Working in Tech, Building Wealth Through Crypto, NFTs & Web3, and The Future of the Creator Economy with Grace MacJones

Grace Macjones discusses working in tech, and building wealth through emerging technologies

Curious about investing in emerging technologies such as crypto and NFTs but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right episode! While traditional forms of wealth-building such as the stock market and real estate are still relevant, tech is becoming an increasingly important space for wealth-building, and in this episode, we’re sharing how to get started.

Our guest today is Grace MacJones. Grace is a Nigerian-American technologist, podcaster, and Azure Cloud Engineer at Microsoft. She is a STEM advocate for underrepresented groups and is passionate about democratizing technology through mentoring, speaking at tech events, and volunteering with tech organizations such as Black Girls Code, Women Who Code, and DigiGirlz.

She’s also the host of the Tech Unlocked podcast which aims to demystify and diversify the tech industry by giving people of color the keys they need to unlock their successful tech careers. In addition to all of that, she’s the founder of Women of Color in Emerging Tech (WOCIET) which is a community helping WoC onboard into web3 and beyond.

In this episode, Grace and I discuss the opportunities available for building wealth in tech. She demystifies working in tech and helps us understand emerging technologies to invest in including cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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Building Wealth + Working In Tech

  • New ways of building wealth outside of stocks and real estate.
  • What cryptocurrency is, and how to invest in it.
  • How web3 will impact the creator economy.
  • How creators can use NFTs to protect their work.
  • Building wealth by working in tech.

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Episode 157 Transcript

00:00:06.862 --> 00:00:18.973
What is happening friend thank you for tuning in to balance black girl my name is Les and I am your host and balanced black girl is where we come we Kiki we find our balance and we get our lives together

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together mainly through taking a look at our habits and making the best most informed decisions for us and I'm really happy you're here.

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For the past five weeks we've been talking about money Financial Wellness mindfulness money habits protecting ourselves financially and Building Wealth.

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As someone who is a consistent consumer of content in the personal finance space I've noticed there's a lot of shifts happening particularly when we talk about wealth accumulation and the types of assets available to us

00:00:49.047 --> 00:00:52.642
it's no secret that technology is an important part of our lives.

00:00:52.648 --> 00:01:05.560
You're likely listening to this podcast on a smartphone or computer you probably use technology in your daily life and for many people looking to make career pivots Tech is a hot industry that folks want to get into.

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It's becoming increasingly clear that technology is really important for many of our livelihoods.

00:01:11.967 --> 00:01:23.168
And I'll be honest I'm not the most techie there's a lot about technology that I don't understand particularly when it comes to assets such as cryptocurrency the transition to web3

00:01:22.976 --> 00:01:28.948
nfts as an investment and how the Creator economy is going to be impacted by all of this

00:01:28.738 --> 00:01:34.664
but I knew we would be remiss to talk about money without talking about the future of money and where it could be going

00:01:34.643 --> 00:01:41.200
I was excited to bring on someone who knows a lot more about this stuff than I do my friend Grace Mick Jones.

00:01:41.206 --> 00:01:47.060
Grace is a Nigerian American technologist podcaster and Azure Cloud engineer at Microsoft

00:01:47.057 --> 00:02:01.041
she's a stem advocate for underrepresented groups and is passionate about democratizing technology through mentoring speaking at Tech events and volunteering with tech organizations such as black girls code women who code and digit girls.

00:02:01.056 --> 00:02:11.691
She's also the host at the tech unlocked podcast which aims to demystify and diversify the tech industry by giving people of color the keys they need to unlock their successful.

00:02:11.841 --> 00:02:14.130
Of years and in addition to all of.

00:02:14.199 --> 00:02:22.574
She's the founder of women of color in emerging Tech which is a community helping women of color on board into web3 and Beyond.

00:02:22.607 --> 00:02:31.316
Grace is hands down one of the smartest people I know and I'm so grateful to have learned more about these emerging Technologies and the potential to help us build wealth from her

00:02:31.106 --> 00:02:33.395
so please let me introduce you to

00:02:33.167 --> 00:02:42.847
Grace so that we can chat more about how technology impacts our wealth

00:02:42.854 --> 00:02:51.427
Thank you for joining me welcome I one of my favorite things is having people on the podcast that I know in real life.

00:02:51.478 --> 00:03:01.230
And so I'm super happy to have you here happy to catch up it's been a while since we've been in Seattle and running in the circles there so I'm happy to have you.

00:03:01.344 --> 00:03:10.232
Thank you so much for having you guys it's kind of like a full circle moment because I remember when I wanted to start my podcast and I reached out and you would just.

00:03:10.328 --> 00:03:18.190
Such a gem of a wealth of knowledge and so I am so grateful to kind of like be on the podcast and just share all the knowledge that I have.

00:03:18.458 --> 00:03:23.970
Absolutely well I'm happy to have you you are killing it you are a like Tech

00:03:23.922 --> 00:03:30.830
Queen you've had an amazing career in Tech but even more than that you are.

00:03:30.890 --> 00:03:43.955
Really doing a lot of incredible work to support the community around you and to get more of us in Tech which I think is incredible what inspired your initial interest in technology.

00:03:44.285 --> 00:03:54.118
Yeah so for those who don't know me I'm a Nigerian American technologist immigrant podcaster future is Optimist and

00:03:54.115 --> 00:04:04.444
unlike most people for me growing up when people ask what do you want to be when you grow up like I really hate about questions I didn't know and I felt like I had a lot of different interests.

00:04:04.468 --> 00:04:11.565
And so I really think about technology onto a college right it's funny I saw a video on

00:04:11.472 --> 00:04:24.321
after check page where like this guy was like your CSS class and you have even start coding and like high school all that kind of stuff and that's so funny to me because that was like my reality of being in college in my first computer science class yes and

00:04:24.183 --> 00:04:26.797
if you were like all you've never coded before in life.

00:04:26.920 --> 00:04:41.596
Yeah oh my God I have it but how I got into Tech imma go through it like a short story was basically I've always been a creative person right it works to install Rafi design and I remember in the office because I work on campus.

00:04:41.783 --> 00:04:44.909
Working on something in Photoshop and.

00:04:45.230 --> 00:04:59.124
I was going through just the motion for then I was like wow like this is so cool that there's a software that allows me to get paid and so I was like wow if I want to edit a button to the software create my own like how would I do that.

00:04:59.139 --> 00:05:03.427
Obviously we've done Google like most people in my okay how was Photoshop created

00:05:03.424 --> 00:05:13.716
then I saw it was created through a programming language and my what's a programming language what is that and then just literally went into the rabbit hole of just like research because I was just curious about it

00:05:13.606 --> 00:05:21.089
yeah and after that I did show me how to study international relations international business and I are taking a few years

00:05:21.059 --> 00:05:24.123
off of college and now when I try to go back to college

00:05:23.994 --> 00:05:37.870
I went to Community College for a while and then went back to a fool for University I was going to study this and I want to be able to create things that have impact on people but mostly creative people I didn't really know what I was doing all I knew was that you know they said if you wanted to learn how to code.

00:05:38.101 --> 00:05:49.311
Sitting through a science and it's like that let me just do that and so that's kind of like a simple story but from then on like so many doors were open to New Opportunities have come from just being able to go through that route

00:05:49.227 --> 00:06:02.185
it wasn't an easy route because a lot of people around me and study computer science and you have family and tag and things like that so it was really just putting one foot in front of the other and figure things out and we need to words my curiosity

00:06:02.092 --> 00:06:05.705
yes I feel like every episode that we do here

00:06:05.648 --> 00:06:13.275
at some point we talked about curiosity being the spark of inspiration for something but there's so many parts that I loved about your story

00:06:13.246 --> 00:06:17.173
one that it's never too late to try something or two

00:06:17.171 --> 00:06:27.688
learn something even with people being like oh you didn't take CSS classes in high school it's like no that's what I'm here to learn so I can still learn now even if I didn't do it then and also.

00:06:27.694 --> 00:06:36.762
Big shout out to Community College I love that you shared that with us and included that in your story because I think actually one of my biggest

00:06:36.741 --> 00:06:46.908
Financial mistakes I mean this series is all about money which we'll get into was not going to community college and one of my biggest regrets and actually think Community College is

00:06:46.770 --> 00:06:51.796
amazing and can lead to amazing learning and career so I love that was part of your journey.

00:06:52.171 --> 00:07:01.339
Yeah it's amazing how things have changed right now I know like a few years ago going to Community College was kind of like you know what like you know you're like you can go to a four-year College.

00:07:01.525 --> 00:07:11.205
And now I was like no I want to save some money like take all this gen Ed's taking as many classes as I can and I didn't go for a call two days I went for a semester or two until I

00:07:11.121 --> 00:07:15.103
found out what I wanted to do but then I didn't waste a lot of money

00:07:14.983 --> 00:07:27.328
I'm just going through staying at a four year college but I think a lot of people now probably know there are different ways to getting to where you want to go to where that's in tag or in a different industry but it's like find a way that fits you

00:07:27.217 --> 00:07:30.245
don't really care about what other people say because everyone's heard he's different

00:07:30.152 --> 00:07:43.577
Amen to that and I love that you like okay I'm going to do this while I figure out what I want to do and then when I know what I want to do I'll go to the four-year school I'll pay that money or do that that's just so smart I so wish I would have done that.

00:07:43.664 --> 00:07:55.487
So as I mentioned right now on the podcast we're in our abundant series we're talking about money we're talking about financial wellness and it was really important to me in this series to include a conversation around.

00:07:55.700 --> 00:08:03.373
New forms of currency and new ways of Building Wealth I think for a lot of people working in.

00:08:03.631 --> 00:08:08.802
Is a big part of that we see a lot of people talk about being in Tech on social media because of.

00:08:08.826 --> 00:08:21.387
Part of that draw is that it is a field that is often well compensated that you can often receive Equity stocks in a company which can help us really leverage and begin to build wealth and

00:08:21.249 --> 00:08:30.704
there's also new forms of currency that are kind of coming to light and that are evolving as we speak such as cryptocurrency and

00:08:30.629 --> 00:08:34.503
things that I think are really really important to understand.

00:08:34.572 --> 00:08:47.196
That I personally do not understand so I'm excited to ask you some very like basic questions to learn more about it yeah I'm excited to have this conversation because I feel like

00:08:47.139 --> 00:08:51.427
a lot of people are saying things but sometimes they don't relate to our community

00:08:51.388 --> 00:08:58.845
or they stayed in a sense of trying to just get the best out of you and it's not fully discussed from the risk involved.

00:08:58.914 --> 00:09:02.599
And so whenever I do get a chance to talk about you know

00:09:02.407 --> 00:09:15.986
crypto currency and what's happening with our web through entities and like hey let's have a full conversation but in a balanced way to be honest no pun intended because it's new there's a lot of risk involved and there are different ways to build wealth not just fine.

00:09:16.010 --> 00:09:23.826
Buy anywhere flipping or things like that so I'm really happy and excited to have this conversation amazing I'm excited and I love that you talked about

00:09:23.716 --> 00:09:32.640
risk because I think in any type of investment whether you're investing in crypto whether you're investing in stocks whether you're investing in real estate how you go about that

00:09:32.637 --> 00:09:45.612
very much has to do with your risk tolerance how much do you have to lose and that's an important part of the equation because I think sometimes the messaging can very much prey on people who who need resources and it can

00:09:45.501 --> 00:09:59.034
only frame it as like here's a way to make XYZ but you have to factor in Risk tolerance into that equation and I think in our community specifically for those of us who maybe aren't coming from as much generational wealth or who may not have those same safety nets.

00:09:59.040 --> 00:10:01.582
We have to factor that into our risk assessment.

00:10:01.741 --> 00:10:10.386
Yeah a hundred percent and I think for me personally that's what got me a part of what got me really into learning more about cryptocurrency because

00:10:10.221 --> 00:10:19.893
the people that are seen on Tick-Tock on YouTube like all the crypto Bros I'm like oh my gosh this is overwhelming like what are you all talking about and so it took me a few months really.

00:10:20.196 --> 00:10:28.877
Get down to what the core was of why people are actually interested in this wiper invested in this and not to get like scammed a photo in and so I think

00:10:28.874 --> 00:10:35.277
like to your client there's a lot of risk involved in this and I think the more that you were educated and aware of them or you can kind of navigate

00:10:35.230 --> 00:10:39.797
this new territory of you know cryptocurrencies and Company emerging Technologies

00:10:39.740 --> 00:10:51.040
absolutely emerging Technologies that's the word that's like the correct terminology that I was looking for but didn't have I got you so let's like thank you let's like

00:10:50.975 --> 00:10:59.485
break this all the way down and get to the nuts and bolts of these emerging Technologies so first.

00:10:59.491 --> 00:11:04.841
Like base level question would be what is cryptocurrency

00:11:04.739 --> 00:11:17.462
yeah so cryptocurrencies type of currency that is built on blockchain technology and people like okay what is that so blockchain technology is basically a distributed

00:11:17.288 --> 00:11:22.071
Ledger in the sense where think about back in the day like way back when when people.

00:11:22.122 --> 00:11:33.504
Traded or bought something they wrote it down somewhere right because there were computers you know and then when we had computers we had to enter data of how much okay this person gave me or this person

00:11:33.456 --> 00:11:46.170
it was in a centralized kind of like structure so Banks Banks have all our construction records and things like that now we blockchain technology this opportunity to have this interaction of Records.

00:11:46.194 --> 00:12:02.680
On the technology that's transparent that was you can see what happens we're able to also have data ownership of what is being shared and it's kind of taking power away from the bank saying like hey like you can restrict me from receiving x amount of money or say I can

00:12:02.489 --> 00:12:08.613
no but you know this amount of money you're ascended somewhere else and so if you think about traditional.

00:12:08.619 --> 00:12:15.365
Money like Fiat you know she's a doll a lot of times let's say like you were trying to send money to another country

00:12:15.362 --> 00:12:21.909
there's something called the exchange rate of currency rate right so a dollar right now in America obviously it's not a dollar euro.

00:12:21.942 --> 00:12:26.392
Because of the pandemic and inflation apparently for the first time in about like a few years like.

00:12:26.615 --> 00:12:38.825
The euro is underneath the dollar which is crazy and so but with crypto currencies like Bitcoin with Syria why send someone in Nigeria one Bitcoin is one Bitcoin it doesn't change based on that country

00:12:38.678 --> 00:12:45.297
and I feel like there's so much that goes into this part of it called defy decentralized Finance

00:12:45.114 --> 00:12:58.152
and the centralization just means basically that there's not want entity that has the power to kind of change records or to kind of like make any changes so it's between a peer-to-peer Network like it's

00:12:58.015 --> 00:13:05.948
but between a group of people so let me give another example for like something that's all centralized for it now social media is centralized

00:13:05.819 --> 00:13:12.106
in probably two or three companies mostly Facebook and Instagram but and so if they go now guess what

00:13:12.040 --> 00:13:23.755
everything that you know we do on Instagram you know on Facebook or even WhatsApp like it's all going down because it's on a centralized platform and so with that happened a few months ago

00:13:23.635 --> 00:13:30.831
yeah it happened back in I think October 20 20 21 wear for like six hours everyone was freaking out you know

00:13:30.747 --> 00:13:45.441
people couldn't post on Instagram content created specifics lost money and I think that was a big eye-opener because we were like wow like the one of those big companies were ever to go down and get hacked or whatever there is a lot of risk involved and so now people are looking through it okay.

00:13:45.709 --> 00:13:49.816
How do we build something that is decentralized and that's why I know.

00:13:49.832 --> 00:14:04.823
Jumping ahead of myself like web3 really means which is like the next phase of the internet or third phase of Internet built on blockchain technology that is decentralised we're not fully there yet people like their own web two point five because all these other things are being built

00:14:04.730 --> 00:14:12.898
but that's kind of the ideology of what that looks like so coming back to your question about cryptocurrency concurrency basically a currency that's built on the blockchain.

00:14:12.922 --> 00:14:20.730
When it comes to currency that's built on the blockchain is that something that anyone is able to access how do we access what's there

00:14:20.673 --> 00:14:32.928
yes so accessing cryptocurrency all you need to do is set up a wallet a lot of people there's a misconception that I like to have like millions millions of dollars to enter into this world and it's basically like investing.

00:14:32.934 --> 00:14:44.433
In stocks right in a sense a couple of things are different and obviously everything you see on here is not Financial advice so definitely do your own research but say I wanted to you know buy right now a Bitcoin

00:14:44.385 --> 00:14:51.095
it's definitely in the red because we're gonna Beer Market you know it's a couple of thousands of dollars so it's extremely

00:14:51.047 --> 00:14:55.722
if you're not in the financial means to buy one Bitcoin but you can also buy it fraction.

00:14:55.827 --> 00:15:06.939
Of a cryptocurrency and that's what I've done like when I got sorry I just literally five dollars why are those were the Bitcoin on cash app that's how easy it was for noumic let me just go through the process

00:15:06.837 --> 00:15:09.180
observing what everyone is talking about.

00:15:09.250 --> 00:15:23.971
But what is also interesting is that you know you can go through a traditional platforms like cash app or you can open it crypto wallet now in the web3 space for the day centralized version of Internet your crypto wall is kind of like right there needy right

00:15:23.923 --> 00:15:28.373
and that's why people see what three being much more secure much more safe because.

00:15:28.523 --> 00:15:35.287
I don't have to log in you know put in my email password name identifiers and things like that I can literally just put.

00:15:35.680 --> 00:15:48.205
Crypto address with usually has like a long string characters of several words and then it's like a have access to like connect my wallet boom I'm in and we will provide things for people to buy nfts I mean to do XYZ

00:15:48.130 --> 00:16:01.736
and in that sense there is no one entity that has my personal data I can carry that along with me which is one of those philosophies with web3 and actors and crypto by people like words like I have some public ownership on my data and I'd have to give that up

00:16:01.535 --> 00:16:09.748
able in order to interact with the Internet or to interact with different platforms got it that is really really interesting so it sounds like.

00:16:09.862 --> 00:16:22.540
Almost removing The Gatekeepers around all of this information I mean it sounds like crypto is kind of removing Banks as The Gatekeepers of our money and what we can do with our money and how much we can access and

00:16:22.492 --> 00:16:28.157
and where we can send it to and it's creating a more streamlined version of that.

00:16:28.199 --> 00:16:32.559
Yes and it's interesting because when all this started obviously

00:16:32.440 --> 00:16:40.292
you know Bitcoin and you know three of these are not super worried like can you currencies in this science but it's now gaining mainstream

00:16:40.181 --> 00:16:48.917
just unexpected option or mainstream attention I would say attention not a gumption and it taken over the past few years for even payment traditional payment system like

00:16:48.788 --> 00:16:54.921
PayPal visa to come around you so I can say okay now you can accept crypto as payment like let's say

00:16:54.810 --> 00:17:03.383
you got to create a consecrated like yeah I don't want to get payment in cash I don't want to get any crypto now they've enabled all their space to happen because they see

00:17:03.344 --> 00:17:15.905
braided feature is going and they want to make sure that you don't get enough behind but it took a couple of years you know for them to say hey like one do something that's different and I think out of all of this is just the ability to have options right if I want to look like.

00:17:15.938 --> 00:17:20.497
Be able to collect a certain crypto a mile or certain type of crypto

00:17:20.413 --> 00:17:39.176
as a Creator watching our have the ability to do so and with all of this obviously because there isn't a lot of control there it's feels like the Wild Wild West right because people like definitely scary folks you know people have definitely a money laundry and go to say it is definitely happening because there's that freedom now it's just like hey

00:17:39.011 --> 00:17:45.901
through this way I can do XYZ but at the same time I feel like a lot of people are also diversifying the folio I was in the

00:17:45.853 --> 00:17:55.668
conference in Austin called consensus a few months ago and 2 Chainz the rapper was like yeah he bought the corn for all of these kids and he's like let me just just sit there.

00:17:55.747 --> 00:18:04.563
Because I'm going to kinda right now it's definitely unstable it sometimes up sometimes it's doubt and so you put he's like yeah like that's a different asset I'm just going to have for them because who knows what it would be.

00:18:04.605 --> 00:18:09.478
10 years from now 20 years from now so I think when it comes to this new world of.

00:18:09.538 --> 00:18:19.344
Crypto currency and things are a different I think having a long-term view is very very important than just being like hey I'm going to get into this flip and be rich and you know as lit

00:18:19.278 --> 00:18:27.816
nah it doesn't have a moose right sometimes you can see like crypto bro seeing like you have like five aspects amount of you know all coins or

00:18:27.741 --> 00:18:37.070
Tori to 401K please don't if you can't pay your rat's beliefs prioritize your needs and everything and I get a lot of people just get

00:18:37.067 --> 00:18:45.946
caught up in the hype because there is one pipe right now and they're not able to assess what's going on the market and so I think

00:18:45.745 --> 00:18:58.243
definitely financial literacy is so important when engaging with new technology like this like you need to know what you're getting into and also have a why someone or something acts like okay I want to get me two days and like why.

00:18:58.411 --> 00:19:11.720
Like because you know the celebrity I said just because celebrity is getting into this read something and Twitter it doesn't mean that you just jump and and just you know put your money where you don't even understand what it's going to look like

00:19:11.564 --> 00:19:14.501
make sure you have a solid reason because like I mentioned.

00:19:14.561 --> 00:19:22.621
This is a new space a lot of things go up a lot of things go down and if your reasons are strong enough or if you don't have a backup or if your portfolio is not

00:19:22.510 --> 00:19:30.012
diverse then you're in a lot of trouble right and at this rate there's nobody to call like you can be like hey.

00:19:30.171 --> 00:19:43.417
I lost my Bitcoin but can you know because it's not regulated it's still being developed and started told other people make sure you take your time with what's happening around and make sure that you just do your research so I know there's a long answer to your initial question but those are just

00:19:43.351 --> 00:19:44.119

00:19:44.233 --> 00:19:54.075
It was a great answer and was so so helpful because I think it's really important to have those disclaimers and to understand that and

00:19:54.036 --> 00:20:01.565
I loved what you said about it really being a long game because I think investing in general is

00:20:01.562 --> 00:20:07.606
along game I mean the best best thing you can have when it comes to investing is

00:20:07.513 --> 00:20:17.580
time especially with something that is really volatile while kind of the regulations around all these things get squared away so I think that that was super

00:20:17.433 --> 00:20:25.412
super helpful and as you mentioned right now everything is in a bit of a downturn bear Market which means just.

00:20:25.670 --> 00:20:31.002
Everything is going down crypto is having a rough time in my mind.

00:20:31.270 --> 00:20:35.702
Applying kind of stock market logic where I think okay.

00:20:35.879 --> 00:20:47.297
If you have it then when things are low or when things are down it's actually a great time to buy because you could probably afford more and eventually when it goes back up if you buy low and hold it then when it goes back up then

00:20:47.240 --> 00:20:50.537
hopefully that's when you can you know have something to Leverage.

00:20:50.706 --> 00:21:01.016
Would you agree that that's also relevant for crypto like can we apply similar investing strategies that we would apply to the stock market to crypto or should we have a different approach

00:21:01.013 --> 00:21:10.406
yes and no to your first point of yes whenever a good price with anything especially something that you're really interested in goes.

00:21:10.790 --> 00:21:19.930
Whoa and you're interested in buying definitely by a fair amount that you feel like it's comfortable for you and I told people like hats that

00:21:19.891 --> 00:21:26.168
Verity period of time right I mean except if you were like a high baller like you're trying to like just jumping.

00:21:26.238 --> 00:21:35.927
Go ahead do your thing I'm not trying to stop you but if you want to stage of just curiosity and learning right I think now is a great time to like by in a sense of say okay like I want to.

00:21:35.960 --> 00:21:44.929
Own x amount of a Bitcoin and just kind of go through the process of what does that look like what do I need to actually buy it how does it work how do I track it.

00:21:45.097 --> 00:21:51.573
What are people within this ecosystem talking about and so to regards buy stocks obviously was one of

00:21:51.561 --> 00:21:58.072
come in low then when it goes up either sell it or still hold it because then you have a Crossing but if you

00:21:58.052 --> 00:22:07.138
by when it's high and then so when it's low you were at a loss because you basically sold to like and so that's something that you know what.

00:22:07.153 --> 00:22:08.929
Stock definitely

00:22:08.845 --> 00:22:19.516
it's kind of similar but an acceptor market right now you know a lot of people get bit coin and crypto currency like Bitcoin isn't watch training technology it's a type

00:22:19.324 --> 00:22:24.125
of currency on the blockchain there are several different types of currency right.

00:22:24.149 --> 00:22:31.156
The blockchain ethereum Solana this a whole bunch of chemical name in that but.

00:22:31.549 --> 00:22:40.617
Bitcoin is one of the biggest because it's one of the it was so original and a lot of people have much more confidence in it but it still has a long way to go when it comes to Assyria.

00:22:40.794 --> 00:22:50.448
Those type of cryptocurrencies are different because you can actually build on top of it and this is comes in like nfts right you can build gaps decentralized applications

00:22:50.283 --> 00:22:58.028
and you're able to either put up artworks content to do files on the blockchain and sell it.

00:22:58.133 --> 00:23:07.678
To someone else and you're able to buy it and all that transaction is recorded on the blockchain and so when you look into my okay wire and a teaser thing.

00:23:07.765 --> 00:23:14.673
Non fungible token it basically means that it's Unique you can't swap it for something else so right now a book

00:23:14.445 --> 00:23:22.037
one Bitcoin like I said it beginning equals one Bitcoin there's nothing special about it when you get into the ethereum blockchain and you

00:23:21.818 --> 00:23:44.641
you know either create an NFC and whatnot that token is not fungible meaning that you can't exchange so I imagine let's say I have a product price and you had to have a purse from Target not no offense to Target let's just go down there to RJ they say hey like they're both whack like let's exchange it you've like um I'm like it's just brought up I'm not the quality is not the same so that's what I'm is not fungible where means

00:23:44.404 --> 00:23:52.932
like it's not exchange is not exchangeable because it's Unique it's a unique asset and so entities brings a technology of showcasing.

00:23:52.966 --> 00:24:00.017
People are able to literally self non fungible tokens and you're able to prove that I own this thing

00:23:59.978 --> 00:24:06.481
I didn't even example recently I think I was going through an old suitcase and I found something less from

00:24:06.469 --> 00:24:19.408
way back when I think when you start a podcast you have this mugs that you were selling that my God guys yes something like that I'm like oh my gosh like this is like

00:24:19.333 --> 00:24:32.560
as someone who creates content for you there are ways that you can say not reward people that live in the early but went to like okay I owe one of those but there's no way that I can prove that I own it right now because I don't remember what the receipt is.

00:24:32.603 --> 00:24:36.359
If I lost it I lost it but if I had bought it through either.

00:24:36.591 --> 00:24:53.202
Blockchain driving through you know and nfts like I have that in on record like no one can go into and delete it's like no I was like I was supporter of those black girls you can't tell me nothing because here's Rufus see it so even when it comes to the creative economy and creators it's like

00:24:52.993 --> 00:24:58.838
creating an obtuse is just a way of building that Community or even rewarding people that believe in you earlier on

00:24:58.637 --> 00:25:04.491
but now you're able to prove it because it's on the blockchain everyone can see it and you have basically receipts for it.

00:25:04.903 --> 00:25:09.641
That's so helpful I think that that's especially pertinent for.

00:25:09.881 --> 00:25:17.194
Black content creators I mean how often do we see black content creators create something amazing then get stolen and appropriated and.

00:25:17.263 --> 00:25:27.249
Twisted yes 10 Ways to Sunday that ownership and and having technology that can like cement that ownership is really exciting

00:25:27.147 --> 00:25:41.770
that's what we see right now with a lot of people who had created memes for I like last year a bunch of meat makers were like okay I'm going to put this on the blockchain and they sold it to like the highest bidder because like I do I Curtis years ago but I never got credit or it was never shown the internet that

00:25:41.668 --> 00:25:47.603
this was my original idea but now because people like okay this is a person and now they want to kind of sell this asset.

00:25:47.861 --> 00:25:55.579
They're able to do so one of the cool things about selling you know nfc's right now is that whatever you can set royalties right so if I put 5%.

00:25:55.693 --> 00:26:00.503
However much in the future of this mug or whatever it is or digital art.

00:26:00.573 --> 00:26:10.073
Time's up and it's worth maybe like million dollars in future guess what I'm getting 5% of that and I really did set up in the technology I don't have to do anything you know and so when it comes to

00:26:09.971 --> 00:26:22.001
how we create especially online to your point as one of things that we don't own people talk about what oh yeah like I you know my audience like you don't Instagram can keep you out of their problems tomorrow and you can't even take username with you

00:26:21.926 --> 00:26:26.214
Wagner people who like their username on Twitter Instagram is different because

00:26:26.013 --> 00:26:43.615
big can't take it with them but it's like if you have your address or crypto address you can take that with you on different platforms are being built right now and so you're a lot of things right now in web to that we're going through every White Collar like why is this this way why is it that we have a lot of ownership why is it that our data is being sold

00:26:43.522 --> 00:26:54.697
and you know that's a conversation right now with you know Instagram and recently people just saying make Instagram Instagram again I'm like why should Instagram listen to you though it's a free platform like yeah

00:26:54.649 --> 00:26:59.801
Instagram doesn't care baby yeah they don't care in terms of like okay yeah like

00:26:59.754 --> 00:27:08.480
he allowed come here Coast you know to your friends sometimes it'd be really rely way to monetize because obviously some people sell products or things like that

00:27:08.450 --> 00:27:15.033
but when it comes to either listening to the community there is no incentive of doing so because.

00:27:15.165 --> 00:27:23.045
Based on how they're look at data and things like that their whole goal is to keep you on your platform so they can sell ads and so

00:27:22.889 --> 00:27:35.135
if they keep you through videos guess what they're going to keep doing videos you know it's because they want to make money and send a video called your attention let you be on the app keeps growing at midnight

00:27:35.051 --> 00:27:43.237
guess what it will try to redo it maybe in the next five years or something else new comes in and it's a black-and-white videos that's all that selling and

00:27:43.163 --> 00:27:52.654
Gary going to adapt to whatever the current situation of culture is because we want to make sure that first of all you're making money and they're making sure their ad revenues are growing and so.

00:27:52.894 --> 00:28:06.058
It's interesting to see how people are going to keep on creating but for right now my okay of your creator should definitely be looking at ways where you can diversify how first of all you connect with your community and also how you want to monetize the content that you're creating.

00:28:06.064 --> 00:28:12.648
Absolutely and I mean what I'm hearing from all of these amazing things that you're describing is that we're seeing.

00:28:12.870 --> 00:28:19.048
Not only emerging technology but emerging assets so what can be considered an asset

00:28:18.938 --> 00:28:23.784
that definition is widening where before assets were like.

00:28:23.808 --> 00:28:29.005
Stocks bonds house yeah that's it there are now

00:28:28.984 --> 00:28:39.664
emerging types of assets that we can hopefully leverage but a lot of that does involve being an early adopter which can be a little bit scary.

00:28:39.877 --> 00:28:49.521
Yes and I love that you know you brought that up because recently I was looking online to you every search for something and looking up at 10.

00:28:49.581 --> 00:28:52.474
First richest people in the world obviously they're all guys

00:28:52.372 --> 00:29:00.486
and in America they're all most of them wrote white matter if they're a couple of other folks but the top I don't I think five out of six of them were

00:29:00.465 --> 00:29:07.697
people were owners of companies that are intact so from Jeff Bezos to Mark Zuckerberg boss

00:29:07.586 --> 00:29:17.500
all those people and I was like wow like technology is really the gateway to building long-lasting wall for Our Generation recognize they have in common with oil real estate

00:29:17.479 --> 00:29:19.084
yeah that's cool too

00:29:18.974 --> 00:29:32.669
the right now it is technology in like looking at the list I really see anyone into real estate and I can only state prison best get your bags but I do feel like technology is the biggest driver for walls in the next few years and those who are able.

00:29:32.684 --> 00:29:41.923
Either hone in on the skills that they have now that is building tech companies working in a tech company or even leveraging technology to build in whatever way

00:29:41.830 --> 00:29:46.758
definitely have better advantage of building some type of wall for long term because.

00:29:46.971 --> 00:30:01.845
As we've seen technology obviously has its own shortcomings but it's also a vehicle that's helped a lot of us connect with other people make a Walters for in degree but now that things are also changing I think being able to be at the Forefront of that change can really put us in a good position.

00:30:01.887 --> 00:30:05.905
Absolutely let's talk a little bit about what we can do to kind of.

00:30:06.065 --> 00:30:14.502
Position ourselves for that so earlier we were talking about cryptocurrency and what it is so say somebody is like okay

00:30:14.302 --> 00:30:26.682
I'm interested I'm going to try it out I'm going to kind of do my my research to understand how can they get started so you mentioned that using like cash app can be a way to invest in crypto or

00:30:26.518 --> 00:30:31.580
to start with a wallet or there any reputable platforms that you would recommend.

00:30:31.856 --> 00:30:38.322
I'll check out to get started yeah so when it comes to just entering the space I like I said having a why

00:30:38.302 --> 00:30:52.312
why you want to enter investing that's great but also knowing that it's going to take awhile to see that return and that also what kind of assets right you looking into investing in just 44 currency there's something we'll just have crypto whatever type that is and the just

00:30:52.246 --> 00:31:04.465
leave it there to get interested in art and all that kind of stuff and some people were just buying digital assets like and if these are things like that where that's true art and photography music and that sensor of flipping it and then they're people who are building

00:31:04.435 --> 00:31:17.851
what three crypto companies which has been interesting to see because you're a lot of VC companies and that's what another part of I guess push back with who don't wanna go as well if it's centralized or decentralized why do we have DC come.

00:31:17.921 --> 00:31:24.729
The best animal because they want to make money like I exactly for me I'm like whatever it takes to kind of like

00:31:24.627 --> 00:31:31.940
build first because not everyone has that startup like cash built in it so the BC say like okay they would invest you be sure

00:31:31.838 --> 00:31:37.900
evaluate your skills but one of the biggest VC firms and a 16gb recently announced their third

00:31:37.708 --> 00:31:48.945
fun I believe we're the fourth fun and crypto investment and I think was up to 4.5 billion dollars in total it's now seven point six billion dollars are invested in web3 and crypto startups and so

00:31:48.789 --> 00:31:59.937
you look at that I like huh seven point six billion dollars that is a lot of money right but also with another track record they're one of the first VC firms invest in Facebook Mr Dan hueber

00:31:59.898 --> 00:32:05.824
all early on so there's something that they're singing apparently the connector chakra good that takes

00:32:05.822 --> 00:32:15.871
wow for a lot of other people to see and so what I look at the trends of like technology and like okay where's the money always follow the money some like yeah what's we're BC pouring money into

00:32:15.796 --> 00:32:19.544
and even now within wet to companies like Google Microsoft

00:32:19.469 --> 00:32:28.339
Nike there are also hiring for this rose that has to do with what your technology and crypto so when it comes to this part of the okay I want to get it.

00:32:28.498 --> 00:32:40.249
Like I said number one know your why number to know what you want you want to get out of it and see more of building a career is building a business or are you just in here to learn I think just being in its learnt is great

00:32:40.174 --> 00:32:52.816
because knowledge is power it's one thing to be on the outside and spread quickly and point fingers it's all scam and blah blah blah but tonight things would get into it and say hey like I want to learn

00:32:52.787 --> 00:32:57.075
what's possible right and if you get into it it's like okay this is not for me

00:32:57.045 --> 00:33:05.825
I told people that's totally fine but now you're not ignorant of what's happening around you and if your sister your cousin or a Grandma's like hey what about that Bitcoin what does that have been meaning to give

00:33:05.678 --> 00:33:13.927
tell them what it means right but then if a toothless opportunity comes in the future for you to leverage crypto for your business or

00:33:13.762 --> 00:33:25.198
um foreign content you're creating then you are aware of the opportunity you not just you're not going to dismiss it about oh it's nothing because now you've done your homework you've done your research so I taught you all the time know why you're getting into this

00:33:25.150 --> 00:33:32.777
know what you want to get out of this and number three I think the important thing that I love about this world right now is to focus on community.

00:33:32.910 --> 00:33:42.698
Spray like a lot of things that I've learned was in the context of community right what if that's a community or a Tech Community whatever that looks like because sometimes.

00:33:42.758 --> 00:33:52.546
It can feel overwhelming and it's like okay am I the one that's no don't worry it's not clicking until you find a career that oh yeah okay this is not

00:33:52.364 --> 00:34:07.598
just me okay we're all trying to learn this but it's kind of hard and it's something that's different so I can be patient with myself and not feel like I'm not getting it on the first try so those are a few things that are talking like yes definitely know why I get into this what you want to get out of it and try to learn in the context of community

00:34:07.532 --> 00:34:13.702
absolutely being in safe spaces where you can ask questions with no no sham or worries

00:34:13.591 --> 00:34:26.593
gets so needed absolutely so we talked a little bit about web3 I would love to Circle back to that to talk a little bit more about kind of the difference between where we're at you mentioned we're kind of in a.

00:34:26.878 --> 00:34:38.359
Five space and web3 so I'd love to talk a little bit more about the differences there and what we can anticipate from that shift into kind of the next iteration of the internet

00:34:38.185 --> 00:34:43.949
of course so web3 or web 3.0 is a term that was coined by Gavin

00:34:43.784 --> 00:34:48.712
what who is a computer scientist and also the co-founder of ethereum which is a.

00:34:49.123 --> 00:34:55.400
Currency this whole philosophy of web3 is basically saying that this is going.

00:34:55.460 --> 00:35:00.667
The next phase of the internet bills on decentralized technology like blockchain.

00:35:00.700 --> 00:35:09.057
And cool like that sounds great but what is it actually that's an order to understand where we're trying to go we have to kind of remember where we came from

00:35:09.027 --> 00:35:13.549
when the internet was first created we look at that as quick one

00:35:13.366 --> 00:35:30.842
that was mostly read we call back three because people just you know right things online a lot of things were static we couldn't really do much right that was from like the late 90s to the early 2000s and then we entered a to about 2004 kind of like one Facebook was created

00:35:30.695 --> 00:35:36.712
and she like probably like 20 20 that's kind of we defined as wet to because that was the creation of like

00:35:36.574 --> 00:35:49.360
to create an economy so people could read and write meaning that they can upload your content that can monetize those interactive like social media like who we blew up and now in this third phase of internet web3 or say you can read

00:35:49.240 --> 00:35:57.660
right but also own the things that you're creating going back to our conversation about your creator if you're a creative meme songs post whatever it's like.

00:35:57.774 --> 00:36:10.308
You can register now like I own this and it lives on the blockchain and up for a lot of people there's a lot of discussion is like okay you know like watching might not be their technology to do this because they're XYZ things not right I'm like okay cool

00:36:10.215 --> 00:36:17.834
we can all agree that the internet has changed since its conception and it's going to continue going to change so

00:36:17.696 --> 00:36:26.431
what does that look like right if it's more blockchains going to be something else you know that's why I tell people look at the big picture right because there are certain problems that we're facing

00:36:26.275 --> 00:36:35.010
web to meeting that being able to own our data even our online personalities like it's hard because right now if I asked you was like

00:36:34.999 --> 00:36:42.788
what online do you own what did you call assets you own and like what to what would you say I would say my website.

00:36:42.912 --> 00:36:45.048
Yes that's what are we doing website

00:36:44.982 --> 00:37:03.215
like you'll make podcasts sucks about it your domain name is almost always a theme that you own because you're an Instagram name your Twitter name like you don't own that like that belongs to you know the corporations and things like that so is there a future is there a version of Internet where

00:37:02.996 --> 00:37:14.251
you all enjoy your online identity right or they'll all my assets and that's what went through is pushing towards yes everything right now is not perfect it's definitely not it but those are things that people are thinking

00:37:14.104 --> 00:37:21.345
through it like okay what would that look like in the future but also from a term of even being if you wanted to be in

00:37:21.333 --> 00:37:33.804
Anonymous like I didn't want to always have my personal name and last name and every single thing how can I do that it's like okay I can do that through a wallet right and so there's just a friend I think problems that we see right now that we say okay.

00:37:33.882 --> 00:37:38.494
What does in you or a better internet look like and how can we build that and that's kind of like

00:37:38.438 --> 00:37:46.830
the philosophy of like web3 and like I mentioned we're not fully in it yet there's a lot of things that need to be done and that's what we need more people

00:37:46.684 --> 00:37:48.955
they're in about their so they can bring their own

00:37:48.817 --> 00:37:57.345
Solutions own lived experience to create that can trigger all thinking through right now absolutely that sounds like a very user first.

00:37:57.414 --> 00:38:06.113
Space which is is really different from where we currently are because right now it feels like everything is very platform first or very.

00:38:06.128 --> 00:38:16.313
You know Advertiser first earlier we're talking about advertisements and our data and how companies use our personal data to sell us things and so I'm also very curious about the future of.

00:38:16.364 --> 00:38:29.717
Business what will businesses do if and when we shift to the space where our data is then ours to own and they can't advertise to us in the same way or they can't use our personal information in the same way because we have more

00:38:29.669 --> 00:38:38.936
control over what's shared that's going to be interesting yeah I think that a lot of even what I'm seeing right now is that a lot of businesses are sort of like you

00:38:38.780 --> 00:38:46.786
Charlie just Illustrated be a platform for ass and be that driven will be Community First right or create a driven of saying the creators and like okay

00:38:46.630 --> 00:38:56.598
this is the type of content I want to create if you want to collaborate and partner with me here's how we can do it right and I think that was nfts and things like that people have been able to

00:38:56.442 --> 00:38:58.533
go from dress a audience

00:38:58.423 --> 00:39:06.699
to actual community and actual friends actually like what they do so for example your audience can be anyone listening but keep your community as those who

00:39:06.516 --> 00:39:15.017
post on you know your episode those were commenting reshare and that's our have the rug yeah they have been my good friend the T-shirt

00:39:14.924 --> 00:39:22.516
and as a Creator you would like okay how come I not only reward but like sure like gratitude for those people who truly.

00:39:22.477 --> 00:39:31.077
What I do right so away people have done you know things like this either partner up with different corporations or companies and say like hey

00:39:30.921 --> 00:39:35.443
let's give x amount of whatever it is that's it's a new

00:39:35.278 --> 00:39:51.062
I don't want safe product the product contact me but probably her so whatever it is or aligned with the our merch line or things like that so it's like you're rewarding your community for being part of the community and so I think Community engagement is going to be so key because everyone's going to have a way of

00:39:50.996 --> 00:39:58.353
kind of tokenizing either access to what they do or their content and where to solve that earlier with.

00:39:58.396 --> 00:40:07.824
There's a platform and kind of blanking of what it is right now but there's a platform that allows you to connect with Community where that's there through monthly I think payment and all that kind of stuff

00:40:07.758 --> 00:40:19.320
but the name is just that's my time I don't remember but not everyone is a fan of that so that but that's a concert back yeah like we want people who are the most engaged people who are champions for

00:40:19.227 --> 00:40:28.700
your content and your brand everything you do to have access to you in a certain level where not everybody does because they put in an extra effort so I think in the future a lot of

00:40:28.589 --> 00:40:39.881
teak we're going to have power because you're able to connect the community and build a community that has a strong presence that brand come to you and do you like go to them and say like hey like this is what you know

00:40:39.743 --> 00:40:45.535
if you want to do another guys coming to you and say hey we love the authenticity of your brand and your community and this was.

00:40:45.703 --> 00:40:50.738
How would love to collaborate with you so that's a power shift that's going to happen definitely.

00:40:50.762 --> 00:41:01.342
Yeah yeah I think that's really interesting something that I pay a lot of attention to obviously it's a content creator and I'm sure you do as well as just the the Creator space and.

00:41:01.358 --> 00:41:11.569
Do you often look at okay for those people who have been creating content for like a long time those really OG bloggers YouTubers people who are like still in the game

00:41:11.548 --> 00:41:19.113
what are they doing now and a lot of them are either starting separate companies yep or getting equity

00:41:19.011 --> 00:41:29.510
in the companies that they work with and that's something that I could definitely see more creators doing moving forward I mean that's what I would like to do that's ownership yeah I'm not trying to

00:41:29.400 --> 00:41:36.559
they have sponsored post for the rest of my forever I want to own some stuff give me some some equity in one of these Brands but I think

00:41:36.556 --> 00:41:42.960
it could be really interesting in the future if we see that even happen at the community level where content creators have these really engaged

00:41:42.939 --> 00:41:49.919
communities and communities can almost Buy in to have Equity into what the creators are

00:41:49.862 --> 00:41:54.609
creating something that's really almost circular and like regenerative.

00:41:54.714 --> 00:42:00.695
The content creators and the community kind of feed each other in an interesting way.

00:42:00.791 --> 00:42:14.954
That's what it's actually here it's called a gal a decentralized autonomous organization where basically you know a group of people can come together and say like you know this is what we want to do and here are the funds and Community have

00:42:14.798 --> 00:42:18.420
they have a say on how those funds are used it distributed or even like.

00:42:18.471 --> 00:42:28.214
Leveraging ideas of how they want to move forward and still with Dow's basically you have tokens and tokens are a way of governance rights okay perhaps my tokens

00:42:28.076 --> 00:42:32.823
it's just how I can either propose a proposal of something that should be done

00:42:32.677 --> 00:42:40.592
appointments here ideas and it's like dead people build on those things and then the weren't from that conversation so it's not just one-sided of like.

00:42:40.689 --> 00:42:46.039
Look at me I'm the Creator and you know this is my app or you know my business or whatever it's kind of like no like.

00:42:46.162 --> 00:42:51.899
We are call Cole career anything this and obviously yes because we're human aware complex could be.

00:42:51.923 --> 00:43:00.973
Yes there are some issues that comes into that because let's see if you have the platform and people are saying okay we can't allow people to say X Y and Z then it's like let's put up for a go

00:43:00.881 --> 00:43:10.777
and someone has a lot of tokens guess what they have a lot of votes it so how does that work but your point yes in the future like right now if you look up Dows on decentralized autonomous organization.

00:43:10.918 --> 00:43:17.106
Organizations that's kind of the key concept where it's just not one person that's in charge but it's like your other people

00:43:16.986 --> 00:43:21.274
I'm thinking you need whoever voice to what's happening and how either

00:43:21.145 --> 00:43:29.871
a certain company or organization can be structured and how they go about you know using the money the treasury and things like that that is so

00:43:29.760 --> 00:43:40.539
interesting yeah I will definitely have to look into Dallas and like understand that better because I do think that the way we interact with one another the way we interact with content.

00:43:40.635 --> 00:43:47.857
It's definitely shifting especially especially with everybody being so fed up with Instagram

00:43:47.756 --> 00:44:01.406
yes it's so I open it to see that people now are even more open and so even with Dows like there are specific doubts with different things like there's a doll for just maybe investing and all you guys do is put in your money and if you see like a good

00:44:01.358 --> 00:44:06.933
and if you project or an artist or some of the you want to invest in and then that's where the treasury goes into

00:44:06.750 --> 00:44:11.704
I remember last year there was a dow call Constitution and our work

00:44:11.522 --> 00:44:20.698
whole point was to raise money to buy a copy of the US Constitution and they did anyways over 40 million dollars from like every

00:44:20.524 --> 00:44:33.247
different cost of world it was crazy I was watching the bid live on here to go like there's no way this is happening but ultimately they lost because they didn't raise enough money to take care of the actual artifact

00:44:33.046 --> 00:44:42.402
it's Constitution you have to have a weird job keeping that piece of History so it went to someone else but just to see that like literally happening like

00:44:42.390 --> 00:44:53.718
it was a CNN like literally everyone's like people 40 million dollars and a mono of weeks like some pending resume regular people in the year or so but the fact that there was a common interest

00:44:53.670 --> 00:44:57.742
that people were able to come together around it's like hey we want to do XYZ.

00:44:57.757 --> 00:45:04.980
Literally blockchain technology enabled them to do that in a sense we're okay it's transparent you can see the address of where the money's coming from

00:45:04.914 --> 00:45:13.352
how much responded and things like that and they had a representative going literally to place a bid for the US a copy of the US Constitution and I was like.

00:45:13.376 --> 00:45:28.215
Okay there's something here after me like I don't understand it fully but there's something you're happening and so I think that as we continue to see people are adopting you know this emerging technologies that people can create ways honestly to fund different type of projects to invest in

00:45:28.023 --> 00:45:33.031
companies that maybe they can't invest in by themselves and so you may have families

00:45:32.947 --> 00:45:41.502
coming together forming It Out friends coming together forming a doll to create wealth long-term so I think it's really exciting to see where that goes

00:45:41.301 --> 00:45:49.163
I think that that's super exciting and I think that some of the more traditional forms of Building Wealth not to say that they don't

00:45:49.070 --> 00:45:57.229
work they clearly do but things that our community specifically has been disenfranchised from being able to take advantage of

00:45:57.082 --> 00:46:07.401
I think it's really interesting to see all of these things emerge that we I mean we have access to the internet just like everybody else it's more about filling that knowledge gap which conversations like this are doing

00:46:07.300 --> 00:46:14.666
I think it could really help us close some important gaps yes all of that on something I tell people it's like it pays to be early.

00:46:14.952 --> 00:46:27.126
It's really in right and me thinking through my career because obviously blockchain I love doing this isn't my day job I'm in the clouds face but I kind of talked to myself like.

00:46:27.159 --> 00:46:34.706
If I had a chance and 2004/2005 to invest in something like obviously Facebook or any of those companies like.

00:46:34.892 --> 00:46:46.057
I actually want the option to know that something like that exists and this is what talking to a lot of people are older than me wearing this crazy ride this is what I feel is like to get really in something that's first of all

00:46:45.955 --> 00:46:49.343
a lot of people are speculating which is good because we need this chords meat

00:46:49.196 --> 00:47:01.775
calling now that things are not right but also like seeing the long-term change that it can have to shape the society because Facebook is shaped our society and when it comes to information accident different things

00:47:01.583 --> 00:47:09.544
yes ma'am it was really really good and some of those really bad but ultimately they really change a lot of things for a lot of people and so looking forward

00:47:09.343 --> 00:47:15.972
how can we identify those new technologies for new systems that can really change how we

00:47:15.870 --> 00:47:25.226
interact with each other share our data learning online and how can we as people who are usually marginalize of late the early in this

00:47:25.151 --> 00:47:31.276
knowing that you know being early also consider risk right being Innovative character risk of okay

00:47:31.156 --> 00:47:45.994
this might work out but what if it does right what if it actually works that were able to lead and build in the future that we want to see and so that's why I talk to people like can lean towards your curiosity right obviously know they are risk involved

00:47:45.830 --> 00:47:51.765
but I'm optimistic I'm only seeing what could happen right and so I'm excited to see what the future holds.

00:47:52.248 --> 00:48:01.406
Yeah absolutely I think that that relates perfectly to what we're talking about at the beginning of just understanding your risk tolerance asking questions to make super informed decisions and

00:48:01.331 --> 00:48:12.191
I'm almost thinking you know as we talked about the timing of things like for us to Millennials yes timing for a lot of things just not been great and it was like outside of our control.

00:48:12.296 --> 00:48:15.999
You know buying a house in 2002 would have been great.

00:48:16.176 --> 00:48:25.685
I was 12 so I you know how a lot of us we came out of school we went into school right when year.

00:48:25.773 --> 00:48:37.622
Took out a lot of debt to do so and we came out when there were no jobs and now we're trying to buy houses and look at what's happening and those are things that we couldn't control because you can't help when you're born right yeah but this could be.

00:48:37.962 --> 00:48:46.328
A scenario where maybe maybe we do have good timing for for something yeah not Financial advice but just.

00:48:46.352 --> 00:48:53.710
Again you know to that point obviously there's been a lot of things where you look back and I guess we are.

00:48:53.824 --> 00:49:04.467
Being in the literally right now especially you know a much older Millennial there looks like there's a lot of disadvantages but being able to I think grow up.

00:49:04.536 --> 00:49:08.851
Sonic start on the internet like information and knowledge is right

00:49:08.794 --> 00:49:18.115
I don't think your trips yes it can feel overwhelming and people are tired of the access technology information but I would rather live

00:49:17.959 --> 00:49:23.660
in this area right now knowing that I can't connect with people I can literally learn from anyone

00:49:23.576 --> 00:49:32.455
banana determine the world I guess I know it's not perfect but opportunities are out here right I think the biggest thing is access right how do you know how to get to

00:49:32.434 --> 00:49:43.708
that point opportunity and I feel like for me and you people who are creating content like this this is how you get the access to those opportunities right so someone listening right now can be like oh my gosh like I could

00:49:43.669 --> 00:49:48.767
never never never ever work in Tech but I might want to start a business that has populated

00:49:48.647 --> 00:50:02.829
actually find fun day or so I can say okay I'm not an entrepreneur but I am Creator like I'm an artist I can put my art on the blockchain and see what happens and you know sell those and there's just so many different ways that I think Walt can be created right now that.

00:50:03.294 --> 00:50:13.137
I've never really existed before and it takes a lot to change your way of thinking right because I feel like a lot of people have a fixed mindset of to know

00:50:13.035 --> 00:50:22.886
mainly all the things that you mentioned like okay you know I didn't have an advantage of XYZ or and you have access to this you know for me I can say or my immigrant so there's a lot of things against me

00:50:22.739 --> 00:50:25.271
we can have a growth mindset to say yes

00:50:25.116 --> 00:50:37.730
those are all legitimate things yes those are all things I want to limit me cry the same time I have the power to acquire knowledge I have a car to acquire wealth and I can do what's in within my own control too

00:50:37.692 --> 00:50:52.323
go forward to go seeds like I said for me like I never knew I wanted to work in Tech them like let me keep taking your steps right and now I'm not the only one working in Tech my brother was in charge of my sister's thing about working in tag I have a podcast that helps in a parched people to work and track and into

00:50:52.230 --> 00:50:53.223

00:50:53.122 --> 00:51:05.971
make money through working in this industry so I think for a lot of us who yes there's so much going on in the world and it can feel really happy I think it's important to also share our perspective on how it can say no like I do have what it takes you know

00:51:05.878 --> 00:51:19.465
to shift my world perspective knowing that yes or systems for against us systemic oppression and so many other things but no it there are things that I can do within my control that could change things not just for me but also for my family.

00:51:19.552 --> 00:51:23.111
Yes yes yes yes I could not agree

00:51:23.099 --> 00:51:34.931
more thank you so much for that just that reframe is so important to have and I'm very very grateful that you set that so thank you Grace

00:51:34.829 --> 00:51:35.660
of course

00:51:35.594 --> 00:51:47.939
so Grace as we close out here I would love to just chat about what's up next for you how can we support you please tell us more about your great podcast Tech

00:51:47.792 --> 00:51:51.666
and where we can find it how can we keep in touch with you

00:51:51.537 --> 00:52:01.344
yeah so I'm on interwebs everywhere and anywhere mostly creating content podcast content tricone log which.

00:52:01.368 --> 00:52:07.447
Aims to demystify the Tech Industries brought black and brown folks so they can step into this field

00:52:07.408 --> 00:52:19.825
and I started podcast in 2018 a year or so after getting hurt you by Microsoft because I had a lot of folks here tonight by LinkedIn on Twitter idea it's just curious about what it means to work and try again

00:52:19.796 --> 00:52:26.559
it felt like there was just a mystery of what it looked like and even now I know things are changing because you have all of us you know

00:52:26.457 --> 00:52:37.011
Tech influencers I'll take talk what not which is great for but answering questions so we're like okay but I don't encode know how can I work attack or if I

00:52:36.918 --> 00:52:46.877
nurse trying to transition what does that look like and creating content and apart from that is comfortable to me because I'm I could have been a YouTuber I was like that's not as much

00:52:46.793 --> 00:52:52.701
that's my tag right now I'll just stick to what I know having a conversation what was a way to elevate.

00:52:52.843 --> 00:53:05.044
Stories of black and brown folks when they attack we're doing incredible work a lot of incredible work and working on also emerging Technologies and so I'm 5 episode talking about data science Quantum computing.

00:53:05.050 --> 00:53:10.796
Virtual reality blockchain and as he scanned all through the contracts for me.

00:53:11.045 --> 00:53:22.814
Les being relatable right because you hear about these things and it's like why should I care so anytime I do an episode of my other washing people listen to it as right like what benefit does it have on their life what impact could it have

00:53:22.676 --> 00:53:26.838
your life and what other choices right if you visit your episode on.

00:53:26.898 --> 00:53:37.155
Data science in my over yeah like I want to take the next step I'm sure the resources from either the guess that I have or share resources from one of our research is a way that I try to do that

00:53:37.125 --> 00:53:50.442
because I really want to see Tech being more diverse which I know is going to take more than one podcast but I think conversations have a lot of power and so even if it's just motivating people were or

00:53:50.340 --> 00:54:00.228
making them feel some type of way to intervene aspire to do something different I would love to see that so that's the podcast Second Law to and find us on Instagram Twitter

00:54:00.090 --> 00:54:11.111
and for me if you're looking to learn more about web3 blockchain technology in a way that's relatable you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter at Christmas Jones and on TED Talk that crazy jokes

00:54:11.019 --> 00:54:19.808
amazing well thank you so much for the work that you do just around educating and helping our community feel supported in Tech.

00:54:19.868 --> 00:54:29.782
Does go a long way and it is super important we will also have all of your information Linked In the show notes to make it really easy for everybody to find you to tune into

00:54:29.599 --> 00:54:37.911
follow so thank you so much grace thank you so much less for having me like I said this is a full circle moment and I love that you're using your platform to.

00:54:38.043 --> 00:54:42.151
Educate people about the future and give them the opportunity to look at creating.

00:54:42.337 --> 00:54:57.113
A different way so thanks for having me
so there was a lot of information in this episode that it's really important for us to understand because it is the future and the future is here

00:54:56.966 --> 00:55:05.746
so you're going to want to keep in touch with grace for all things Tech head to the show notes you can follow her tune into her podcast and join her community

00:55:05.707 --> 00:55:16.630
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00:55:16.582 --> 00:55:23.670
next week we're talking about getting paid what we're worth making career pivots and navigating salary negotiations because.

00:55:23.739 --> 00:55:28.909
What we learn is a very important part of the financial well-being conversation

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