Episode 100: Ask Me Anything: Building Confidence, Post-Pandemic Dating, Money Mindset

Ask Me Anything | Balanced Black Girl Episode 100

To celebrate the 100th episode of Balanced Black Girl, I’m answering your burning questions. From dating to podcasting to personal growth and everything in between.

Topics include advice I would give myself in my 20’s, my favorite journaling prompts, advice for working with brands and building community as a content creator, and ways we can be kind to ourselves.

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I also talk about…

  • Boundary-setting and healing from toxic relationships.
  • Having the confidence to take big leaps.
  • YouTube vs. Podcasting
  • Financial wellness habits.
  • Living alone for the first time.

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2 Responses

  1. I just happened upon this podcast a few months back and have been a fan since.
    I share with clients, colleagues, family and friends.
    Thank You from Canada!!!

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