Episode #60: Black History – Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman of Toya from Harlem

Black History: Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman | Balanced Black Girl
Black History: Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman | Balanced Black Girl

Today’s guest is Toya Coleman, creator of Toya from Harlem. Toya From Harlem is an online platform for millennials of color who want to learn more about Locs, history, art, and culture without boring pretentious language.

Born and raised in Harlem, with a BA in African-American studies, Toya was inspired to create her platform as a way to capture the historical places in Harlem that were being erased in the name of gentrification. Currently, she lives in LA and has expanded her message from Harlem to cover black history nationwide. 

One of her proudest accomplishments was her feature on BET.com titled, See This Artist’s Recreations of Iconic Imagery For Black History Month where she recreated iconic photos of Black men in history.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Lesser-known but equally important moments in Black history.
  • The best social media accounts to follow to learn about Black history.
  • Black women’s stories that aren’t often told.
  • Gentrification’s impact on Black history.


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