Reframing the Reset, Redefining Productivity, + Creating Systems of Self-Care

woman holding mug drinking tea doing a New Year's Reset

We’re kicking off a series on wellness basics with a twist for the modern-day, including care for individuals living through a global pandemic, and connecting back to the origins of why I created Balanced Black Girl.

As we embark on a new year, instead of overloading ourselves with endless goals, to-do lists, and routines, let’s look at what it really takes to get what we want from this reset. The hardest part of making a change should be showing up, not making time to do more of the things. So we’ll be reflecting on what our soul actually yearns for and how to make space to simply be. Get ready for lots of reframes, pivots, and thoughtful invitations on becoming who we are becoming.

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This time of year, we decide to go ham on structure. We decide to go in on this exercise program, and eat this kale, and wake up at 5am – or whatever it is. And I’m not telling you to not do those things. It’s your life – I’m here to be your cheerleader. But as your friend, I encourage you to not go too deep on structure without leaving room to be flexible. The idea of new years resolutions, and new year new you, and all of this stuff – these constructs – were not created or intended for people living two years in a global pandemic and need to have grace and space with themselves.

– Les


  • Creating systems instead of goals.
  • Rituals vs routines.
  • Redefining productivity and efficiency.

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Episode Highlights


This year there has been a collective feeling of “goal fatigue” which is 100% understandable. We are entering our third year of a global pandemic and have been faced with devastating loss and burnout. So if the idea of setting goals for the New Year isn’t sitting well with you, try focusing on creating new systems instead.

Systems are set processes that lead to results. This year instead of focusing on the outcome I want to manifest, I’m focusing on manifesting the habits needed to receive that outcome. By creating systems and not relying solely on willpower or motivation, we put ourselves in a better position to reach the desired outcome because we are focusing on the key behaviors we need to help us get where we want to be.


Morning routines have been all the rage for years now, for good reason. I’ll be the first to admit I love having a solid morning routine. However, routines don’t resonate with everyone. If you find yourself having a hard time sticking to routines, try implementing rituals instead.

A ritual consists of a series of actions in a prescribed order. This can be spiritual, or wellness-based, and can feel more inviting and personal than routine which can feel very clinical and masculine which doesn’t resonate with everyone.


Our capitalistic society teaches us to value productivity to convince us we need to be doing more. But what if we redefined productivity to work for us instead of depleting us? Instead of measuring productivity by how much I can get done, I like to measure productivity by how much space I can create. If I cleared things off of my plate, enforced boundaries, or was able to move through must-do’s with efficiency to create more downtime for myself (instead of more work), then I considered the act productive.


  • The importance of creating systems if setting goals doesn’t resonate with you.
  • Remember, rituals create systems. Systems influence our habits. Habits create behaviors. And behaviors impact our ability to reach a desired result.
  • Becoming “that girl” and pursuing Black girl luxury is a popular trend because it’s a visual depiction of a ritual. Yes, it’s trendy, but we are really drawn to is the ritual itself.
  • Productivity isn’t creating space to do more, but to do less.
  • Flow is balance – seek flow so that you can be okay when you hiccup, take a breath, and be with yourself.


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