Episode #40: Sexual Health from the Womb to the Tomb

Sexual Health from the Womb to the Tomb with Michelle Hope
Sexual Health from the Womb to the Tomb with Michelle Hope

Today, we’re talking about sexual health, effective sexual education for Black and brown students, and how to create our own individual definitions of what it means to be sex-positive with Michelle Hope. Michelle is a dedicated Sexologist, educator and activist with a Master’s degree in Human Development and extensive post-graduate training in sexuality. As a veteran speaker, Michelle has over 15 years of experience delivering impactful informative lectures and trainings across the nation. She believes as though her work, in marginalized urban communities, has provided her with deep insight and comprehension of the holistic implications of sexuality on one’s life.

Michelle has dedicated her career to understanding and communicating to the masses the complex intersections of various social identities: race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, through a Reproductive Justice lens. She has taken deliberate actions in exploring and developing a unique language to speak to communities of color. Michelle feels as though her experience in working with marginalized urban communities, and understanding holistic sexuality, has shaped her perspectives on the direct connections between sexuality and generational poverty in those communities. 

Her passion and commitment to the work has provided her with a unique style that has the ability to captivate and educate across various populations; with a proven track record of developing, implementing and evaluating dynamic and creative programming for individuals.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • The implications of how our community views, talks about and teaches about sex.
  • How being overly sexualized and fetishized impacts Black women.
  • Understanding where feelings of shame around sex and sexuality come from.
  • How consent and pleasure are deeply intertwined.
  • Helping individuals define what being sex-positive means for them. 


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