Episode #73: CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 1]

Episode 73: CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 1] | Balanced Black Girl

In part one of this two-part conversation, we’re sitting down with Nia Jones Alugbin and Malaika Jones Kebede, sisters and co-founders of BROWN GIRL jane.

BROWN GIRL jane is a Black woman-owned and founded company that offers broad-spectrum CBD products created especially for women of color.

Malaika Jones Kebede is co-founder and CEO and started BROWN GIRL jane after falling in love with the healing power of plants and CBD. After suffering spinal nerve damage during the birth of her third child, she began experimenting with holistic alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical medicine and fell in love with the natural healing wonders Cannabidiol.

Nia Jones Alugbin is co-founder of BROWN GIRL jane and lives in Brooklyn with her two young sons and husband. She spent most of her career as a leader in Philanthropic Management and Diversity shaping the direction and enacting change through institutional policies and capital support. She graduated from Spelman College and received a Master’s degree from New York University.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • What CBD is and what its benefits are.
  • Managing stress and anxiety in our daily lives.
  • Why supporting diverse-owned cannabis companies is so important.
  • Creating a community focused on healing as a collective.
  • Allowing flexibility in our approach to self-care.


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