Shopping My Favorite Spring Tennis Outfit from lululemon

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Earlier this year I started taking tennis lessons to have a fun activity, relieve stress, and learn a new skill. I didn’t want to worry too much about being good at it or documenting the process, I honestly just wanted a new hobby that felt like play.

With a few months of lessons under my belt, I can confidently say that trying a new sport as an adult is incredibly underrated. Getting to do a new activity purely for fun, not competition, has helped me feel like a kid again and has been incredibly healing.

Now that spring is coming, I’ve invested in a few pieces specifically for my tennis classes from my go-to activewear brand, lululemon. Here are my picks for the perfect tennis outfit to wear this spring.

the perfect tennis outfit from lululemon

Favorite Tennis Skirt

All of the skirts available right now are really cute, but the Peek Pleat High-Rise Skirt really caught my eye. The pleat detailing on the side is so unique while remaining functional. The rubber grip of the liner keeps the skirt in place, and I especially loved that the liner had pockets. 

Favorite Tennis Top

When it was cooler out, I wore my Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve to tennis lessons, but now that we’re getting closer to spring, I love the Nulux Cropped Tennis Short Sleeve Shirt. The Nulux fabric is buttery soft and stays put while you’re moving, and pairs perfectly with a high-rise skirt or leggings. 

Favorite Socks

The Power Stride Sock is my go-to for working out because it’s sweat-wicking and doesn’t slip down into your shoe. Though I typically wear the ankle version, I love the crew length for tennis. I wore mine with the Chargefeel Low workout shoe which is what I typically wear during workouts and tennis classes.

tennis wristband from lululemon

Favorite Tennis Accessories

During my first tennis lesson, I made the mistake of not wearing any sort of hat or visor, which was a big no-no because the sun was shining directly in my eyes. I wanted sun protection that was easy to keep clean to prevent breakouts, so I got the Removeable Sweatband All-Sport Visor which is so comfortable, creates a good amount of shade and has a removable band that is machine washable. Though I got it for tennis, I will definitely be wearing it for walks as well.

And a tennis outfit isn’t complete without a wristband – playing outside in the sun makes you work up quite a sweat! I picked up a pair of the Cotton Terry Wristbands and love how soft and absorbent they are. They’re perfect for any sweaty activity. I’ve also enjoyed using them while I wash my face to prevent soap from running down my arms – we love a multipurpose item!

There you have it – my favorite spring tennis pieces from lululemon. What are you shopping for this spring? 



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