Video: Full Body Mini Band Workout

This Full Body Mini Band Workout will give you a full body burn with four simple moves.

This Full Body Mini Band Workout will give you a full body burn with four simple moves.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’m on a bit of a phone-free fitness kick this week. Meaning, I’ve been encouraging all my followers to forego playing on their phones during precious workout time, and instead focusing on how those workouts are making them feel.

Basically, this came about from me being nosy and watching my fellow gym-goers last weekend. Because fitness is my job, and I want to help women understand how to use fitness as a tool to build confidence, I am really interested in watching how people behave when it comes to exercise.

I noticed so many people were passively “working out” while scrolling or talking on their phones the entire time.  A woman was chugging along on the elliptical chatting away on her phone until “bam!” her phone hit the ground and she hurried off her machine to pick it up and continue her (casual) conversation.

A few minutes later, I noticed a different woman on the leg extension machine – and she was on it for a good 10 minutes because after nearly every rep she would stop and text and scroll on her phone. In all honesty, she seemed a bit uncomfortable and unsure of what she wanted to do during her workout. I very well may be creating a narrative for this woman, but it seemed like she was using her phone to distract herself or like it was a security blanket for her.

Now I’m not telling this story to shame or judge, but it was an interesting observation and one I’m sure many of us can relate to. Being at a gym can be really intimidating, and I commend everyone there for making the effort to just get their foot in the door (which is often the hardest part).

The thing is, when we hide behind our phones or comfort zones, we never get any better. We don’t exercise purposefully, meaning we won’t learn what kind of movement feels good for us. When we move with purpose, pay attention to how our bodies feel, and move in a way that feels good, our fitness confidence skyrockets.

What also struck me about seeing both women pay more attention to their phones than moving their bodies, was the fact that they were denying themselves a good opportunity to practice some self-care. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that when done correctly, exercise has some incredible mental and stress-reducing benefits. But I know when I personally spend time scrolling my phone on my workout, that sense of exercise calm goes out the window, and I continue to feel bombarded by everyone else’s priorities.

So whether you workout in the gym or at home, I strongly encourage you to put the phone down. To be present and fully engaged as your body moves, to take mental note of what does (and doesn’t) make you feel good, and to use every opportunity to move as an opportunity to take damn good care of yourself because girl you deserve it.

The Workout

Practice purposeful movement with this full-body mini band routine that is perfect for travel, or anytime you need to get in a workout in a hurry. Complete four rounds of the circuit below, and let me know how these moves feel for you!

Complete four rounds of the following circuit

  • 20 In and Out Mini Band Squat Jumps
  • 15 Mini Band Deadlifts
  • 15 Curl to Press
  • 20 Mini Band Rows, Alternating Arms

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This Full Body Mini Band Workout will give you a full body burn with four simple moves.

Your Turn:

  • Are you down with #phonefreefitness? Minus watching my workout vids of course 😉
  • What are some of your favorite band moves?



5 Responses

  1. love these Les! I’ve never done the mini band deadlifts or the rows before. def gonna add those to my routine! and i fully agree re: phones in the gym. i bring mine cause i like to do things in between sets, but i always make a conscious effort to not let myself sit around IDLY TEXTING FOR AGES.

  2. I love that you’re encouraging intuitive exercise Les; that’s just as essential as intuitive eating. 🙂 And I don’t have a band, but this does look like a fun workout. All of them look really tough.

  3. LOVE mini band workouts! Pinning for sure. I’m with you on phones during a workout. I’m usually in the zone and want to make the most of my time, so other than filming a few videos post workout, my phone is usually in my bag.

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