Episode #52: Black Girls Wine with Shayla Varnado

Black Girls Wine with Shayla Varnado
Black Girls Wine with Shayla Varnado

Today, we’re talking to Shayla Varnado. Shayla is a serial entrepreneur, entertainer, side hustle queen and the founder of Black Girls Wine.

Black Girls Wine, affectionately known as BGW, is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Black girl magic by curating exclusive experiences for women who love wine. With over 11 chapters in 10+ cities, the brand is growing and the world is taking notice.

A decade of creating businesses has led Shayla to her passion for teaching women how to increase their income by monetizing their gifts with online + offline strategies that actually move their business forward. She is the author of 44 prayers for the Christian Entrepreneur. And she is the host of a weekly podcast called “The Business Besties” where she shares the real deal of what it takes to run a business.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • The importance of creating community and experiences for Black women.
  • The backstory of Black Girls Wine.
  • Wine education tips for beginners.
  • Knowing when to pivot in business.
  • Favorite Black-owned wine companies.


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