Summer Rewind: Taking Up Space with Chrissy King

Summer Rewind: Taking Up Space with Chrissy King
Summer Rewind: Taking Up Space with Chrissy King

Time to take it back to an earlier interview! In this rewind episode, we’re sharing the first-ever interview on Balanced Black Girl featuring Chrissy King. 

Chrissy King is a Milwaukee-based ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, lifestyle coach, fitness blogger, and truth-teller. While on her own fitness journey, Chrissy was introduced to strength training and powerlifting, which helped her build confidence and inner strength. Chrissy shows her clients that fat loss and weight management don’t have to be cumbersome or restrictive. She also encourages women to love their body in every stage, regardless of size or body fat percentage.

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In this episode, we talk about…

  • Ways the wellness community can be more inclusive and representative for all. 
  • True self-care that doesn’t feel like a commodity.
  • How to hold ourselves and each other accountable when we miss the mark with diversity and inclusion.
  • Why it is important for women to feel comfortable taking up space.


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