Episode 94: Taking Care of Your Natural Hair with Keziah Dhamma

Our hair is a part of our identity and represents our individuality. What does your hair say about you?

Hair was a pain point for some growing up, especially for those who experienced not truly knowing how to do their own hair, love and accept their hair and let it be in its natural state.

Our guest today, Keziah Dhamma, was one of those women. Growing up in Sacramento, CA she never had anyone that looked like her that she could look up to. Everyone around her had their hair straight. So she turned to relaxers at the age of 12 and never looked back until she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and found the water in LA was so harsh on her hair, she had no alternative but to go natural! She did her big chop in 2009 from her hair breaking off so much and struggled for years on not loving her hair and herself.

Almost giving up on returning to straight hair Keziah decided to give it one more shot, and exhaust all options before giving up. She turned to experts to help her understand her hair and process. She has gotten educated by some of the best in the industry: @curldoctor and @vernonfrancois

On her journey to loving and accepting her hair, Keziah Dhamma invented the first-ever Snappee hair tie made for natural hair and founded SwirlyCurly and CurlCollege. SwirlyCurly’s mission is to make the natural hair journey easy through innovative products and CurlCollege the educational side to teach others the system to getting beautiful, healthy natural hair the easy way!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Keziah’s hair journey and how she came to be a natural hair educator
  • Why you need to have a simplified hair routine as your baseline
  • How to hydrate your hair and proper hydration methods
  • Environmental conditions and hair care
  • Your natural hair toolkit – Things that are a must + things to avoid
  • Natural hair care for children

Hit play to learn how to transition to natural hair and find a hair routine that works for you.

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