Episode 75: Wellness Beyond the Physical: Creating Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Change with Maryam Ajayi

Half healer, half businesswoman Maryam Ajayi is both an energy healer who practices the Akashic Records, Breathwork and Reiki, and an entrepreneur, who founded Dive in Well. Dive in Well creates space, community, conversations, and change for a more diverse and equitable wellness industry through both on and offline experiences. 

Based in LA, she is passionate about de-stigmatizing the wellness industry, advocating for inclusive spaces for marginalized communities, and using her voice to empower and uplift others around the world.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Maryam’s backstory and how she came to space she is in.
  • How her spiritual practices and journey to self-awareness has shaped her experiences in wellness. 
  • Energetic work and protecting boundaries.
  • Being comfortable using your voice.
  • Building community around mental, spiritual, and social wellness.


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