:16:14.978
at the time I was working two jobs I had a horrible commute for one of them so for my Seattle people at the time I was living in can I was commuting up to Capitol Hill Supple days a week for one of my jobs and for the others

00:16:14.786 --> 00:16:21.163
job I was working you know nights and weekends and Retail I was also teaching early morning Fitness classes.

00:16:21.196 --> 00:16:26.654
This was when my content creation and work I was doing as a blogger with starting to pick up.

00:16:26.759 --> 00:16:43.767
Circuit you know 2016 Instagram was really picking up so I was working with this coach because I was feeling really burned out and I told her how exhausted and burned out I was feeling and she asked me to track my time for a few days hour by hour so that we could draw correlations between what I was doing

00:16:43.530 --> 00:16:49.160
and how I was feeling and when I tracked that time it was rough when I saw it out on paper

00:16:49.040 --> 00:17:01.592
it was really really hard most of my time with either spent working one of my jobs commuting between jobs and in the rare down time I had I was numbing out so I was spending a lot of time online just exhausted and so and out

00:17:01.454 --> 00:17:04.842
and it made me realize if my schedule where a bank account.

00:17:05.181 --> 00:17:13.754
It would have been severely overdrawn right my stuff was raggedy I had to think about what I wanted and and what was serving me at that time

00:17:13.661 --> 00:17:26.438
so I ended up making some changes I ended up leaving the fitness studio I was working at because it took such a toll physically and was just not moving the needle income-wise like Fitness does not pay well I don't know if you know that.

00:17:26.543 --> 00:17:34.954
Anybody who's worked in Fitness probably knows that but I just found that what I was putting into it it wasn't worth the energy the time the physical strain

00:17:34.798 --> 00:17:42.075
then also around that time I had the opportunity to start picking up more hours at my retail job which between bonuses and commission

00:17:41.847 --> 00:17:50.717
the time I was saving not commuting to that other job it actually made more sense financially to focus my energy there so I ended up quitting that other job that I had.

00:17:50.867 --> 00:17:59.395
This time period taught me a lot about the value of my time and I started to understand how I spent my time really impacted the quality

00:17:59.320 --> 00:18:14.240
of my life so that was one of my first major lessons when I was able to focus my time on things that produced a bigger return and that return could have been more of my time back maybe it was more money maybe it was more time to spend with my friends and family

00:18:14.102 --> 00:18:17.985
started giving me some of my time back to spend how I please.

00:18:18.045 --> 00:18:26.618
It opened up a totally different perspective so if you haven't done a Time tracking exercise I highly encourage you to do so I actually created a little.

00:18:26.777 --> 00:18:30.741
Linked In the show notes you can use it to track your time for a few days.

00:18:30.747 --> 00:18:40.212
Just to see how you're feeling see what's going on something else that could be really helpful is going into your phone settings and looking at your time there specifically if you have an iPhone.

00:18:40.218 --> 00:18:53.940
It'll tell you how much time you're spending either on your screen or on certain apps each week and you can determine if how you're spending your time is an alignment with how you want to feel so you can get that template by going to balance black girl.com / time.

00:18:54.000 --> 00:19:01.538
Are visiting the show notes so that you can do a little time tracking and see where that exercise leads you now I'm hard-headed

00:19:01.535 --> 00:19:11.558
I'm really never have just one job so that season that I described in 2016 was not the last time that I was feeling pulled in a lot of directions

00:19:11.519 --> 00:19:22.216
partially because I'm a busy body and I'm just always adding things to my own plate and also I've definitely worked multiple jobs continue to work multiple jobs out of necessity because

00:19:22.015 --> 00:19:27.186
as we all know life is expensive right and we'll talk a lot about that in this series

00:19:27.003 --> 00:19:44.776
but the full-time work and content creation juggle is one that I've been doing for a very long time now in one way or another it can be really rewarding to share content and be in community with you all and when I hear from you all how balanced black girl or other things I've worked on have helped you I can't help but feel really grateful that I get to do this.

00:19:45.286 --> 00:19:46.135

00:19:46.096 --> 00:19:55.930
it's still work and on top of having a day job which I've had this whole time it's a constant juggle so I'm constantly overcoming time scarcity.

00:19:55.963 --> 00:20:00.791
Giving myself space and Grace to lean into time abundance I navigate giving my time.

00:20:00.851 --> 00:20:08.065
Energy and brain power to these two separate worlds while still needing to pour into myself and my relationships at some point you

00:20:08.053 --> 00:20:19.525
so as I just mentioned Psychology today describes time abundance as treating time like a friend or an ally a teammate that is working with you not against you and I would like to take that a step.

00:20:19.576 --> 00:20:26.240
Further and say that I feel most time abundant when I'm treating time like an asset

00:20:26.093 --> 00:20:39.474
write an asset is something useful or valuable and finance an asset is something that you have or you own that has value such as cash property or stocks bonds a business a car art

00:20:39.255 --> 00:20:48.530
jewelry these are all considered assets because they could be traded for Value so what if we started treating time like an asset.

00:20:48.590 --> 00:20:51.987
And time abundance is what we do

00:20:51.921 --> 00:21:00.341
the mindset we have the way we move to cause that asset to appreciate right appreciate means increase in value

00:21:00.203 --> 00:21:07.264
on the other hand moving in time scarcity would cause that asset to depreciate or to go down in value.

00:21:07.459 --> 00:21:11.225
How could that impact the way we move through our days.

00:21:11.258 --> 00:21:28.122
So I Revisited the time tracking exercise at different points in my life to reset especially when I'm feeling time scares for when I'm feeling overwhelmed I like to go through what's on my plate how I'm spending my time and look for opportunities of appreciation what can I do to create more time

00:21:27.894 --> 00:21:36.818
for more space so let me walk you through an example of what that's look like for me so if we take podcasting and content creation as an example.

00:21:36.887 --> 00:21:47.198
About a year into podcasting when things really started picking up and I started getting more busy I was concerned that I was setting myself up for bernau I wasn't there yet but I could feel it

00:21:47.150 --> 00:21:53.373
coming so I sat down and I wrote down all the things I was doing to make this podcast run so

00:21:53.253 --> 00:22:05.319
everything from brainstorming episode ideas to pitching guests to writing and responding to emails editing the episodes writing the show notes writing the blog post creating graphics for social media

00:22:05.289 --> 00:22:20.128
posting the graphics on social media going back and forth with guests to answer their questions and get their photos so I create the graphics responding to DMs I mean that's a short list of all that goes into it and I was like okay this is everything I'm currently doing and it's a lot.

00:22:20.404 --> 00:22:23.180
Done are these things necessary.

00:22:23.636 --> 00:22:31.246
To can I get help in some way three if I do need to do them is there a way I can do them more efficiently.

00:22:31.270 --> 00:22:36.062
So at that time from a budget perspective I was not in a place where I have the resources to

00:22:35.978 --> 00:22:42.400
delegate to other people very expensive to do that so I started delegating to technology

00:22:42.307 --> 00:22:51.051
so back and forth correspondence with guest was becoming really big time drain and hiring a VA to do that for me

00:22:50.886 --> 00:22:59.324
wasn't in the budget so I was like okay how can I automate this how can I simplify this to give me some time back to give the guests more clarity

00:22:59.150 --> 00:23:11.639
so I ended up creating this system where I use an automatic scheduling tool I use Acuity you could use something like calendly you know they work very similarly that was synced with my Google Calendar so that my availability

00:23:11.609 --> 00:23:18.292
was always up-to-date so when I would be talking to a guest to book them on the show instead of emailing back and forth to find a time.

00:23:18.379 --> 00:23:24.233
We got to a point where they agreed to come on I'd send them this link and it has a little forms they

00:23:24.212 --> 00:23:30.580
your time based on my availability that I predetermined and when they fill out the form they need to provide their bio.

00:23:30.631 --> 00:23:38.439
When they provide their social media handles their headshot anything they'd like to promote any information that I need to prepare for the episode

00:23:38.310 --> 00:23:49.854
then when they booked it creates a Google calendar invite that is sent to me and is sent to them with all of the info they provided as well as a link to the online software that I use to record

00:23:49.716 --> 00:23:50.592

00:23:50.409 --> 00:24:00.845
they are automatically sent an onboarding document that I wrote with all the information they needed to know and I put you know Common answers to questions that I was getting from potential guests All In.

00:24:00.906 --> 00:24:06.688
One place just so that they had everything they needed and it saved me so much time.

00:24:06.703 --> 00:24:20.551
So much money made things clearer and easier for my guests because they had all the information they needed right in the calendar invite its saved so much on emailing back and forth creating that process was probably one of my greatest

00:24:20.413 --> 00:24:30.229
acts of time abundance my time appreciated after I implemented that process I took what was often a string of

00:24:30.100 --> 00:24:46.622
anywhere between five to ten emails and I cut it down to what was one email and then an automated process from there so I got so much time energy and brain power back I wasn't able to use that time to prep more for interviews so that the quality of the show is better

00:24:46.457 --> 00:24:50.106
or just chill and recharge important to myself which

00:24:50.031 --> 00:25:01.017
also makes the work that I do so much better so as you embark on time abundance look for ways you can leverage time as an asset are there some ways you can create some appreciation for that asset.

00:25:01.059 --> 00:25:14.817
And maybe it's not creating a process or streamlining maybe you are in a place to delegate maybe it is asking for help maybe it's saying no to something maybe it's honing in on distraction so that you can get things done.

00:25:14.877 --> 00:25:25.089
In less time so you can create more time to pour into yourself right so how can you make things easier for yourself we tend to do things the hard way because we think we have to

00:25:25.041 --> 00:25:34.208
we think everything has to be hard because we find Merit and accepting that things have to be hard but what if we found strength in making things easier and then going on about our day.

00:25:34.502 --> 00:25:44.056
I can't think of anything more abundant than that so next I want to talk about time as a privilege because time can.

00:25:44.117 --> 00:25:50.277
Not always but certainly can be a privilege as always there is Nuance here

00:25:50.274 --> 00:25:57.101
see I remember back in the girlboss era that mean that side you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce

00:25:56.999 --> 00:26:03.924
I definitely have that a screensaver on my phone during my working 5011 jobs commuting everywhere phase.

00:26:04.003 --> 00:26:07.012
I look back on it and cringe because I'm like girl.

00:26:07.027 --> 00:26:14.331
Beyonce is not taken the bus an hour each way to work like you are like Beyonce is not

00:26:14.157 --> 00:26:28.096
teaching Fitness classes making $10 a class boo she values her time more so you do not have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce beehive don't come for me because I love Beyonce but she and I do not have the same 24 hours in a day.

00:26:28.273 --> 00:26:39.942
Her 24 hours are very different from mine my 24 hours are very different from yours so when it comes to our relationship with time we tend to compare ourselves to people who are living under entirely different

00:26:39.814 --> 00:26:46.604
circumstances a working parent has a very different 24 hours than someone who doesn't have kids and that's okay

00:26:46.520 --> 00:26:51.123
apparent to a new baby has a very different 24 hours and someone whose kids are grown.

00:26:51.237 --> 00:26:59.198
And that's okay a person who has a 24 hour commute has a very different 24 hours and someone who works from home and again that's okay.

00:26:59.447 --> 00:27:03.357
So as we're looking at our own personal relationships with time.

00:27:03.562 --> 00:27:12.630
It's important to keep our own circumstances in mind figuring out how you can be as time abundant as possible from where you are with the time you have.

00:27:12.816 --> 00:27:26.781
As your life changes you can change how you approach time along with it if you see a morning routine tick-tocks from the tech girlies who work from home because it makes you feel away because your mornings are jam-packed and look different it's okay to keep

00:27:26.778 --> 00:27:33.371
swiping to tap not interested if it's not a value or relatable to you okay you are doing

00:27:33.341 --> 00:27:39.637
amazing you are amazing it is okay if your version of amazing looks and feels

00:27:39.607 --> 00:27:48.081
different from someone else's whether that is Beyonce's or an influencer or me or your neighbor or anyone else.

00:27:48.474 --> 00:27:57.011
You are in charge you are the boss of what you consume and how you move and you may not be in full control over your time

00:27:56.864 --> 00:28:06.184
but you are in full control of our what you consume you are in full control over how you move through the world and you are in full control over how you respond to what you see.

00:28:06.262 --> 00:28:09.092
All right now let's talk about.

00:28:09.107 --> 00:28:19.976
The intersection of time and money because he might be thinking less what does this have to do with money I thought this was a money series great question I got you the answer to that is everything.

00:28:20.135 --> 00:28:28.366
Time has everything to do with money okay now I'm very much still.

00:28:28.633 --> 00:28:31.346
A working girl still a baddie on a budget

00:28:31.226 --> 00:28:42.977
I will say over the past few years my financial situation has improved so let me tell you the years 2017 to 2019 in particular were really really tough for me financially

00:28:42.794 --> 00:28:51.916
but I've been really fortunate to have reached a point where I'm more stable now than I was during that time and I share that to say that change.

00:28:52.066 --> 00:28:54.859
Can happen really really quickly.

00:28:54.884 --> 00:29:03.664
I say that in the most encouraging way possible all it takes is one yes one job offer one contract one opportunity.

00:29:03.823 --> 00:29:13.692
One person mentioning your name in a room one blessing can come to you today and turn this all around I know times are really hard for a lot of people right now.

00:29:13.869 --> 00:29:25.575
Life is expensive AF even if your quote unquote doing well life is still very expensive and everybody's feeling it and I also know that just one yes can positively change things for you so

00:29:25.518 --> 00:29:32.264
quickly so be ready to act on and receive that yes because you're so so worthy of it.

00:29:32.387 --> 00:29:37.665
And I say all of that to say reaching a newer found point of stability has shown me.

00:29:37.671 --> 00:29:46.208
How closely intertwined time and money are how closely linked our attitude towards time and money truly are.

00:29:46.467 --> 00:29:53.230
I've learned it how I spend my time does have a connection to how much I value myself in that moment.

00:29:53.263 --> 00:29:58.686
And I'm feeling really high in my value I'm a lot more focused I see the goal.

00:29:58.899 --> 00:30:05.356
My actions are in alignment with the goal I'm consistent I follow through I keep my commitments to myself.

00:30:05.695 --> 00:30:09.956
I'm not necessarily picking up my phone and looking for dopamine and they getting.

00:30:09.980 --> 00:30:19.814
In this Loop where I'm constantly looking for approval because I don't feel like I already have it within myself right I treat my time with respect I'm doing things that will help that asset.

00:30:19.973 --> 00:30:27.043
And when myself value is wavering a bit I get very easily distracted still to this day.

00:30:27.607 --> 00:30:34.028
I procrastinate to avoid potential discomfort or because I've built something in my head to be harder than it is

00:30:34.026 --> 00:30:38.206
I'm looking for things to be distracted by because I feel out of alignment.

00:30:38.680 --> 00:30:44.921
My actions don't align with my goals in that because in that moment I may not be fully in my worthiness.

00:30:45.494 --> 00:30:50.935
I'm not always respecting my time I'm creating scarcity and it happens.

00:30:51.085 --> 00:31:08.849
We are human I don't say any of that to beat myself up over it and I don't want you beating yourself up over it if you can relate to those actions it's about awareness and and I feel like at times we all have moments where we blend the two there are definitely times where we treat our time and our cells have high value and there are times when we don't

00:31:08.693 --> 00:31:15.106
part of the human experience but time is actually more important than money.

00:31:15.247 --> 00:31:23.442
It is always possible to make money if you lose money it is entirely possible to get it back and then some.

00:31:23.790 --> 00:31:27.835
It is not possible to get time back.

00:31:27.913 --> 00:31:36.864
Time to create memories time with people we love time doing things we love we can't always get that back.

00:31:37.158 --> 00:31:39.718
Which is why being abundant with our time.

00:31:39.760 --> 00:31:48.684
Doing all we can to create more respecting ourselves so we can respect our time so we can spend time doing what matters most to us is so.

00:31:48.771 --> 00:31:55.337
Important so relating it back to money the actions are very similar now I want to forget reader right here I'm talking about

00:31:55.136 --> 00:32:05.528
actions I'm not saying that under any circumstances how much money you have is an indication of our self-worth because that is not true and there are so many examples of why that's not true on both ends where

00:32:05.507 --> 00:32:15.709
people can have not a lot of money but still very much respect and value themselves and people can have a whole lot of money and not respect or value themselves or anybody else okay but how we treat our money.

00:32:15.778 --> 00:32:25.927
Similar to how we treat our time in my experience is closely linked to how I'm feeling so when I'm feeling aligned in a place of value I do tend to treat my money with more respect.

00:32:25.996 --> 00:32:35.784
I'm checking my accounts I'm aligning my spending with my goals I'm paying things on time and then when I'm feeling misalignment again I do all of this in very human

00:32:35.565 --> 00:32:41.951
that respected money isn't always there so there may be periods of time where I'm not as good about tracking my spending or

00:32:41.831 --> 00:32:52.033
I go over my budget or I make decisions that don't align with my goals right I don't transfer that money to savings even though I had the goal to I get a little swipe happy with the credit card

00:32:51.985 --> 00:32:57.993
and I think it's important not to create shame or guilt here but to have some awareness of where we are and what we're doing

00:32:57.909 --> 00:33:02.566
alright so lastly when we think about the intersection of time and money and I feel.

00:33:02.968 --> 00:33:11.559
I feel a way about what I'm about to say but it is the truth often times the more money we have the more opportunities we have to create time.

00:33:11.943 --> 00:33:18.743
Oftentimes the more money we have the more we are in control of how we can spend our time again not always but.

00:33:19.451 --> 00:33:29.186
That tends to be a pattern we can afford to delegate things when you can afford to pay for convenience when you can afford to catch something early right these are all.

00:33:29.354 --> 00:33:33.552
Clear examples of the intersection between time and money.

00:33:33.630 --> 00:33:40.078
And my goal what I want for us what I want for you is to be resource AF I want

00:33:40.012 --> 00:33:46.074
yes you listening to have the resources to have your wants needs and desires

00:33:45.963 --> 00:34:00.486
covered in taking care of I want you to have access to the convenience of your dreams if it means you get time back to take care of you to spend your precious time pouring into yourself and doing what you love and spending time with the people that you love.

00:34:00.763 --> 00:34:04.447
So this series is going to be all about getting our money.

00:34:04.742 --> 00:34:17.699
We have episodes on everything from budgeting to paying off debt to navigating the black text to investing to managing money in the context of relationships and protecting ourselves to getting paid more to go what

00:34:17.678 --> 00:34:21.984
is crypto because I'm still trying to figure it out right we're covering it all

00:34:21.963 --> 00:34:33.534
over the coming six weeks so make sure you're subscribed this is probably my favorite series to date and I don't want you to miss a single episode because these conversations are so

00:34:33.531 --> 00:34:34.533

00:34:34.764 --> 00:34:49.081
So as we're closing out I wanted to remind you that I do have that time tracking template for you at balanced black girl.com / time which is also linked in the show notes if you'd like to do a Time tracking exercise to get a better feel for where your time goes.

00:34:49.258 --> 00:34:57.444
Had in the show notes for resources related to today's episode as well as special offers and discount codes from our sponsors we have amazing brand partners.

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Who are really here to hook us all up there the reason why me and my team are able to bring you this free podcast every week so when you support your our sponsors and use our links and use our codes you were really supporting.

00:35:08.838 --> 00:35:16.817
Huge thanks to our sponsors for supporting today's episode and to you my dear for tuning in if you like this episode

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if you like balanced black girl leave us a rating and review it helps the show stay relevant in the charts and it's just really really helpful for continuing to spread the message about what we're doing.

00:35:27.464 --> 00:35:34.209
And if you really love that one's black girl share it with a friend so that we can tune in together like I said my goal.

00:35:34.296 --> 00:35:42.293
For this series is for all of us to get our money up so share the series with your friends so that they can tune in as well so next.

00:35:42.160 --> 00:36:22.433



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