Episode 22: Mind, Body and Soul Care with Shanna Tyler of Self Soul Sport

Mind, Body, and Soul Care with Shanna Tyler

In episode 22 of the Balanced Black Girl Podcast our guest is Shanna Tyler, life and business coach for entrepreneurial women and podcast host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast.

Mind, Body, and Soul Care with Shanna Tyler

Based in New York City, Shanna loves connecting with fellow girlbosses and owning the concrete jungle. She believes that you can do it and have it all — from pursuing a life of passion, cultivating a supportive network, and making money doing what you love!

In 2016, she launched Shanna Tyler blog with categories like yoga, mental health, and lifestyle. It’s led to many amazing collaborations with big names like Blink Fitness and SELF Magazine.  Recently, Shanna launched her first e-book, the Get It Done E-Book – a guide with productivity hacks, tips, girlboss insights, and more.

Shanna and I had an uplifting conversation about everything from workouts, to mental health, to productivity, to experiences as black women in fitness.

In this episode we talk about…

  • Shanna’s journey with major depressive disorder.
  • Mindset tips to help you boost your productivity.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome.
  • Shanna’s experience as a black woman yoga teacher in New York City, and an open discussion about diversity in fitness clientele.
  • Creating self-love pockets throughout your day.

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