Episode 28: Career Advancement for Us with Sage Quiamno of Future for Us

Career Advancement for Us with Sage Quiamno

Today, we’re talking to Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno. Sage is the co-founder of Future for Us, a company dedicated to accelerating the advancement of women of color through community, culture and career development. Sage has been mentioned in Forbes, The Seattle Times and more. She is a passionate pay equity advocate and diversity, equity and inclusion champion. She has provided over 4,000+ women with salary negotiation tools and resources they need to advocate for themselves at work.

Sage has spoken at the Women’s March, Hired, Microsoft, Starbucks, and more.

Her drive and enthusiasm to fight for pay equity, especially for women of color, has launched her to the forefront of the women’s rights movement and she continues to advocate for the advancement for women in the workplace.

We have a candid conversation about the experiences women of color face in the workplace, and how we can make career advancement work for us.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • The challenges women of color face in the workforce.
  • How women of color can channel their ambition to create more opportunities.
  • Ways women of color can make “leaning in” work for us.
  • Advice for women of color who feel isolated in their place of work.
  • The importance of seeking mentorship and sponsorship for career advancement.


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