Being Multi-Passionate + Betting on Yourself is Self-Love with Asha Bromfield

On this week’s episode of the Balanced Black Girl Podcast, we connect with multi-hyphenate actress and author Asha Bromfield. You may recognize her from the hit CW show, Riverdale, or Netflix’s adaptation of Locke & Key. But what we really dive into is her new coming-of-age book, Hurricane Summer, and how she ventured into creating representation for multi-faceted black women.

We go deep into the desire and pursuit of doing it all, and defining what that means for you. So often, when we try to do it all, we’re also trying to accomplish the expectations that others have placed upon us. Asha and I explore what it means to drop those expectations and follow our passions on our own terms. We also chat about what going after your goals looks like and how to overcome limiting beliefs to live our dream life. This conversation was uplifting, inspiring, and has us ready to lean into our passions. If you consider yourself multi-passionate and are unsure of where to start, this episode is definitely for you.

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If you’re deciding to be someone who is multi-passionate, you just have to make the choice for yourself that you can literally do anything. You have to define your life for yourself – because if we wait our whole lives for other people to give us permission, they never will. That’s something that I’ve learned – even as I take it further, I notice more and more that every day is a reaffirmation of who you are.


  • Pursuing a life of someone who is multi-passionate.
  • Navigating other people’s limiting beliefs.
  • Defining your life for yourself.
  • Creating diversity in a world full of one-dimensional Black representation.




Black women should be depicted as full beings not just the sidekick, and Asha Bromfield is actively working to dismantle the one dimensional lens that mainstream media has showcased us in. Her book Hurricane Summer is a coming of age tale about a young woman named Tilla visiting her semi estranged father in jamaica one summer.

The novel unfolds during a literal Hurricane while Tilla also navigates familial relationships and secrets. What makes her novel different is the way in which Asha tells the story of what coming of age as a black woman can look like without the hyper-sexualization and stereotypical character tropes that many stories stick to when depicting black womanhood.

It is so important for us to be seen as the multi dimensional beings we are. Not every black woman is loud and vivacious, we can be soft and quiet, we can be shy and pensive. We can be the main character, and Asha highlights these nuances gracefully in her debut novel.


Have you ever been told that you can only do one thing, or had someone question your desire to pursue multiple passions? As a published author, successful actor, and devotee to self-care Asha has done a beautiful job at living in her purpose without being held back by the limitations of how people think she should be.

Asha gets real when she shares how tough her experience pursuing multiple passions has been. Growing up as one of very few black girls in her small suburban town in Canada she experienced ridicule and negativity from her teachers and peers that could’ve broken her, instead it fueled her to pursue her passions with even more dedication. Asha shares that you can be a multi-passionate person, but that doing so requires discernment, autonomy, and dedication.


We operate in a world where folks really try and place their limiting beliefs on us. When Asha wanted to audition for Riverdale many in her community told her she couldn’t do it and to not quit her day job, she did it anyway and landed the role! Similar sentiments were shared with her when she decided to pursue writing her first book, people in her circle told her it was premature and tried to discourage her from writing it. She did it anyway and published the beautiful coming of age story Hurricane Summer. If Asha had listened to the naysayers she would still be living small daydreaming about the life she could’ve had.

If you haven’t read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz we highly recommend checking it out. There is the agreement to not take anything personally. Find peace by understanding that others’ words are the product of their domesticated lives.

A question that comes up in our conversation is -how can we stay focused on being multi-passionate when faced with others limiting beliefs? Asha reminds us that when people place their limiting beliefs on you, it is a projection. Someone else told them that they couldn’t do it, and they’re passing down the message.


An important aspect of growth is reflecting on how far you’ve come. Asha shares that a big part of growth for her has been practicing gratitude for the moment she is in, whatever that is. She also shares how important it is to get comfortable with feeling good because we are deserving of it.

Another enlightening takeaway from our conversation is on grief. Asha believes that challenges and loss are a part of life, not to be feared. This tidbit is so good -By allowing yourself to be with your emotions, you create space for healing.

We hope you received as much as we did from this newest episode release. If you feel called to do so head to our latest Instagram post @balancedblackgirlpodcast and let us know what limiting beliefs you are letting go of to achieve your goals

Next week we will be connecting with Taylor Morrison on the Balanced Black Girl Podcast about creating supportive boundaries around screen time

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  • Black women are multi dimensional beings and it is time for us to start being depicted as such in the media
  • You can be multi-passionate + successful
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs is a key to freedom
  • Don’t let others define your life.




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