Episode #58: Democratizing Wellness with Sinikiwe Dhliwayo of Naaya

Democratizing Wellness with Sinikiwe Dhliwayo

Today’s guest is Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, a creative and public speaker who for the last decade has made a home at the intersection of wellness and publishing. Sinikiwe has worked in all facets of the photo and magazine publishing industry and oversees photo and video shoots from inception and conception to execution and delivery. Her skills include casting, producing and art direction as well as creative problem solving and most importantly, creating meaningful and impactful connections with target audiences.

Sinikiwe is also the founder of NAAYA, which roots people of color in their wellness. Whether making yoga accessible to those who need the practice most or telling the stories of marginalized folx through elevated photo and video, Sinikiwe is dedicated to changing the conversation around what it looks and feels like to be well. Her work and efforts to make the wellness space more equitable. 

Later this year, Sinikiwe is kicking off NAAYA’s first 200-hour yoga teacher training, created specifically for people who identify as BIPOC. Head to the NAAYA website to learn more.

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Episode Topics:

  • The importance of mindfulness practices for people of color.
  • Cultural appropriation in yoga.
  • The intersection of wellness and media.
  • Advice for beginning your yoga journey.

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