Episode #66: Creating Holistic Wellness Habits That Stick with Alina Brown

Episode 66 of Balanced Black Girl Podcast: Creating Holistic Wellness Habits with Alina Brown
Episode 66 of Balanced Black Girl Podcast: Creating Holistic Wellness Habits with Alina Brown

Today’s guest is Alina Brown, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner co-founder of WellnessCon, and creator of the Aligned Life Planner. 

Alina creates video content for her Wellness YouTube channel called ‘Alina Alive,’ where she helps her subscribers take practical steps to deepen their wellness journeys.

In 2019, Alina co-founded WellnessCon, an annual outdoor wellness conference dedicated to promoting diversity in the wellness space while fostering community for wellness lovers, wellness influencers, and conscious companies. ⁣

This year Alina launched the Aligned Life Planner, a 2020 planner focused on seasonal intention-setting and key astrological events.

Alina truly believes that just as nature works synergistically to foster diverse rainforests and deep sea life, we as humans can best thrive and achieve optimal health synergistically through working together.⁣

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Creating wellness habits you can stick to by using the three pillars of wellness.
  • Healthy eating on a budget.
  • Why seasonality is important for goal-setting and for our wellness practices.
  • How to incorporate astrology into your wellness practice.


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