Episode 6: Cultivating Self-Love Through Strength Training with Brittany Love

Cultivating Self-Love Through Strength Training with Brittany Love

Cultivating Self-Love Through Strength Training with Brittany Love

You know those people you meet and become instant friends with? That is exactly how I felt about today’s podcast guest, Brittany Love. Brittany is a health coach, personal trainer, and fitness instructor whom I recently connected with after taking one of her cycling classes. Let me tell you, she’s the real deal.

Brittany has had a wide range of experiences in the fitness industry. After getting into fitness in her early 20’s she fell in love with strength training and started participating in bodybuilding competitions. After competing took a huge toll on her body, she experienced a lot of weight gain because her metabolism was compromised (as many competitors experience) and she then had to rebuild her relationship with fitness from the ground up.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it’s like to be a woman of color in the fitness industry
  • Diversifying the Seattle wellness scene
  • How she makes her classes and training sessions feel welcoming and inclusive for all
  • Why strength training is key for building self-confidence
  • How we can use social media to feel better about ourselves – not worse
  • How self-care looks different for everyone
  • Where to get the best ice cream in Seattle (v. important)

We had so much fun recording this episode and had to take quite a few laugh breaks. Tune in and join a fitness-focused conversation with girlfriends.

As women of color, we feel like we have to be Wonder Woman for everyone. It’s hard to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, but it’s something we have to do. Click To Tweet


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