Episode 79: How to Build Body Awareness + Remote Work Wellness Practices with Tarin Calmeyer

How to Build Body Awareness + Remote Work and Wellness Practices with Tarin Calmeyer | Balanced Black Girl Podcast

Today, we’re talking to Tarin Calmeyer. Tarin is committed to sharing practical tools to understand the body, energy, and mindfulness to take her clients from stress to success. She is a Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Coach with a background in Osteopathy.

Tarin has more than 10 years of experience coaching burnt-out people around the world to reconnect with their bodies and minds. Tarin has focused her teachings around holistically approaching the aspects that contribute to overall wellbeing.

She has extensive experience working with brands from Women’s Health to Puma to Movenpick Resorts to create engaging wellness experiences and content.

In 2020, Tarin founded Remote Team Wellness as a solution for forward thinking companies to prioritize their people’s wellbeing by connecting them to world-class wellness instructors and facilitators.

She is a beacon of light and love and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to share her story and mission.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Building body awareness.
  • The healing practice of osteopathy: what it is and its benefits.
  • Establishing a mindfulness practice. 
  • Maintaining wellness practices while working and socializing remotely. 
  • How to remain focused and centered while working from home. 
  • The importance of accepting our current reality and the things we cannot change.


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