Episode #63: Making Pilates Accessible with Patty Dean

Episode #63: Making Pilates Accessible with Patty Dean | Balanced Black Girl Podcast

Today’s guest Patty Dean, also known as Patty Pilates, has been teaching classical Pilates for 20 years. Through her teaching, she has worked with celebrity clients, athletes, children of all abilities and everyone in between. 

Patty Pilates Style actually started when she was a fashion stylist assistant for a celebrity stylist and fell in love with the method. After being a stay at home mom she decided to go back to teaching Pilates by making it a little more affordable to Black folks and my Inglewood community. 

Her motto is,  “if you have a spine, a stomach and breath you can do Pilates…I can work with you”. She has witnessed endless life-changing testimonies when a client is committed to the Pilates method. She has worked with a vast spectrum of bodies and is grateful to continue working with more.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Building community through genuine connections.
  • The origins, mental, and physical benefits of Pilates.
  • Making Pilates accessible.
  • Modeling self-care for our children and communities.


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