The Ultimate Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide

To say we all need a little help taking care is an understatement. This year while contemplating holiday gifts, we wanted to focus on giving gifts that help our people take better care of themselves. Our gift guide is focused on self-care-themed gifts that can anyone looking to pour into themselves can enjoy.

We broke things down into the following categories:

Self-Care Gifts Under $25

Self-Care Gifts Under $50

Self-Care Gifts to Encourage Rest

Self-Care Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Self-Care Gifts for Foodies

Self-Care Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Oh, and nearly half the items in this guide are from Black-owned businesses (yas). Happy holiday gifting!

Self-Care Gifts Under $25

Affordable gifts to help your loved ones take care.

1. Teakwood and Tobacco Candle | P.F. Candle Co

This non-toxic candle is a cult favorite (I don’t think I’ve ever watched a YouTube home tour that didn’t feature it) and for good reason. This gender-neutral scent is uplifting, it has a beautiful neutral aesthetic, and it’s super affordable.

Shop | $20

P.F. Candle Co Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide

2. The Self-Care Investment: Your Guide to Making Your Self-Care Non-Negotiable | Michelle Goodloe

Podcast guest and friend of Balanced Black Girl Michelle Goodloe is a self-care queen. In this beautiful guide, she helps make self-care real and practical for all.

Black-Owned | Shop | $19.99

3. Rosewater Spray | Heritage Store

Perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their skincare routine, or add a spritz of affordable luxury to their day.

Shop | $10.99

4. Black Girl Sunscreen

Winter or not, everyone needs to protect their skin year-round. Black Girl Sunscreen is a team favorite.

Black-Owned | Shop | $15.99

5. Black Card Revoked

Laughter is self-care and medicine, and this game is bound to make whoever is playing laugh.

Black-Owned | Shop | $17.99

6. Set Boundaries, Find Peace | Nedra Glover Tawwab

Therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab is a renowned expert on boundaries, and this book is a beautiful guide for anyone looking to create loving boundaries and connect deeper with themselves.

Black-Owned | Shop | $18

7. Until Today | Iyanla Vanzant

Until Today is a spiritual daily devotional that makes a beautiful addition to any morning or self-care routine.

Black-Owned | Shop | $10

8. Dry Brush | Goop

Dry brushing is an incredible way to exfoliate the skin and improve circulation and movement of lymph through the body.

Shop | $20

9. Rechargeable Lighter

An essential gift for any candle-lover. This rechargeable lighter can be used time and time again.

Shop | $13

10. Candle Care Set

More candle-focused goodies. This wick-trimmer, snuffer, and wick dipper keep your loved one’s candles in tip-top shape and lend to a cleaner, better burn.

Shop | $24

11. Instead Card Deck | Inner Workout

This innovative card deck offers gentle prompts and exercises users can use to tune in with themselves in place of endless scrolling on their phones.

Use code BALANCED for 10% off.

Black-Owned | Shop | $16

Self-Care Gifts Under $50

A holistic round-up of self-care-related gifts between $30 and $50.

1. Make Your Matcha Kit | Golde

Perfect for the matcha or tea-lover in your life.

Black-Owned | Shop | $45

2. Copal & Sage Kit | Heritage Apothecary

A beautiful set that allows your homebody loved one to protect their sacred space.

Black-Owned | Shop | $33

3. Auralign 2022 Astrology Planner

This thoughtful planner offers monthly and weekly planning pages, seasonal wellness advice, and all astrological events for the year.

Black-Owned | Shop | $44

4. Grounded Plants Gift Card

Gifting plants can be tricky, especially from afar. Send your plant-loving friend a gift card to let them pick their newest plant.

Black-Owned | Shop

5. Solitude Candle | Predominantly Black

This beautiful, luxurious candle has a calming scent made with real dried lavender.

Black-Owned | Shop | $45

6. Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD | Foria

Everyone can use a little more pleasure in their lives, and this oil helps take things to the next level.

Shop | $48

7. Inner Compass Cards

Your intuitive friends will love these affirming cards.

Shop | $41

8. The Body Ritual | Necessaire

This kit has everything needed to take amazing care of the skin.

Shop | $40

Self-Care Gifts to Encourage Rest

Give the gift of rest with these thoughtful picks.

1. Loftie Alarm Clock

A personal favorite, this alarm clock has a suite of meditations, breathwork exercises, calming noise, and more. Far better than using a phone as an alarm.

Use code BALANCED for 15% off.

Shop | $149

2. Obsessed with Rest CBD Tincture Set | Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane’s premium Rest CBD tincture is what dreams are made of. A nighttime routine staple for anyone looking to upgrade their rest.

Use the code BALANCED for $10 off.

Black-Owned | Shop | $166

3. Restore My Sleep Adaptogen Blend | Peak and Valley

This expertly formulated adaptogen blend supports restorative sleep with ingredients like saffron, tart cherry, ashwagandha, and chamomile.

Use the code BALANCEDBLACKGIRL for $5 off.

Black-Owned | Shop | $38

4. Nighttime Bliss Sleep Romper | Athleta

Soft, breathable pajamas are truly underrated. This one-piece from Athleta is a true delight.

Shop | $64

5. The Slap (Satin-Lined Cap) | Grace Eleyae

A beautifully designed upgrade from the traditional bonnet.

Black-Owned | Shop | $19.99

6. Headspace Gift Card

A gift card to Headspace or the meditation app of choice can be a thoughtful gift to encourage rest and mindfulness.

Shop | $12.99+

7. Natural Calm

This easy-to-use supplement helps the body restore healthy magnesium levels – perfect for relaxation and aiding rest.

Shop | $32

8. Weighted Anti-Anxiety Blanket

A few years ago I was gifted a weighted blanket, and it is truly the best gift I’ve ever received. It feels like a calming hug and is comforting when lounging around the house or drifting off to sleep.

Shop | $45

9. Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion | Brentwood Home

This beautiful, comfortable meditation cushion is a staple in my daily routine. It’s the perfect addition to any self-care corner for peaceful meditation.

Shop | $59

10. 3-D Moulded Eye Mask | Athleta

This eye mask is a great gift idea for the light sleepers in your life.

Shop | $30

11. Essential Oil Diffuser and Sleep Essential Oil Blend | Vitruvi

Vitruvi makes some of the most beautiful, high-quality essential oil diffusers. Their sleep essential oil blend makes the perfect pairing for this gorgeous diffuser.

Shop Diffuser | Shop Essential Oil Blend

12. Silk Pillowcase | Slip

Silk pillowcases are so much better than cotton for hair and skin, and Slip makes some of the best in the game.

Shop | $89

Self-Care Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Supportive gifts for your loved ones on the move.

1. Bala Bangles

These chic ankle and wrist weights accompany workouts and #BalancedBlackGirlWalks.

Shop | $49

2. Theragun Mini | Therabody

A more compact, affordable version of the Theragun to support muscle recovery and repair.

Shop | $199

3. FLOAT Ultralight Legging | Girlfriend Collective

These lightweight leggings are beyond comfortable and suitable for nearly any form of movement. Girlfriend Collective pieces are also made from recycled materials and come in an inclusive range of sizes.

Shop | $78

4. Recharge Variety Pack | LMNT

Hydrating salts for the athlete in your life (or anyone who really takes their hydration seriously).

Shop | $20

5. The Yoga Kit | lululemon

The yogi in your life will love this kit which comes with a non-slip yoga mat, yoga block, and towel perfect for sweaty yoga classes.

Shop | $98+

6. Essential Protein Powder | Ritual

Ritual’s line of protein powders tastes great, has incredible ingredients, and has custom formulations to support a variety of nutritional needs.

Use code BALANCED for 10% off the first three months of a ritual subscription.

Shop | $40

Self-Care Gifts for Foodies

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite foodie or cook? Look no further.

1. Daily Harvest Gift Card or Box

Daily Harvest offers a variety of prepped smoothies, grain bowls, flatbreads, and more made with incredible ingredients. They have various gift options you can send to others including gift boxes and gift cards.

Use code BALANCED for up to $40 off a Daily Harvest box.

Shop | $50+

2. Temperature Control Mug | Ember

Your favorite coffee lover will adore this mug and warmer to keep their coffee or tea hot all day long.

Shop | $130

3. Sakara Life Gift Card

Sakara Life has a fantastic meal delivery program, line of supplements, and snacks for plant-based foodies.

Shop | $50+

4. Milk Frother

This milk frother can heat and froth any dairy or non-dairy milk for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, adaptogen lattes, and more from home.

Shop | $40

5. Explorian Blender | Vitamix

Home cooks and smoothie lovers will love this powerful blender (I have one and it’s my favorite item in my kitchen).

Shop | $350

6. Always Pan | Our Place

Chances are you’ve seen ads for the Always Pan in your IG feed. It’s a versatile kitchen staple home cooks love.

Shop | $99

7. Instant Pot

Ain’t nobody got time for slow cookers anymore. The Instant Pot does so many jobs quickly and deliciously.

Shop | $130

8. Black Girl Baking Cookbook | Jerrelle Guy

This cookbook is personal, thoughtful, and each recipe provides a thoughtful baking experience.

Black-Owned | Shop | $18

9. Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook | Jenne Claiborne

This cookbook is packed with incredible plant-based takes on all of our soul food favorites.

Black-Owned | Shop | $14

Self-Care Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Though there’s so much more to self-care than manicures and facials, there’s nothing wrong with still loving and enjoying beauty picks.

1. Undaria Body Oil | OSEA

This luxurious body oil is packed with skin-loving nutrients and smells amazing.

Shop | $48

2. Hydrated Skin Discovery Travel Set | Biossance

Your skincare-loving friend will adore this hydrating set.

Shop | $39

3. Ferulic Brew Facial Treatment Essence with Lactic Acid | Kiehl’s

This essence gives a dose of hydration and nutrients for glowing skin.

Shop | $52

4. Rooted Woman Nail Polish

Rooted woman offers beautiful non-toxic nail polish in a variety of colors that wears beautifully.

Black-Owned | Shop | $15

5. Olive & June Press-On Nails

Olive & June recently debuted press-on nails that look incredible and have glowing reviews.

Shop | $10

Use code “BALANCED” for 20% off your first order at Olive & June.

6. Green Clean Cleansing Balm | Farmacy Beauty

This nourishing cleansing balm is one of the best makeup removers in the game.

Shop | $34

7. BLK + GRN Gift Card

BLK + GRN is an online marketplace that features non-toxic beauty, personal care, and home products from Black-owned brands.


8. Heyday Gift Card

Heyday has skincare spas all over the country offering affordable, high-quality facials and non-toxic skincare products.


9. Facial Steamer | Vanity Planet

Bring the spa treatment home with this highly-reviewed facial steamer.

Shop | $50

10. Baby Feet Mask

The perfect stocking stuffer, these feet masks give salon pedi results at home.

Shop | $15

11. Glow CBD Facial Serum | Brown Girl Jane

This hydrating oil for all skin types has CBD to calm the skin and give a beautiful glow.

Shop | $68

Use code BALANCED for $10 off.

All products featured are things we genuinely love and recommend. If you make a purchase through the links provided, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!



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