Episode 89: Building A Foundation for Self-Healing with Yasmine Cheyenne

What does it mean to heal? How can you facilitate your own healing journey? How can you continue to keep yourself going? If you’re someone who is going on a healing journey you have probably asked yourself similar questions. 

In today’s episode, we’re really going to talk about the necessary tools needed to truly heal ourselves and healing in a very practical sense. 

My guest today is Yasmine Cheyenne. Yasmine is an advocate for mental health and self-healing expert. Yasmine is also known for her transformative teachings around self-healing which she offers through keynote speeches, corporate presentations and one-on-one coaching. Her instruction has helped thousands of students take control of their financial and physical health by creating boundaries, designing their dream job, finding the love of their life and more.

Yasmine discusses how we can break the cycle of negative self talk and empower ourselves. And we also dive into discernment, boundaries, looking after ourselves.

Yasmine’s knowledge on boundaries, self-awareness & self-acceptance, and healing ourselves comes at a time when women are feeling out of alignment. Hit play if you’re ready for a real discussion on boundaries, making space for ourselves, and being worthy!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Understanding the difference between intuition and ego.
  • The power of discernment and trusting red flags.
  • Why self-healing is so important.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries.
  • What it means to protect and refill your sugar jar.


Episode Sponsor: 

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