Episode #56: Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles and Healing Within with Shena Tubbs of Black Girls Heal

Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles with Shena Tubbs
Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles with Shena Tubbs

Today we’re talking to Shena Tubbs, a Relational Trauma and Attachment Specialist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Love Addiction Coach based out of Houston, TX. 

She is the founder of Black Girls Heal, an online community dedicated to helping women of color break the cycles of unavailable relationships and feeling not enough by healing what’s within. 

In addition to Black Girls Heal, Shena has a private practice where she specializes in helping women heal from unresolved childhood relational trauma, love addiction, and changing relationship patterns. She also hosts the Black Girls Heal podcast which talks about all things intimacy, attachment and healing internal wounds.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • How we repeatedly get into unhealthy relationships and how we can break the cycle.
  • Understanding and overcoming love addiction.
  • Learning your attachment style, and the origins of your attachment style. 
  • Unpacking relationships with unavailable people.


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