Episode 8: Taking Care of Our Mental Health with Ashley McGirt

Taking Care of Our Mental Health with Ashley McGirt


Taking Care of Our Mental Health with Ashley McGirt

Today’s episode dives into a topic that is so important – mental health. But not just general mental health – we’re talking about mental health for women of color.

Our guest Ashley McGirt, MSW, is a licensed mental health counselor and founder of Ashley McGirt Counseling Services.

Ashley is an accomplished speaker, author, hospice therapist, and entrepreneur running her own private therapy practice. We recently connected when I heard Ashley speak at a wellness event in Seattle, and as soon as she finished I practically sprinted up to her to ask her to come on the show. I’m so glad she said yes because she is an incredible wealth of knowledge and I loved interviewing her.

Ashley specializes in helping individuals through racial trauma, grief and loss, and navigating anxiety and depression. In her practice, she uses a holistic and interactive- multicultural approach that focuses on the needs of people of color. Her interest in mental health began when she began going to therapy, but struggled to find a therapist of color she could relate to, and wanted to offer the kind of help to others she wanted to receive.

She is also an avid traveler and wrote the book I Tried to Travel It Away: Mental Health Tips for Travelers to help folks create lives they don’t need a vacation from. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share her story and knowledge with the Balanced Black Girl community.

The biggest thing we can do to destigmatize mental health is talk about it. - Ashley McGirt, MSW Click To Tweet

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How women of color can prioritize their mental health when facing racial and gender inequalities
  • How physical health ailments that often impact women of color can be avoided by prioritizing mental health
  • Ways we can destigmatize mental health
  • How women of color can release feelings of needing to be everything to everyone
  • Overcoming generational traumas
  • Self-Care for those who work in service-oriented careers
  • Mental health tips for travelers

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