Episode #48: Self-Care Through Skincare with Kimjoy Long

Episode 48: Self-Care Through Skincare with Kimjoy Long | Balanced Black Girl Podcast
Episode 48: Self-Care Through Skincare with Kimjoy Long | Balanced Black Girl Podcast

Today, we’re talking to Kimjoy Long, esthetician at Spruce Apothecary in Seattle. Kimjoy specializes in sugar hair removal and offers high-quality holistic skincare and green beauty services. 

Through her training to become an esthetician, she realized many beauty and skincare treatments are not designed with the needs of women of color in mind. She strives to provide products and services that are safe for melanated skin. 

Kimjoy is a mother of three who is passionate about helping women, especially mothers, prioritize their own self-care. As an esthetician, she not only cares for clients’ skin concerns but strives to cultivate a loving safe space for them to thrive in.  

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why you should consider visiting an esthetician. 
  • Unique skincare considerations for Black women and other women of color. 
  • How the beauty education space overlooks the needs of those with melanated skin. 
  • Creating space for self-care as a mother. 


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