Episode 18: Let’s Talk About It with Taylor Nolan

Let's Talk About It with Taylor Nolan
Let's Talk About It with Taylor Nolan

Today, we’re talking to Taylor Nolan, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and host of the Let’s Talk About It Podcast. A little while back, Taylor and I had a marathon podcasting session where we recorded this interview for Balanced Black Girl, and she interviewed me for Let’s Talk About It.

We connected through our mutual friend Sarah (an amazing Seattle photographer who was also recently a guest on Let’s Talk About It), and had so much fun chatting for both interviews.

Taylor provides a unique perspective on the topic of mental health from her studies in psychology and counseling, as well as her time spent on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise reality TV shows. On her platform, she focuses on candid conversations about mental health, relationships, personal development, and life.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Wellness practices beyond physical health.
  • Dealing with trauma in the public eye.
  • Growing up biracial in a predominately white environment.
  • Seattle favorites to check out if you’re ever in the city.

…and more!

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